We got some exciting new SS ’07 Chanel Purses to share with you that are now available in selected Saks 5th Ave and Chanel stores around the country. Enjoy the eye candy!

chanel-white-cotton-club-thumb.jpg chanel-naked-gold-tote-thumb.jpg

chanel-rock-chain-handbag-thumb.jpg chanel-red-patent-luxury-bag-thumb.jpg

chanel-expendable-purse-thumb.jpg chanel-denim-cabas-thumb.jpg

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  • shopdiary

    thanks for the eye candy. i love the red patent, but not the price. :sad:

  • fashion in the making

    Well Chanel will be Chanel and if u really like and want that bag you go and get it no matter the price :)

  • MarieG

    Love the white one! Thanks for posting!:)

  • Classy Gals

    A big Chanel fan, but the clear one is just tacky.

  • greendolphin


  • martinikiss

    okay so where do i find the white one??? i have tried all of the stores around me and the chanel store website is not working. i really want it in black with the white c’s…

  • mahra

    we want to buy chanel hand bag

  • Bri

    These bags are gorg! In my dreams would one of them ever be mine. Tear*

  • giuli

    hi! i’m from rome and i do have the white one! it’s just beautiful and practicle!!!

  • Roxana

    could anyone tell me what the price is of the expandible flap bag (the camel colored one in the pictures, with soccer-bag look…)
    I am interested in buying the bag, but want to know the price before I run to the chanel store to buy it (it is not around the corner, so I can’t just walk by and check it myself).
    help me out girls! preferably in Euros (though if you only know the dollar price that’s also fine) :razz:

  • Roxana

    Ok, I already found out (duh, it was in the right on the picture and easily seen when the picture was enlarged). So… never mind! :grin:

  • sarah

    I fell in the with the denim $1295 handbag. I can’t seem to find any stores or retail websites that would have it or anything remotely similar to it. ah! if anyone has any idea, please e-mail me back!

    Much appreciated!

  • Roxana

    Well, you won’t find any online stores that sell authentic chanel bags (chanel doesn’t sell through online stores).
    Maybe you can find one on ebay, although then you’re changes are high it will be a fake one..
    I would say, call your local chanel boutique and explain them which model and color you are looking for. They can tell you if it is still in stock somewhere and order in one for you..
    good luck!

  • natalie

    wow they are really cute except for the clear one, i have the white one in black and white and it is a great purse very comfortable!!

  • ingrid

    I have the expendable Chanel bag but the color is off white.
    It looks great for under 30s women; chic, big space for our stuffs and very comfortable! :grin:

  • smirza

    Hello people!!!I was wondering if u guys can help me.I want to purchase a bag from a web called vintagedesignerhandbagsonline,but im not sure about the accuracy of the web and its authenticity.please help.

  • Michella

    Can anyone tell me if they have seen a Chanel rock and chain handbag style number A35069Y01969 anywhere. I believe only Saks ever carried it (not in the boutiques) as it is the smaller size and retailed for $1850 USD. It had three chain strap and is black leather flap (smaller size). It think it might have been from either spring or summer collection of 2007.
    Any help would be appreciated


    • joeana

      hey it is from the spring collection and ur right only saks carried it…

      its not much but i hope it helps :smile:


    i am really diggin the blue jean chanel purse.Where can i find one that is not that high in price. IF u know plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know.Lovin that for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wholesale Underwear

    Am working all this weekend!

  • Sale Best Ugg Boots

    This clutch is so pretty, and the price is incredibly reasonable. Impressive.

  • Naggy

    They’re so dull that I could fall asleep. (ipad)