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In today’s installment of Closet Confessionals, we meet the sister of a former confessor, CC 75! Hailing from Toronto just like her sister, when it comes to fashion and bags it’s a family affair! This luxury lover credits her late grandmother for her love of fashion and shopping, something that many of us can relate to. While her first bag was a patchwork Coach bag the she received to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, this confessor has now amassed a pretty impressive collection spanning multiple luxury brands. This confessor admits that her purchases are often sentimental, and because of this she’s not a big proponent of selling handbags. Each bag means something to her and is special in its own way, like the addition of her first H bag, a Kelly, which she feels embodies her late grandmother’s essence. Read the full CC below and don’t forget to submit your own!

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The Basics

Age: 27
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Teacher
Industry: Education
Salary: $75,000
Household Income: $185,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? Yes

How many bags do you own? 15+

What bags are in your collection?

In no particular order…
1. Gucci Patent Leather Disco Bag
2. Gucci Marmont Mini Flap Bag
2. Alexander Mcqueen Tote Bag (Can’t remember the name, scored at an outlet)
3. Mulberry Dorset tote
4. Mulberry Darley
5. Louis Vuitton Alma BB
6. Givenchy Antigona Croc Mini
7. Chanel Timeless Clutch
8. Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
9. Medium Lady Dior Bag
10. Prada Re-edition 2005 Nylon Bag
11. Hermes Gold Kelly 28 Retourne Togo
12. Proenza Schouler PS1 mini
13. Danse Lente Mini Phoebe
14. Stella McCartney Falabella Heart Quilted Bag
15. Chloe bucket bag (Seasonal)

How much is your collection worth? Over 30k – I purchased some bags on sale or pre loved.

What is your most expensive bag? Hermes Kelly 28

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? My Hermes Kelly!!! My holy grail bag. Still can’t believe I own it! Buying my Kelly was a decision I made to honour my grandmother after she passed away. I wanted to buy the Kelly because I love the story behind it and how absolutely classic it is. When I think of my Kelly bag I feel it exudes who my grandmother was as a person. Timeless, elegant, ladylike, chic, and infinite. I also really love my Chanel Timeless Clutch. Although it is discontinued, I think it is also a true classic piece.

What age did you get your first designer bag, and what was it? It was a Coach bag that a family friend got me for my bat mitzvah when I was 12. It was a shoulder patchwork bag that I wore to death, literally. It has stains. I remember the whole experience of going to the mall and picking it out. It is very special. I remember thinking, wow I can’t believe this bag is mine. Although I do not wear it anymore, it remains at my parent’s house in my old closet tucked away in its original box and dustbag. I sometimes take it out to admire it still!

Is there a specific bag you are looking to purchase next? I think I am interested in purchasing a Birkin next. Ever since I was introduced into the world of Hermes I can not stop thinking about their bags. The quality is incomparable to any other bag I have ever owned. I love my Kelly bag so much. It truly makes me happy and I have never felt this way about any other material object that I own. I feel like a classy chic boss when I wear it and that is priceless. I love the top handle and additional shoulder strap. I love the ease of it. I love the story behind it and just how absolutely classic it is. Due to my love of the Kelly and Hermes brand I am going back and forth between a sellier Kelly in 28 or 32, or a Birkin 30 next. Do I diversify and go for a new possible love (the Birkin) or go after what I already know and love (the Kelly)? Please comment and help me decide!

Any particular bag that holds a special sentimental value? Honestly most of my bags. I would say all of my bags have a story for that moment in time. I got my Alma BB after securing my first teaching job, my Goyard was purchased on a sister trip to Paris. Should out to CC75! My Lady Dior bag was a thrill scoring it during a live online charity auction for just $10 more than my competitor. My grandmother helped me purchase my patent leather Gucci bag as a gift. Each bag I own has a unique story or tied to a special event in my life. They are all sentimental to me! When I look at all my bags I remember that moment in time and therefore each individual bag is important to me.

Do you feel like your bags change people’s perceptions of you or how you’re treated? Sometimes. Most of my friends are not into bags at all and sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing designer bags around people out of fear of judgement. Most people don’t care or don’t know what it is and that is when I am most content, if that makes sense. I really rather people do not know what I am wearing. I wear the bags for myself, not to impress others. I do not wear any of my designer bags at work. Being in the education field I feel it is not appropriate. I much rather wear my Longchamp tote. It is the perfect teacher/ work tote.

The Shopping

How often do you buy new bags? 1-3 times a year.

Which stores do you frequent the most? My local mall, Holt Renfrew and SSENSE.

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? Yes. I have only twice. Once from an online charity auction which is when I bought my Lady Dior. The other time was from a consigment store called Luxe De Jour where I bought my Chanel clutch.

Do you sell old bags to pay for new purchases? No. I never want to sell any of my bags. They are all special to me.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? Not really. I buy what I truly love and try to keep most styles classics so they are forever bags. I also shop within my means. Of course I would love to have every single bag out there but I know that is not realistic for me.

Do you consider your bag purchases investments? No. When I buy a bag it is thought out and something I want to keep forever. I do not want to sell my bags. I plan to use them and enjoy them! If I have a daughter I would love to pass them on to her.

Who influences your buying decisions? My sister! We love keeping up with hangbags and their histories. Shout out to CC75!

Are sales associate relationships instrumental to your shopping? Only at Hermes. I think having a good relationship with my SA has made my shopping experience at Hermes enjoyable. I truly enjoy their products and get excited about purchasing anything at that store.

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just acquiring something new? I think my love of handbags and shopping comes from my grandmother. It was a big event when we shopped together. We would dress up for the occasion, purchase our new items, then come home and put on a fashion show. I think she taught me that shopping is about making yourself feel good and buying items that bring out the best in yourself. I think that holds true to me today.

Have you ever felt like you received inferior service at a store or boutique due to your appearance, ethnicity or gender? No.

The Money

Who pays for your bags? Me, myself and I! I am proud of it. Unless an item is a gift from a family member, I purchase all of my bags.

Do you set aside a budget for your bag purchases? Yes. I usually plan purchases in advance and save money monthly until I have enough money to purchase the bag. Since the budget depends on the bag I want, I save different amounts per month until I can afford it. I never really go out and buy a bag without thinking it over first and having a plan of action!

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever purchased a counterfeit because you couldn’t afford a designer item? No. I would rather not have the item.

Do you ever hide purchases from your significant other? No. My husband supports me and understand this is my passion. He is happy for me as long as I only buy what I can afford.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to afford a bag? Nothing, just saved my money.

Do you think your shopping is ever a problem? Have you ever felt like you were struggling with a shopping addiction? No because I shop within my means and only buy what I can afford.

The Rest Of It

Any other expensive hobbies or passions? Nope! Bags are it!

Anything else you would like to include? At the end of the day my love of bags comes from my love of fashion. Handbags make me feel good and I enjoy wearing them. I do not buy bags to impress others. In fact, I try to downplay what I have. I view my handbags as art pieces. I love to display them in my closet and look at them. Each one is extremely special to me and has a story. Some people collect art, watches, or fancy cars… I collect handbags. Purses always fit! They are forever items as long as you buy classic. A lot of my love of fashion and handbags comes from my grandmother. Now that she has passed, when I buy a new bag I often think of her and wish I could share my joy with her. I often think, “would bubbie like this bag?” Oh yes, she probably would.

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