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  • Sparky


  • CoCo

    I love Lais’s outfit!

    • Smithy

      scarf from Zara – fyi

      • CoCo

        Haha thanks! That was actually my favorite part of the outfit!

  • Carrie K

    Maria Borges is coming out with a handbag collection next year and that’s one of her own design.

  • Sara

    What really caught my eye was the French police officer in slide 9 on the left. Lol

    • WEST LEE

      I having the same thought!! Haha

  • Qamar Shehzad

    I know Victoria is a well-known Brand of Paris where bags introduces for Celebrities. Innovative leather uses in the formation (outstanding). The navy blue bag in in the hands of Stella Maxwell is appropriate. Models and Angels are source of Victoria’a income. Your Brand earns World toppest name in the product of Bags. Because famous and successful celebrities are the ambassader of Paris Handbags.

    Regard: Qamar



    • Glitterrush

      What? :s

    • Kenzie

      I believe Victoria’s Secret is a trans-national company that began in the US; it’s not French. And it specializes in lingerie, not handbags.

  • Cpeterso

    What are the sunglasses Stella maxwell has on?

  • Holly Stanton

    Yay! Small bags! So youthful!

  • Laura Queiroz

    Maria Borges is wearing Givenchy Small Shark Tote.

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    Maria Borges’ bag does looks like Givenchy Shark bag, but if you look it closely, it is not Givenchy Shark bag.