Lady Gaga Hermes Vintage Kelly Bag

Here’s Lady Gaga, arriving at her father’s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, in NYC, carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag that has been…well loved. Gaga has a history of carrying altered, or, depending on your perspective, “defaced,” Hermes bags, so it’s not a stretch to think that she likes the half-destroyed look of this one. You can find pre-owned Hermes Kelly bags in far superior condition for sale on Portero.

We’ve seen Gaga with a similar Hermes Kelly Bag before, so it’s possible that she and this Kelly have simply been through a lot together, and she feels compelled to continue carrying it for purely sentimental reasons. Or maybe a busted Hermes bag is just a key component of her unique vision for this particular fashion ensemble. You can see all of her ladyship’s favorite Hermes bags (and wonderfully bizarre outfits) in “The Many Bags of Lady Gaga.”

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    I’ll just say, I’m a huge fan of lady gaga, if not more so her fashion choices than her music. She is a huge inspiration to me specifically in my aspirations in the fashion industry. With that being said, I feel like this write up has such a negative tone to it. Gaga once said, the reason she “defaces” her hermes is because it’s just an object. The one wih the writing was actually signed by her Japanese fans. She felt the connection to her fans was more important than the cost, and covetousness of a man made object, appreciating the object in her own way.

    • David

      Lady Gaga: *takes a breath*

      Her fans: “shes making a powerful statement about the environment and how the delicate balance of nature and industry is in a state of turmoil with society’s inability to embrace clean energy and that through the combined spirits and help of her fans, she can slowly overthrow this evil regime of wastefulness and destruction”

      • Theo

        Yo. Sweetie. Honey. Linda, sweetie. Listen. Sweetie. Linda. Chill.

  • Hannah

    Lady Gaga is looking absolutely beautiful in
    this dress! She looks very classy and chic.
    The vintage Hermes bag is paired perfectly with the entire look.

    • MichelleChristiecuf

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  • me

    It looks like a normal woman’s bag. Doesn’t seem nearly destroyed to me. I am in camp altered, obviously.

  • Mari …

    Love her!

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