I don’t know if you’ve tried to buy a Chanel bag recently, but it can be downright difficult to find even something as basic as a black Chanel Classic Flap. Demand for the brand’s bags seems to be nearly endless, and seasonal styles and collection staples alike are here today, gone tomorrow. Not to mention the prices, which are perpetually rising. Don’t even get me started.

If you’re a Chanel lover and a RueLaLa member (or if you’d like to become one – we have a link for that), you’re in luck. In exactly three hours, at 11 a.m. EST, Madison Avenue Couture’s pre-owned and vintage Chanel wares will be available for purchase. In addition to a healthy selection of classic Chanel bags in neutrals and vibrant colors alike, RueLaLa and Madison Avenue Couture also have clothing and accessories from the French luxury giant for your perusal. We have your exclusive first look at some of our favorite bags from the sale after the jump, or you can sign up for RueLaLa and shop the sale starting at 11 a.m.

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  • 19yearslater

    The reds are nice. If I ever own a Chanel bag it will probably be a red flap.

  • Marie Martell
  • Rosy

    The price increased again! Now the flap bag medium size with g hw lambskin or caviar costs 3100€. Last month was 2820€

    So hurry up, if you want to buy a Chanel, do it as soon as possible cause as you can see, now the medium size costs almost the same as jumbo before christmas (3150€)

  • LaBellaVitaSass

    Hey I have a seriously  authentic vintage Chanel bag from the first lines of handbags that Chanel had ever released and I have had it in safe storage for a long time now and it has never been used. I would like someone to help me find the best site or shop to place an ad and how much would be an appropriate pricing, for it was valued at $6000, current 8yrs ago.

  • lightdays

    Love the yellow and red flaps. I have a Chanel jumbo. :)

  • Brianne

    The red and bright pink purses are my favorite. They would definitely be perfect with any little black dress to make it pop! Who doesn’t love the classic chanel quilt pattern? That is one design that will surely never go out of style.

  • Putri Lively

    I really love Chanel, but why chanel classic flap bag is realllllyyy expensive I can’t even afford it, in Asia it self the prices is like almost $5000 is it real true.??

  • Zara

    I would like to buy the red Jumbo Flap but currently not in stock.