chanel icons flap bag

Yesterday’s Chanel Ice Cubes didn’t receive too much praise, perhaps today’s contestant will have more luck. The Chanel Icons Flap Bag is available in many more colors and fabrications, this particular model goes for a steep $2,850 via your local Chanel boutique.

chanel icons flap bag detail

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  • kemilia

    This is pretty–very nice!

  • Alexia

    Now this is what I call a beautiful handbag!

  • What’s with the black fabric logo patch on the bottom? Other than that, the color and the hardware are fabulous!

  • wgs

    verrrry nice and especially love the color!

  • my new bag

    agreed, that funny black patch just looks like it wants to get dirty and destroyed.
    not to mention useless? color looks good, all is well. Lose that black thing.

  • my new bag

    oh I just got it! that patch is for little tiny children and muncnkins to see so they
    know what kind of bag mommy or who ever is wearing!

    • Katie

      THIS! Perfect answer. Love it

  • Jahpson

    nice, i can just imagine what it looks like in person.

  • :mrgreen: Doing a little handbag shopping of my own right now. I did like that style but not sure about the color. Very nice though. I do have a question … I have noticed that over the years, purses and handbags have gotten much larger … will that be changing soon? I prefer small, sleek, easy to carry and don’t need to have an extra seat nearby to put it on.

    • Nina

      I own this bag in black since 2007. Since then my bag has still retain its shape. But I do take really good care of it, every time I’m done using it I will put it bag into its box. Well good luck with shopping <3

  • janis

    Finally, a Chanel bag I like!

  • Mikaa

    I like the brightness (:
    but it’s a little plain.

  • deenam

    I just got this bag today the jumbo in black lambskin . It’s pricey ($3200)- but simply gorgeous. I think its a timeless piece.

  • Caoimhe Phillips

    I absolutly love this bag!!…Its lik a more modern style of the classic quilted bag!!…I cant ever imagine being able to afford it though!!…Can normal ppl with normal jobs ever afford it??…R jus ppl with rich families??

  • ms.diamond

    thats a really cute bag

  • leyla


  • Loprete

    Bonjour, je vous écris depuis la Suisse, je viens d’acheter le sac en bleu il est magnifique le cuir très souple, je l’adore!! Stéphanie Loprete

  • jeannie

    i must buy…..

  • sam

    god the colour of that bag is gorgeous must speak to husband nicely :grin:

  • juliana

    wow…warnanya bagus de.. :grin:

  • Sasa

    i must get this on my birthday! i sooooo love the bag!!! this is THE BAG

  • SJP08

    Hi All

    I like the bag but agree, the patch on the bottom looks to gimmicky. For those of you that have purchased this bag…is that a removable tag?


  • virginie

    je cherche à acheter le sac chanel union jack.
    Est-ce que l’une d’entre vous le vend?

    I’m looking for the union jack chanel handbag.
    please, tell me if you want to sell it.