I gave you a peek at Blake Lively’s first Chanel Ad the other day and today I have more ad and behind the scene photos to share with you all. I know Karl Lagerfeld seems to be opting for celeb choices lately and not everyone is on board with these choices, but I am a huge Blake Lively fan-girl. Maybe her acting will never been Oscar worthy (ok it totally won’t), but she is sure pretty to look at.

This Chanel campaign is young and fresh. I can’t see those gorgeous Amazon legs Blake has to offer, but her face is classically beautiful which looks gorgeous next to luxury handbags.

Which photo is your favorite?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • 19yearslater

    The second shot with the railing is my favorite, but the red version of the bag is my favorite of the purses.

  • Millie

    I’m a fan of the second shot too. I think she looks gorgeous in the picture and I notice the handbag without the placement and the way she’s holding the bag seeming too artificial. But my actual favourite picture is the one that’s not an ad where she’s smiling. Less serious ads, more smiling!

  • Amy

    My favorite is the one with the black quilted bag, which I think is the one the people above me are referring to. Even though it’s hard to see, I adore the outfit she’s wearing in that one, the way she’s holding the bag looks real, and she is just so gorgeous. I’m sending this post to my husband and telling him we better buy some Chanel to support his favorite eye candy :-)

  • Priscilla

    none of them. I have always thought Blake Lively was disgustingly ugly! I think they should stick with the models or get a good looking celeb like Marion Cotillard.

    • bisbee

      Gee – disgustingly ugly? Really? You may not think she’s gorgeous (I don’t), but do her looks REALLY strike you as disgustingly ugly? I’m curious as to how you’d describe someone you’d meet at the Walmart who looks like the vast majority of real people in the world…I can’t imagine what adjectives you’d use!

      • Priscilla

        I am not being over the top, I really believe she looks THAT bad. Like, to me, average people look better than her most of the time. Every time I see her, I just think wth?

      • Priscilla

        oh, and I put leighton meester in that same category of ugly. Most other celebs are so much easier on the eyes.

    • XXAL

      i wouldnt say they are the hottest celebs.. blake isnt the typical pretty or hot chick but she is beautiful. she has a very feminine../ womanly look that not everybody can see unless they truly understand what it is.. & it all comes from her natural smile.. so i’d say all karl did not capture her charm at all

  • eorchid

    she is beautiful!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I too love the second shot by the railing. She has that Kate Moss classic look!! Blake is a perfect for the Chanel Ad!!!

  • janice

    she looks gorgeous in all the photos

  • ninjaninja

    I’m sticking with my original meh.

  • Dawne

    She is truly striking!

  • Mary

    I actually like the very first one of her and Karl Lagerfeld. Her smile is pretty and it seems more natural.

  • An

    I love blake!! …but I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy the pictures as much as I thought I would. I feel like I’ve seen better serious faces from her.

  • Lulu

    She looks much prettier in these photos than on screen or real life. This girl ant really act :(

  • KaylaNiche

    Not a fan of Ms Lively, but the bags are absolutely stunning!

    • G

      Ditto ! Bags are all gorgg but I cant seem to understand why everybody thinks she is beautiful. She has an average face , no?

  • sulata mukhia

    All da photos are stunning., da first one wid her careless smile and da 2nd one closest looks right in da eyes along wid da blue bag. simply awesome…

  • jenny

    she was amazing in the town. people just hate her because they love leighton meester (who wears ugly outfits, a chesy pop career and has a sex tape…not cool)

  • Kat

    I actually prefer the behind the scenes shots to the ads, there are a lot more behind the scenes phots at nymag.com. She looks a little bored in the actual ads while she’s vibrant in the other photos.

    I still don’t like her for Chanel, though.

  • lulugurl2006

    I like the fourth one actually. I think its kind of a neat candid shot!

  • Mochababe73

    It’s hard to pick one when they all basically have the same expression that she makes on each and every photo shoot.
    I guess that Karl is going for a younger consumer because there’s nothing about Blake that makes me want to purchase a Chanel.

  • Krista

    I like the quilted ones.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I don’t like any of the bags but I do enjoy the ads with Blake. It’s always interesting to see who a top designer (e.g., celebrity) will choose and I like this choice. I love both Blake & Leighton since GG beginnings & celeb modeling/ads have been going on for many years now. Designers know that ppl follow what celebs wear & endorse more so than a model.

  • qudz

    i like the red one the best!

  • Candace

    She looks great in all of three ads, but I like the third one the most. She looks gorgeous, and the red bag is also stunning.

  • delaney

    she looks amazing in all, but my faves are with the blue bag and the red bag. that girl never takes a bad photo!

  • bethny

    it didnt WOOW me .. maybe cus i had such a huge expectation from these 2 idols !

  • b

    not a fan…i am a huge chanel fan but i must say that this campaign has turned me off. blake lively from gossip girl?! really?

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    I saw the rest of this series, and they’re all perfectly glamorous and casual at the same time. It’s like Ms. Lively and Mr. Lagerfeld have known each other a lifetime.
    Lucky chick.


  • Aria

    I see how Blake Lively is beautiful and represents one aspect of the Chanel glamor, but she definitely doesn’t have the high fashion appeal of, say, Freja. Models like Freja, Jessica Stam and Coco Rocha make me want to buy Fendi/Dior/Chanel. Celebrities, especially those associated with mass pop culture TV shows, don’t…

  • Jennell

    I adore the red patent bag. Has anyone seen it in a store? I want to know if it is a blue red or an orange red. If it turns out to be blue red I may try to find one:)

  • Maria

    I love love Blake Lively and can’t find a more perfect ambassador for Chanel Mademoiselle! I love the first photo of her. Does anyone know how much these bags are going for???

  • kaky

    I like blake lively and have been following her since her gossip girl days. But this ad doesn’t do much for me.It lacks a strong charisma. Probably bec blake looks a bit mainstream. Unlike kiera knightly for coco mademoiselle. Keira exuded classic nostalgia.