Chanel Look for Less

When asked about one of the most classic handbags ever, Chanel comes to mind. The Chanel Classic Flap is synonymous with timeless. If you have the budget to splurge, this is a staple for your collection.

Chanel bags are also known for their high price tags. Many of us can not afford a nearly $3,000 bag. If you are looking for an option for a Chanel look for less, Urban Outfitters has an option.

Everything about the Deena & Ozzy Tweed Chain Bag resembles the Chanel Extra Large Flap in Quilted Tweed. The price difference is a whopping $2,753. The Deena & Ozzy bag has a tonal herringbone tweed shell with quilt stitch detailing. The woven chain link strap is is also reminiscent of Chanel.

I like that stores try to give us a look for less, which is clearly what Urban Outfitters is trying to do. Though sometimes the resemblance is too close to the original for my liking. Chanel Extra Large Flap Bag in tweed costs $2,795 at Chanel boutiques. Deena & Ozzy bag is $42 via Urban Outfitters.

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  • Michael St. James

    ew…no thanks!

  • 19yearslater

    That’s a really nice bag to get the Chanel look on a budget.

  • Lucidbabe

    Ewww, I am seeing this everywhere in the high street chains – Warehouse, Mango and even singapore shoe chain Charles and Keith.. the proportions are sometimes funny but I guess it’s great for fun and laughter but why waste your money on this for those who already own the real 255?

    • Claud

      Because the 255 (so knowledgeable you are) is 2500 dollars, most people cannot afford it. The obvious…

  • Sweet Pea

    I own Chanel bags and this is definitely not for me!!!! Sometimes, less is not always good!!!!

    • Claud

      Right, because most people have 2500 to spend on many bags… and the difference is only 2455 or so. UUMMMM, I’d say its worth it for that much difference, this is quite a cute choice. And you won’t go bankrupt like many do after shopping like crazy.

  • It is a good option for those that can not afford.

    Do you all think the design is way too similar to Chanel? The bag is not a counterfeit, but it is eerily similar

  • Shannon

    I actually have the small version of the Deena and Ozzy bag, it was on sale for $15, and I also have a black quilted flap from Topshop ($70). I don’t really like the version that is posted, but I love the ones that I have. They give me the look of Chanel, which makes me happy cause I won’t be able to afford one for a long time.

    Also, if anyone buys this one, be aware that the material has pulled a bit on the back of the one I have from rubbing against my clothes.

  • Lisa

    I think it’s cute! You do not have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable and I would rather see a million of these than the thousands of fakes everyday.

    • luca mackay

      yes,chanel handbag is good but too expensive,maybe replica one is wiser choice.

    • Esther

      Thank you, Lisa! I agree. Million of the “inspired by” instead of the FAKES! BIG difference! Plus not everyone can afford an authentic Chanel.

  • Kelly

    Yep – definitely a better option than wearing fakes.

  • G

    Well, personally it is not my taste, and I agree that it is too alike. I have seen so many high street shops selling risky almost-copies of the Chanel classic flap. Personally I feel that if I could not afford such bags then I would just buy a normal bag. ;) I don’t like copies of things.

    But if you like it then it’s fine! I’m still loving on Chanel’s new winter collection~ but not the coco cocoon sadly.



    • Jenill

      I agree, if I can’t afford the real thing, I’ll just buy a normal bag or whatever(coat, shoes, etc.) too. I see people with all this fake stuff, whats the point……

  • Bogart

    I agree with this is better than counterfeits. Sadly this will not stop counterfeits though.

  • Sweet Pea

    Megs, I agree this is an option for those who cannot afford. If I love a bag, I buy whether it’s $50 or thousands of dollars. I am just not a fan of look-a-likes/copies.

  • Scorpio

    eh, Well I heard the bags at urban outfitters are just bad quality, they just dont last at all.
    But I guess if u pay $50 on a bag, it wont really that great of Quality?

  • PhotoGirl

    Megs, THANK YOU! I love this option. Fits my budget and I will be having a look at it today. I’m so glad you are showing something for everyone. For me, the real Chanel must remain a dream for the time being and I am not ashamed to say so.

  • bmo

    I think it’s cute. It fits the budget of those who cannot or will not buy the real Chanel. Personally I don’t have a problem with inspired-designs. Nothing wrong with trying to look trendy/fashionable at fraction of the cost.

  • Jane H.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying an ‘inspired by’ piece but I prefer having the real thing. Someday… :)

  • robertsn6534

    I agree that its at a good affordable price for those who can’t afford the real Chanel however I definitely wouldn’t buy one as I think it looks way too similar to the Chanel 255. If they want to make a nice classic flap, why do they have to make one so similar to the real Chanel? Couldn’t they have not used the mademoiselle clasp or the leather woven chain? Just too similar for me…people might even think its a fake!

  • torrey

    there is a reason why those bags are so expensive. you shouldn’t try and lie and buy or pretend you are something you’re not. those bags aren’t for everyone and people who buy those are nothing but posers.

    • Jan

      Not everyone can afford or would want to spend $2500 for a Chanel handbag. I’m sure that this will offend people, but what is it about the Chanel flap that makes it worth $2500?It certanly doesn’t cost that much to make the bag! Let’s face it-you are paying for the name “CHANEL”. Some people could make several months of house payments, or pay a semester of a child’s college tuition for that amount of money. I could spend that on a bag if I chose to, but frankly I don’t see the bang for my buck in that bag! Why would anyone be called a “poser” because they don’t want to spend that kind of money on a handbag?

      • torrey

        you hit it right on the point jan, yes you are paying for the “chanel” name; thats what makes it so expensive. you are paying for what the name embodies… the ultimate in luxury. and people will spend their money as they see fit, but if you can’t afford 2500 dollars for a bag, DON’T PRETEND LIKE YOU CAN!!!! besides, i doubt that you can afford such luxuries and if you could you would defend this standard till the day you die. when people buy crap like that, counterfeit bags or the said bag in particular, people are prentending like they are something they aren’t.
        besides you can spot a fake 100 paces away, imagine a girl wearing white chunky flip flops that are all dirty, LEI jeans she bought from penny’s with her muffin top hangout out and a t-shirt two sizes too small. i know we’ve all seen this autrocity, we all know she couldn’t possibly afford to buy the original.

      • AliMo7411

        ohhh settle down and read a WWD for once. Obviously the bag itself doesn’t cost that much. However, markup on ANYTHING retail is at least 50%. If you take into account all of their costs to be on the cutting edge of fashion .. flying product rather than sending it on a boat, innovation of new materials and fabrics, MARKETING AND MERCHANDISING, creating the most amazing runway shows in history, running boutiques and department store “shops” in the most expensive places in the world (which by the way, usually loose money, but keep the image alive)… you would realize it’s not some Urban Outfitters, H&M or Aldo private label that they spit out and mass produce. Do some research before you knock a billion dollar industry… A lot of people make a career out of it… including me!

  • NYC Shopper

    I think that its a great option for those that cannot afford to buy authentic Chanel. It gives the “look” without counterfeiters profiting from the sale. One could denigrate the quality but it is what it is – it is not pretending to be otherwise. The cost is minimal so one should not expect the best materials. That’s how they keep the cost down. It is not being passed off as a real designer bag – just designer inspired. That’s one of the foundations of the fashion industry – all the stores copy the designer looks to have mass market appeal. Some stores have built an empire on “designer-inspired” merchandise.

    • torrey

      designer inspired= stealing!!!! the PR guy who came up with that phrase is a geneous though. that’s just as bad as the twinkie defense. designer inspired!!!!

      • annie

        yes, killing someone is the same as making a knock-off that everyone can tell is fake. i dig my fake-chanel handbag. style motifs are not copyrighted. all art is derivative. every painting, movie, everything.

  • RMHK

    Yikes. Only the real deal for me. probably break in 2 weeks, why waste the cash.

  • Merve

    Counterfeits and inspired designs are the same thing as far as im concerned. This bag is such a copy that it looks ridiculous. Im not saying we should all own chanel but there are so many cheaper bags that are absolutely lovely that are not copies of a brand. I really dont see the point. If i want a chanel i will buy a chanel and if i cant afford it i will buy something well made cheap and original.

    • bmo

      There are lots of people who don’t know what a Chanel (or any other high priced items) looks like. So if they like the bag and it so happen to look like a Chanel then there’s nothing wrong with that. Buying an inspired bag is definitely different than buying a replica. Just look at some of the cars/trucks or clothing or even shoes. Most have features that are very similar to each other.

      • Merve

        so just because it doesnt have the CC logo but in every other way its an exact copy makes it an inspired design but not a replica? mmmm

  • otter

    To quote Dwight from RHofATL — “How dreaaaaaaadful!”

  • nielnielniel

    i rather not have anything than getting a copy……

  • The Girl in Grey

    They almost nailed it…I said almost.

  • fwy

    I’m not really into the 2.55. However, I dislike cheap imitations. I’ve learned my lessons few years ago when I bought a bag that was way beyond my budget. I felt so guilty that I actually sold it in the second-hand market some time later. I also had the experience of owning a bag that resembles (cheaply) to those that fetches an astronomical price tags. Guess what? I dumped it after only one month of using it. Anything that is too expensive or too cheap doesn’t seems to make me happy. I am now into price friendlier brands that comes with good quality like Bruno Magli and Cole Haan.

    • amy

      I feel the same way. I would feel guilty too for owning something that cost my rent over a course of 9months. But if its too cheap, and falls apart … it also brings disappointment because it didn’t last. Its just good to own something that lasts, and isnt overpriced and affordable within budget means.

  • Alice

    It may give the look but does it give the same feel and quality? Surely not for $42!!

  • Maja.

    Does anybody know how much a Chanel 2.55 cost? I’m from Sweden going to the US in two weeks, wanna buy one..

    • Roxie

      i think they cost $2500 to $3000

  • aliysiah

    Ohh I rather not take the copy. I can never afford the chanel but I dont want to take a lookalike either. ITA with nielnielniel, no copies for me.I’ll take the Chanel.

  • Sprigged

    Please keep these comparison post coming Megs, they are fabulous.

    To some of the other posters:

    The amount of snobbery in here is disgusting.

    Honestly, it is a sack to carry things in. It is not Darfur.


    • JW

      Couldn’t agree more. Honestly, I make enough money that I can buy a Chanel bag every other month and still live comfortably (just no savings). So please, I CAN AFFORD THESE BAGS. But people value things in life differently, and while I love Chanel bags, I don’t necessary agree that the $3k for a bag is money well spent. When I splurge, I know that I am wasting money away. I think the Chanel-style bags that Urban Outfitters’s going for are fair, while replica bags are not. It looks cheaper, so what? It *IS* cheaper. People can tell it’s not Chanel. The point is NOT to look like you’re carrying a Chanel, but to get the fashion style that Chanel introduced.

    • JiChi

      Hear hear!

  • neha

    charles & keith has a handbag that looks EXACTLY (90%) like the chanel handbag to a 30% of the urban outfitters look-alike.. u guys shud look.
    i have it.. i wish i cud put up a picture.. they have in purp[le too..

  • luvmj

    $42 for this quality? Oh I think it’s a little bit overpriced.
    Well people easily spend $3000 on cheap things. they just don’t notice it because things are cheap.
    Maybe if they buy fewer $42s they can afford Chanel.
    Just my opinion. Lol…:D

  • queencarol

    I bought the real one at Woodbury Common NY Premium Outlet Chanel 2 weeks ago @U$ 1575.. It was a steal !!!!!

  • Miamia

    $42 is still too much for this…

  • katy

    yes, i have the same ideas for this product. and my friends and i have ever bought the Channel from some really good website . it is not too much expensive but it is worthy to buy .

    • Olesya

      HI, did u get ur orders on time and was it a good quality? Thank you.

  • Eric

    totally agree that if you cannot affored designer bag go with other brand lesser price with same look NOT GO FOR THE FAKE ones, i totally disagree with those just for show off displaying a fak designer bag- (fb)

  • Eric

    by the way to each his/her own, Louis Vuitton speedy bag is the classic, timeless bag for me..- (fb)

  • Joyce

    the $42 bag looks real nice too~ (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Thanks Urban Outfitters! (fb)

  • The Fashion for Less

    Now, I wouldn’t say that the $42 bag is great, but why not buy something that looks almost the same as a Chanel bag? Besides, it doesn’t matter how it looks but who dons it does. Any bag would look like a million dollars if Britney or Posh would bring this.
    The Fashion for Less

  • Indigowaters

    That’s why I stopped coming on this site. Judgmental people such as this. I own designer bags and don’t like to see counterfeits as far as logos are concerned but if the shape is similar, I don’t mind. But as long as someone didn’t take the money out of my pocket to buy it, why is it any of my business? That’s right, it’s not.