Some more Fall collection Chanel Handbag goodness. Enjoy!

Chanel Handbags Fall 05
The purse on the right goes for $1,295 and comes in dark silver or gold.

Chanel Handbags Fall 05

Chanel Handbags Fall 05

Chanel Handbags Fall 05

Chanel Handbags Fall 05

Chanel Handbags Fall 05
The bag on the right costs between $1,895 and $2,095 in a variety of shades, including gold, silver, grey, white and black.

Chanel Handbags Fall 05

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  • Rhiannon

    You have the fall and cruise collection purses mixed together. Cruise is not due till January!

    • Mark

      hi, can you help me im going for an interview in the Chanel boutique in dublin, I love Chanel but im really scared and i dont know what to say (and the interview is going to last at least one and a half hours:()

      • Natalie

        May you are able to catch up with your interview.

        Good luck!

    • Bri

      who really cares

      • *Who needs to know*

        Hey, like anyone who has a life cares about Chanel bags. :)

      • Jyotika

        i hate u how van u hate CHANEL are u out of ur mind :sad: :?: :twisted:

      • RICHGAL

        Omg! Hi I am a rich gal and who ever is hati’n on CHANEL is just mad because he or she can’t afford a name brand like CHANEL so stop hati’n!


        you must be mentally retarded. if your rich you deffinetly wouldnt say “hi i am a rich gal” your probably some poor bitch from some ghetto some where or something. your tha one who cant afford chanel, so shut your brokeback mouth.

      • Megan

        I love you.

      • Daze

        People who love fashion. If you have nothing good to say why say sometihng at all then?

    • CC


  • Vlad

    Oh darn it, thanks for pointing that out Rhiannon!


    When where can iget the dark silver chanel bag?

    • Natalie

      click your maouse at, you may find your dream bag at amazing price.
      Good luck!!

  • Chanel bags are hard to find anywhere but the boutique. You will need to go to the nearest Chanel boutique and inquire when they may get the bag in. You can most likely pre-order also :-)

    • Natalie

      Not at all!!why not buy one online.only type the bag number you want then you may get one by safe and fast delivery.
      Go and check, that is online shop like has many chanel bags for your choice.
      Best luck!!

  • sonica

    problem is I live in London – and Chanel over here dont order in the full collection for fall – and they dont pre order ! :(

    • Natalie may help you !!

  • sonica

    Just thought i’d let u all know Ive seen the Silver bag! Cant believe I was so desperate to get it. Its nothing like the photograph shown above – the silver looks more like dark brown than dark silver! its wasnt a very nice silver at all ! but now got my eye on a very cute black chanel bag!

  • Joanna

    I don’t care what purse it is, I’m just dying for a quilted one with the chain strap. It’s just incredibly Chanel, and incredibly timeless to me

  • Nancy

    I’d love to see a picture of the new Chanel Bolt Bag for fall. I saw it at a Chanel Trunk Show, but never got a close look.

  • Sonia

    I need to track down the a tote from the new collection. It is a vintage looked aged black tote bag and is in the new adverts (the one where the girl is standing on top of a mail box in Soho). Help plse

  • vixen

    To be expected- no flies on a Chanel bag! I’d trade in every purse & half of my shoes for some of those…

  • billyjoe

    the white version of the black bag is so cute

  • 234

    Alloo I got the black 2.55 chanel bag the one in the 3rd bottom pic.. it’s sooo gorgeous

  • isis

    god these things are uugggly…
    i swear i have seen cuter bags shopping for cat food at walmart…

  • Butterfly

    can u plz give me some web sites where can i shop online for chanel original bags !!

    • sally

      I have a black quilted lambskin chanel with the large CC quilted on the front…sold for $2700…I have just bought a house and I am interested in selling the purse for furniture. It is authentic…gift from my mom.

      • vicki

        How much are you asking for it and do you have the authenticity card and number? Thanks

  • hele

    does anyone know how much and the size/name of the last beige double flap chanel bag? the one on the left next to the red one? i really want that one but cannot find it anywhere so ended up with a 2.55 medium black with gold chain instead which is very beautiful but doesnt hold alots. i want that beige one cos it looks like a good size plus what leather does it come in? thanks

  • Mandy

    Hey, do u by any chance know the name of the white fabric chanel handbag with the scribbles on it?

  • Jayne

    Does anyone know a web site where you can purchase used/pre-owned designer bags. Especially chanel.

    • Ella

      There is an upscale re-sale shop in Roslyn NY – Long Island – That sells all kinds of designer bags but specializes in Chanel bags – they stand by there authenticity – and have brand new ones and older styles as well – but they mainly take in bags that are in good to excellent condition…
      they have a web-site but you are better off calling because they will put you on a list and call you as soon as new ones come in – they sell faster then the website can put up.
      Good luck!

    • Ella

      Call Revival Boutique in Roslyn….
      They sell amazing bags – especially Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton -all very gently used – they stand by their authenticity – I worked for them. You can get older and brand new styles for less… they have a website but you are better off calling the store directly…. 516-299-4556.

  • KB

    234, just curious, how much was your 2.55 bag?

  • new for spring 06

    What’s new for chanel

  • Anne

    The bag that looks like a change purse, black with white “chanel” scribbles on it. Does anybody know the app. price? material? if it’s old or new collection?

  • Clarion

    Does anyone Know if it is true that chanel came out with a bag that has a lion on it? Thanks Chanel shoes are rarely found at Saks now what is going on?

  • Any good news

    any good news


    I love chanel Bag and normally I also find this site has similarities to, the online blog for chanel bags.

  • baggie

    Got the black bag with the scribbles and its sooo cute in real life.. its casual for daily use yet its still a chanel. cute!

  • erika

    The fourth photo down on the right. I saw a similar bad when I was in London this past fall, and fell in love with it. It was much simpler, same material, but i believe just the chanel logo and fur lining at the top. It was also taller. I was wondering what the name of this collection was. If you could post it or email it to me, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

  • 123123

    god these things are uugggly…
    i swear i have seen cuter bags shopping for cat food at walmart…
    Comment by isis — November 07, 2005 @ 9:21 pm

    haha moron’s comment…

  • Sarah

    Could anyone provide some websites for pre-owned or vintage Chanel handbags? I am trying to price a lambskin leather duffel I came across today at the Brimfield Antique Fair. Much appreciated.

    • sam

      A new website will launch in April, 2007 called It looks promising.

  • Zoe

    omg!! wut is 123123 talking about? these bags are gorgeous.. don’t worry chanel makers, you’re doing a great job. i LOOOOOVE the black one that says chanel in white w/ the black flower, where could i get that?! and how much is it..?

  • lalala

    Omgoodness i’m leaving for New York in 2 week and my mom is buying me a Chanel Bag AH! i’m sooo excited i absolutely love Chanel Bags or anything Chanel! haha ok can’t wait!
    ps i love the pictures up there^

  • mel

    does anyone know where i can find a real Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote?

  • outlaw

    i am a virgin to chanel product. afta checkin out their bags. its chanel all d way 4 me. i can even explain aw fanatical i am bout chanel product. karl lagerfied ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lalala

    I got my Chanel Purse! it’s Gorgeous!!
    and it’s Real not a fake! and the store in New York is soo pretty! everyone is really nice there!

  • aya


  • Lily

    Hi, I recently acquired some chanel purses from my aunt who passed away and am now in love with them! I wanted to know where can I purchase more? I looked on their websites but it wasnt much help.

  • ana

    i need yo know where to find real chanel handbags besides the boutique because i can’t go to the boutique everytime i want so i want to shop from home but i don’t know any web side.
    also i’m wondering whenare you going to update the chanel webside because it doesn’t has much helpful information about handbags further handbags is what people mostly look for.thanks!!!

  • katarina

    i love gabrielle chanel. she is my idol. i’m not too concerned about getting my hands on as much chanel as possible, but i just admire her and karl lagerfeld’s work so much. i am very young, but i will be a fashion designer and create an epidemic with my style and fashion. watch out for me!

  • Yana

    i love chanel, i have 2 bags..
    im from indonesia..
    thumbs up for chanel!!!!!! xD

  • maria

    this sucks i want to order a bag

  • i think you pay way too much for purses

  • katarina

    hey yall well i really want a chanel purse but they are sooo flippin expencive!!! it sucks!!!

  • it costs that much ?! are you sure these are ACTUALLY real …. their pretty ugly.

  • Hailey

    hey i love your pink puses

  • Bridget

    i love chanel its awesome every day i have sonmeting chanel on I LOVE IT!!

  • Bridget


  • Chanel Elrod

    i have a chanel purse that i got in paris but how do i know if theses are real or not?? i dont trust you at all.

  • Chanel Elrod

    and these are the uglyest
    chanel purses i have ever seen

  • vani

    i want to buy handbag but i from indonesia
    how 2 get and how 2 pay

  • vani

    if any sell new or 2nd chanel handbag can u contact me
    i m from indonesia
    plz contact me at

  • Princess_Ayesha

    I looooove Chanel!! those bags are fab. I already have a classic Chanel bag and I am dying to get the big white bag with the graffiti effect on it!Perfect for daytime!!I hope they are not sold out cause I’ve seen it in Dec!

  • bonnie

    hi,i really like this years new models looks like u can wear them just about anything……..there very pretty and simple.

  • bonnie

    hi,i really like this years purses they look like u can wear them with just about anyhting and there very pretty and simple.

  • kassio

    these purses are way to expensive for me to afford and buy one for my girl friend

  • kassio

    i dont know shit about these purses all i know they are way to damn expensive

  • beauty

    I am dying to get a original Chanel purse, but I’m kinda on a budget!!!My budget is $15 up to $80!! :cry: Does anyone have any suggestions??

  • beauty

    If anyone has any suggestions contact me at I really want one that looks like it has squares with the big double C on the side :!: :smile:

  • smile

    :roll: i hate how people have the fake ones, and say they are real! guh, get the real chanel! fakies!

  • lafonda

    :lol: i love these designer bags there beautiful!!

  • lexie

    Omg they are so cute
    can’t w8 to buy some of em

  • Salgai

    wow nice purses im From St.CAtharines, i dun think theat u guys have ne storoes hurr onlii in the states :(

    • Di

      The closest store in on Bloor (Toronto)

  • Elizabeth

    omigod!! i lovee chanel purses…they have like the bessssstttt looking ones!!! outa all the designer purses i have…i use my chanel the most! i love the material that’s used to make the cutee handbags!! its soo materialistic!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  • corey

    omg chanel is the best ever i have a real one and it is awesome!! :smile:

  • jocelyn gomez

    ush i totally love ur bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  • Anna

    :?: how do u tell if 1 is real cus im havin a problem w/ that!!!! :cry:

  • kenzi


  • krysti

    :lol: love CHANEL sooo much.. amazing bags and jewelry..they are the hottest


    i have a new “coco” bag and i want to know how i tell if it real or not

  • Kelsi

    i think the new fall look for chanel looks AH-DORABLE! i am totally excited about getting one this fall :grin: my favorite is the one on the very top on the right thats silver … it looks totally sexy :cool:


    i love chanel wallets they have pretty colours :grin:

  • renee

    nordstroms in canoga park, ca carrys chanel, gucci, dior, and many more

  • Bri

    all i have to say is fricken expensive!!! But totally sweet!! :mrgreen:

  • tara

    :razz: :mrgreen: :evil: i love my chanel bag – tara 13yearsold




    :cry: i want one really bad though! :roll: :cry: :sad: :cry:



  • kayana

    hello i was wndering how much is a a black handbag with white chanel logo
    (leather) thanx a lot

  • bags-concious

    chanel bags shown in shops in different countries are different model and colors….they are one of a kind…i travel and always go to chanel….they all have great service..but sometimes i pay more in different countries for the bags i want,i waitlisted for pre collection 2007/08 for 4 months @neimen marcus,standford shopping center,the bay area,and they sent to asia for me…as the bag won’t get there ’til next year,,,or never will….i sell second hand bags….website called ‘bags-concious’ linked to thai website called “” mainly for thais but my site is in will find me through google search”bags-concious…yes they are all real…if you own chanel before,you would know,if you don’t trust me…please don’t bother…good luck to all chanel lovers..all my contact are shown on website….and i am happy to answer e-mail or phone calls

  • karen

    yeah i want one real bad for my birthday there cute the leather ones!! :lol: :grin: :!: :!: :mrgreen: :!:

  • Krystina

    :smile: Hey Ladies, I see alot of questions on here reguarding real or fake chanel…. Well if you email me your questions i will be more than happy to answer them. I know Alot about Chanel purses. I Absolutely love them. I also sell Authentic bags. If you have any questions please email me at

  • :razz: :roll: these purses r so darn expensive it makes me sick!!!!!

  • Charlotte


  • Brooke Tanaka

    Does anyone know if the chanel bags sold on are real?

  • Rose

    I HATE Snobby,Rich Girls who are like what, 14 and 12 yrs. old and have a Chanel Bag. Stuck up BRATS!! :evil:

    • alyssa

      i totally agree! damn spoiled brats. probably wont ever have to work a day in their life with what they got at such a young age! enjoy it now beasties!

  • brittany

    i have the quilted black double strap bag with the white logo and i would love to get the wallet to go with it my only issue is that everywhere i look the wallet is only like $5 or $10 less then the bag was does anyone know any good online sites since i live in maine and there are no stores here that carry designer bags

  • mo

    hi, i went to newyork for christmas over christmas break… most of you think that the chanel bags they sell on the streets are all fake.. they are not fake.. i bought a pink, black, and white and directly after i got them i went to a chanel store and asked if they were real.. all three of the ones i bought were real. i bought the regular ones you see on ebay the stiched one that has the rubbary feeling. but how to tell.. for the pink one if you have a tan inside then it is fake, the inside should be pink just like the pink outside fabric. for the black one, it should be a pink, or red inside.. if it is black then it is fakeee. and for the white one it should be a white or pink inside.. and for all three of them the two c’s should NOT be overlapping on the other side, and they should be medium size not large! any more questions keep asking, i will check back in.

  • cici Lowest Pricest & Highest Quality !

  • tania

    i wanr the satiun flap bag A35609 .. how can i iorder online ? the Indian chanel does not have it :(

  • ashley

    omg i love the purse i just got my bf hates me cuz it costed him his whole check but that’s fine……. :lol:

  • Daze

    can anyone tell me whre i can get a white chanel cambon wallet to match my handbag but with black cc on it. thanks

  • yasmin

    wow i love it

  • Adriana

    I love chaneL .

    is espensive

    in spanish

    ” Amo a chanel es la mejor marca que puede aver en la vida
    de una mujer sigan adelante ojala y lo puedan traducir en
    ingles los amo nunca dejen de acer chanel es lo mejor” :grin: :lol: :!:

  • yen

    is it cheaper to buy chanel in Paris, after the tax refund anyway. Can someone tell me.

  • lihua

    for my sell web site : mybagbase in seach google

  • LA

    I own an amazing high end Re-sale store in NY and we get Chanel bags all the time…
    New ones, vintage ones, shearling, classic, Limited editions, etc…. they come in almost once a week…

  • bags

    lolz you guyz are funny :P overall its just a bag and fashion keep changing. i own several real brand name purses but i dont mind buying the fake ones lol. Instead of wasting my money on a purse i can use it for a good cause :). overall whatever makes you happy real or fake take it :)

    • CJHD

      Fakes are linked to criminal enterprise and sometimes terrorism…not good to purchase them.

      As far as fashion changing in regards to Chanel…getting a classic bag would solve that problem.

      But fashion evolves around itself – so what is in now, will eventually be back ‘in’ at some future point in time…

  • Jessica

    I am desperately looking for a certain Chanel bag. It is from the 2005 Travel collection. It is a double handle tote, quilted black leather with the double C logo on the front. This bag features the #5 silver medallian haging from the handle or the zipper pull. It is a medium size bag.


    I have called Chanel and they know which one I am talking about but have no recommendations on how to get the unique bag as it had limited production.


    Please email me if you have recommendations to

  • Ashley

    Wow – what a beautiful bunch of Chanel handbags – I want them allllll.

  • elisa tata


  • Eli

    i think i’m really lucky i got 2 chanel authentic bags for my wedding, tone of them was black and the brown and other one silver, because i awnted the black one i wen to the chanel store in 5th avenue, and i got two beautiful black ones, it’s good that my guest gave me the receipt, i couldn’t believe i got two authentic bags. i used them and for anyone who have authentic bags remember if for some reason your bag gets dirty you can take it to the store and they will restore it for you. I love chanel!!!

  • Elenia

    I love the new Chanel handbags. But can I get the real handbags and cheaper cos i luv em so much!

    luven de bags x please can i get them cheaper n every 1 willl buy more if there at a reasonable price for the real and the fake kk x

  • Chazza

    Luvin the Chanel Fall bags. They’re the best!
    Like totaly off the HOOK!!!!!!!please can i get a free 1 2 try like az a sample or summit please pretty pease with a chanel bag on top!!!! pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssse

    wif a chanel bag on top .
    Ill,be ya best firend!
    And best friends lend each other stuff don’t they!

  • Ellie/luvin Badminton

    The new chanel fall bags are the best designs yet.

    Do you know the cheapest price of how I could get one?
    When is the next Chanel fashion week and how could I get tickets to see it? Plz contact me on this e-mail!

    Do you know any shops nearby that sell the real chanel bags? i live in County Durham in the north east in the United Kingdom. What would be the bets website that sell the real chanel bags? xxxxx

  • English girl

    Luvin the new bags! Are the chanel boots just as nice and how can i get them? xxx

    My friend also luvs them! xxx

  • Sara

    If any one is looking for discounted chanel bags please contact me at

    thx :)

    • irene

      do you have the reissued 2.55 in silver? please email me if you have> thx

  • Sara

    If any one is looking for discounted chanel bags please contact me at


  • nashrah

    omg..i live in pakistan and here its quite ardous to get hands on real chanel stuff, specially bags..btw, i do have one huge hot bag of chanel..and i wanna know whether the huge bags are in fashion or not..ill be thankful..:)

  • Fatiha

    If Someone is interested in Chanel bags, I can sell it for a reasonable price. Mail me at

  • LISA

    how much are chANEL BAGS

  • lara

    Hi there,

    Chanel has a very new fringe tote,I saw it somewhere but can not find it, it looks like the prada fringe tote, anyone saw it??? please helppp

  • Handbags

    Just use a gentle soap and try to hand wash it .

  • magic

    i love gabrielle chanel. i also loveAnna Corinna Handbags.i see a beautiful bag. We can go to enjoy some of them

  • magic

    i love gabrielle chanel. i also loveAnna Corinna Handbags.i see a beautiful bag. We can go to enjoy some of them

  • magic

    i love gabrielle chanel. i also loveAnna Corinna Handbags.i see a beautiful bag. We can go to enjoy some of them

  • Farah

    Anyone interested in buying a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, as i am selling mine.
    Jumbo size, Lambskin.

    • Humi

      How muchh?!

  • Nawari

    i LOVE Chanel !

  • Authentic Designer Boots

    Nice site you have here with great info.keep it up!

  • Naggy

    Nothing here catches my eye at all; I don’t get Chanel. (ipad)

  • KY

    I love Chanel, there are really nice styles. (ipad)

  • betty

    i love gabrielle chanel. i also loveAnna Corinna Handbags.i see a beautiful bag. We can go to enjoy some of them