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  • Stina Sias

    I want to know more about that pool float bag, is it actually inflatable??

  • kemilia

    The pool float bag looks like the cheapo floats I used to buy and was happy if they made it through a couple of weeks of floating in the old apartment complex pool (fun memories–thanks Moschino!).

  • JJp

    I’m honestly so over Jermey Scott and these tacky Moschino bags.

  • shopper

    I don’t know who Amber Rose is, but she has tremendous style to pull off such an electric outfit. She looks amazing and makes that Moschino bag look chic!

    • fashion.foward

      To be completely honest, even those who know her don’t know what she is, she’s just another Kim Kardashian.

      • Finem Lauda

        Um. No. Black and Brown women are not interchangeable. Amber Rose is a recording artist, fashion designer, model and actress (via Wiki), she’s a business woman and probably better than you in every conceivable manner. Stay mad.

      • MsPit

        Why are you trying to make this about color? Amber Rose is just tacky trashy period.

      • Finem Lauda

        The only thing tacky and trashy here is whoever raised you to think that way, boo boo.

      • Unapologetic

        Don’t forget stripper.

      • Finem Lauda

        Liiike… yes? And? I suppose you think being a sex worker is shameful, you dusty, boring ass fuck?

      • Andy Thomas

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    • Azaleafox

      Amber Rose was always fashionable and she is not “trashy”. I always like her pop electric looks, I can’t do bright colors, nor blonde hair and pull it off

  • Sandy

    Really, her dress is too tight and the bag is ridiculous.

  • Amanda Edwards

    The many bags of Amber Rose?

    • Cbl

      Dear god no!!

    • Finem Lauda


  • abigail

    amber rose looks amazing here and she makes that bag look so young and fun!

  • Mintonly

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  • Finem Lauda

    Amber is so beautiful!! She looks amazing, and I’m sure a lot of people wish they could pull this look off. I find it ironic how so many people choose to attack her and not that horrible thing Lady Caca is wearing, wtf is that? Why does she try so hard? Why is she dusty? Why is she a cake made of mayo and crackers? We just don’t know.

  • aiden

    please dont feature amber rose. just dont.

  • Sparkletastic

    Starting with a high note. Kerry Washington looks classically stunning even if her bag choice is meh.

    I don’t “get” (and don’t want to get) Lady Gaga. It’s like she gets a pass on being the queen of tacky land. Her shtick is so beyond tired and she doesn’t have any true style.

    And I agree, Elsa looks homeless with the water waif hair and ugly bag. A fashion model could do much better.

    Amber Rose is a beautiful girl who looks plastic with that pool floatie and too tight dress. She can do better. Maybe she and Elsa can share the cost of a stylist. ????

  • Imgoingbroke

    That hideous Pandora Box Bag is fuglier than anything on this blog, even that ridiculous Moschino toy.

  • Dancing Queen

    Amber Rose looks so so so beautiful here, I love that bright, young, fresh outfit and that bag is adorable. Kerry Washington is… just so stunning, like always. I really love Kate Mara and Miranda Kerr here, too. Classic and gorgeous.

    Lady Gaga looks like she just climbed out of a clown car whose other passengers left her 8 months pregnant.

  • 4everchuck

    Both Amber Rose and lady Gaga have recording contracts and both are tacky. This is just proof you don’t have to be very talented to get a recording contract. Personal opinion aside, I to think that Amber Rose does rock what she wears. Having said that she is just like Kim Kardashian and many others before her. It’s doesn’t Matter your ethnicity . A color is just a color, black, white, brown red and yellow.its not the color that defines us. At the end of the day people are people and they are all the same. Kerry Washington looks flawless, she looks beautiful as always.

    • Finem Lauda

      …A color is not ‘just a color’. Thanks for erasing the individual struggles of people of color. Next.

    • guest

      Lady Gaga is immensely talented are you kidding? She’s not my cup pf tea aside from a few songs, but she is an excellent singer and musician!

    • 4everchuck

      This was 8 months ago. seriously? I’m on here to talk about handbags. Not to argue.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    All of them are nice!