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  • Mel

    That red Tie Tote though… Literally speechless. #1 On my wish list as of right now.

  • Yazi

    The bags are okay. Pretty but lacking that wow factor of Italian brands.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Oh gosh, I really really want a Box bag but there are just too many things on my wish list.

  • ElainePG

    Is it just me, or does the Small Ring Bag look an awful lot like a Longchamps? I like it, but Longchamps did it first!

  • Lori

    Nothing here makes me want to purchase a Celine bag. What happened to this brand? How did they so quickly go from being so coveted to this???

  • Stephanie

    LOL $3,900 for the box bag, how is the size any different the the Symmetrical bag? and the price is $2,000 difference. These designers rob people of their money

    • Lara W

      They are not robbing anyone, if someones happy to pay that kind of money for a bag, thats their choice.

    • QueenPosh .

      I love the look of the box bag, but the price is ridiculous. I can never justify spending that type of money on such a small bag that fits very little and to be honest i like the look of the Symmetrical bag more and it is more reasonably priced.

  • missarewa

    what in the holy monstrosity heck is that curved clutch?? the houndstooth tote for around $1550 isnt a bad deal

    • adriana

      but it’s canvas! not even leather.

  • Lovehandbags

    What is the price for the Trapeze? The above, are they in exotic leather? What about just leathers?

    • Vicu

      3k $ Solid color all round leather medium size

  • FashionableLena

    I liked the symmetrical and the box bags, but I can’t justify the price.
    That curved clutch is horrific. It looks like an open-mouthed fish. I’ve never been a fan of Celine anyway so my comments can be taken with a grain of salt.

  • mary

    can somebody actually modeled the curved shoulder bag on their shoulder please. dying to see one

  • EvianCC

    The curve bags look as though you have a turtle shell on a leather strap. I agree, what happened to Celine?!

  • Flaw

    Is it just me of does the green box bag have somewhat of a flaw in the flap?

    • Winn

      I noticed it too.

    • Sara

      I think it’s the photo, there’s a strange line on slides 15 and 32 too.

  • Liza

    The curved bags are horrendous. So impractical. C’on!!!

  • maria handoko

    Celine symetrical bags looks nice.. like it

  • Winn

    Did they raise the price of the box bags? $3900 seems way high

    • Casey

      I think they actually lowered the prices, because they were $4600 for the ones made of actual box leather, if I am not mistaken. With that being said, $3900 is still extremely expensive for what it is. I just don’t get how they can expect people to keep buying these bags with the way the prices are going up.

  • Rashmi

    I also think that the BOX bags are way overpriced!
    I got the Belt bag in Dune and now my eyes are on the RING bag. I saw a black and white ring bag on Vogue once and the leather i think was buffalo! The leather just looked darn gorgeous! I was hoping Celine would bring out Ring bag in the same Buff leather but in different colors.

  • Pointie

    That medium Curved bag reminds me of a Celine that I bought in Harrods in 1997, pre-Michael Kors. They are definitely looking at the archives.

  • Imama

    Oh god celine what happened!?!? Absolutely horrendous, they lack class to me not impuin the slightest :(

    • Imama

      *impressed lol damn u iphone!

  • When did the Box Bags get that expensive? I shall pass though I am still considering a Tie Tote or a Belt Bag. I put my Winter 2015 Blue/Burgundy medium Trapeze bag on Tradesy since I never got around to wearing it so might as well look for something else

    • I feel like it’s been expensive for a while, it’s always been a deterrent for me!

      • Well the price just deterred me lol

  • Azaleafox

    I’m curious about the curved clutch, but other than that, the mini tie is the only one I truly like.

  • Jack Neill

    The Celine medium box bag is nice but it’s way over priced. An excellent alternative with an even more attractive design is the Ferragamo Marisol bag. It’s measurements are nearly identical to the box bag, has an interior made of leather and is half the price.

  • icesa

    have they stopped doing the Phantom?

  • I think the box bags look best, but it’s not like ‘oh my god I need this bag right now’.
    And I really wonder when looking at the ‘Céline Cabas Phantom Striped Tote’: When did they start to use those leather cords? It reminds me very much of Mansur Gavriel…

  • 10010

    The Luggage is beginning to look dated especially in some of these colorways. Purchase with caution. If you like the Luggage, go got the Tie. Similar silhouette but looks fresh and more apt to standing the test of time.

  • Ines

    I think the mini belt looks nice in mono colours; the shape/form is interesting but still classy. Those 2 or 3 coloured versions do not look nice… Hate those rounded bags, don’t care for the ring bag. I like the box bag, but it’s the same price like a chanel…. Not worth it. I have seen the trapeze and phantom too often. Miss the mono coloured edge!

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Interested to know WHY the box bag is that much more than the other bags, being so simple. Also, it’s interesting that you can’t find the entire collection anywhere. There’s bags at Barney’s for spring summer 2015 that are not on their site. Like the Phantom Cabas drawstring in the croc effect. I want to see the ENTIRE collection. : /

  • Vicu

    Available for WorldWide Shipping

  • QueenPosh .

    This collection just screams ‘Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’, I can just imagine them being drawn to these minimalist styles and the vintage feel of the bags. I am really loving the look of the Celine Ring bag, Mini Belt bag, symmetical bag and the curved bag. The red and blue houndstooth print is also very cool.