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CC 110: The Louis Vuitton Lover

"My very first Louis Vuitton was purchased in Paris with my mom...they let us stay and shop and gave us each a glass of champagne"

In today’s installment of Closet Confessionals we meet a collector in her early forties hailing from rainy Seattle. This confessor is a diehard fan of all Louis Vuitton everything and though she admits it’s hard to stomach paying over $2,000 for a bag, this collector has amassed a pretty enviable collection. Beyond acquiring new bags, which she does so every few years, this Louie lover enjoys shopping because it brings back fond memories of weekend trips to the mall with her fashionable mother and aunt. Though she does sometimes feel the pressures of acquiring the latest new bag release, this confessor is mostly inspired to make a purchase by her mom, or simply seeing something in person. A true bag lover at the core this confessor knows what she likes and has spent the latter part of her life building a collection she loves, so much so that she doesn’t sell off any of her bags (though she has given some away). Read the full CC below and don’t forget to submit your own!


The Basics

Age: 43
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Seattle, WA
Occupation: IT Program Manager
Industry: Technology
Salary: $150,000
Household Income: $300,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? Yes

How many bags do you own? 30?

What bags are in your collection?

Louis Vuitton Turenne MM
Louis Vuitton Sprouse Graffiti Pochette
Louis Vuitton mini looping bag
Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière Damier
Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM
Louis Vuitton Galliera GM
Louis Vuitton Tambourine
Louis Vuitton Viva Cite MM
Valentino Candystud Crossbody Bag in black
Valentino Birkenstocks (ha!)
MCM backpacks in tan and blue
MCM fanny pack in rose gold
Coach NASA Rogue bag
Alexander Wang Rocco in purple elephant leather
Some vintage HCL bags

How much is your collection worth? 10k? Not sure.

What is your most expensive bag? I think the most I spent was on the Turenne or the Valentino crossbody bag. I can’t quite stomach over 2k for a bag.

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? I really love Louis Vuitton. I wish I had more of the special collection pieces like the Aquarelle, a larger Sprouse bag, cherries, etc. I’m glad I have a Murakami. I love Valentino too but seeing sporadic sales online makes it hard to justify paying full price for one.

What age did you get your first designer bag, and what was it? I had a Dooney and Bourke Cavalry Small Cross Body Purse that I bought in high school. I wish I had kept it! I love Dooney’s pebbled leather to this day.

Is there a specific bag you are looking to purchase next? So many… I search the internet sometimes for the Aquarelle Speedy. I wish they’d reboot that series.

Any particular bag that holds a special sentimental value? All of my bags are special to me, but my very first Louis Vuitton was purchased in Paris with my mom. We made it to the store just before they closed and they let us stay and shop and gave us each a glass of champagne. We were the only ones in the store and joked that this must be how it feels to be Oprah and Gayle! I was 26 and I think the bag was $700 at the time which was a ton for my budget. It really was a special souvenir and memory that I cherish to this day.

Do you feel like your bags change people’s perceptions of you or how you’re treated? Hard to say. I work from home (even pre-Covid) so I tend to leave the house looking like someone who works from home 🙂 If I throw on a designer bag I feel like it *maybe* gives me some credibility? Like I’m not as sloppy as I seem? But that’s just in my head. I do notice that sales people key in on fancy bags in department stores.

The Shopping

How often do you buy new bags? Bags under $1,000 probably 2-3 times a year. Bags over $1,000 every few years.

Which stores do you frequent the most? Nordstrom, Saks, Target

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? Yes. I have bought them from The RealReal, Bag Borrow or Steal and eBay.

Do you sell old bags to pay for new purchases? No. I love them too much. I have given bags away.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? Yes. Whenever something new comes out in magazines or on celebs I love the wheels start turning. I don’t think I’ve gone thru with a purchase based off of societal pressure, but I imagine working in an office or with fashionable people would make this tough.

Do you consider your bag purchases investments? No. And I have sons so there’s no way to pretend I’m passing them down. 🙂

Who influences your buying decisions? My mom, magazines, seeing something in person.

Are sales associate relationships instrumental to your shopping? Not at all, but I will say I’ve had very pleasant experiences with many.

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just acquiring something new? Growing up we went shopping on weekends. My sister and I both say that shopping is our ‘happy’ place. When I’m sad I like to walk around a mall and zone out. I don’t always buy things but I do recognize that shopping for me is sort of a child’s security blanket. It reminds me of happy times with my mom and my two aunts who were all very pretty and fashionable. It just brings me back to those memories.

Have you ever felt like you received inferior service at a store or boutique due to your appearance, ethnicity or gender? I know I have received bad service before. I believe appearance has a lot to do with how sales people treat you, but having worked my fair share of retail I don’t take offense. Most of the people I worked with were spending the bulk of their paycheck on clothes and [had] credit card debt. Someone maybe had a BMW and a fancy suit but then they went home to an apartment. It’s all flash and no substance. Once I was on the sales side of that I stopped caring how I was perceived while shopping.

The Money

Who pays for your bags? Me

Do you set aside a budget for your bag purchases? No

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever purchased a counterfeit because you couldn’t afford a designer item? Yes! I bought a fake vuitton ellipse bag in the 2000s and I’m honestly glad I did. The style became dated pretty fast and my fake is still in good shape.

Do you ever hide purchases from your significant other? Shhh. 🙂

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to afford a bag? Nothing crazy but I have charged bags that I really had no business buying.

Do you think your shopping is ever a problem? Have you ever felt like you were struggling with a shopping addiction? No, but I’ve slowed down lots. In my 20s it was more of an issue. Now that I have kids I tend to spend more on them than on me.

The Rest Of It

Any other expensive hobbies or passions? I like to travel and go out for dinner. Nothing too wild, but it adds up.

Anything else you would like to include? I really enjoy these forums! I’m not a Chanel-level shopper but I am a true bag lover and hope you had fun reading this. If anyone has an Aquarelle speedy in great condition.. holler!


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3 years ago

Love it. I also frequent Nordstrom, Saks, Target (but not in that order)

Jerri R
Jerri R
3 years ago

Totally loving her no-BS attitude!