Louis Vuitton Tattooed Pigs

Roughly two weeks ago, two very special piglets struck the eyesight of folks in Beijing. The two happy pigs had been ‘enhanced’ by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, whose staff of local farmers and tat artists tried to raise sows to use them as canvases for skin art. Without a doubt you noticed that it was no less than Louis Vuitton‘s traditional monogram print that had been inked onto the pigs’ backs. Hilarious!

Unfortunately, the whole deal has a few disadvantages. The pigs’ pork chops quadrupled in price, they are no longer allowed to wallow in filthy mud, and Takashi Murakami already voiced his plans to present a whole fleet of Monogram Piglet canvas bags, starting next spring. The pandas just didn’t cut it anymore, hail the pig!

Ok, I just totally pulled those last few lines of LV info out of my derriere. No worries, no pig canvases coming any time soon. Nonetheless, I can’t help but see a striking resemblance between the LV pigs and Lil’ Kim, as photographed in ’99 by David Lachapelle. Keepin’ it Oink!

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  • Sulee
  • Megs

    Sulee- Vlad must have left it out- we did find the post off Socialite Life and we always cite if we get an idea or photos from somewhere else. Thanks for being on top of things and tisk-tisk on Vlad today!

  • Danielle

    You see a resemblance between a woman and a pig?
    I hope you mean in their ‘dress’ only.

  • billyjoe

    poor… poor… piggies…

  • Bullets

    Gay & digusting!

  • bridget

    lol :razz:

  • Leah

    I thinks this photo is hot! Comparing an African American woman to a pig is so typical of some people.

    • sheldon carter

      you are the sexy woman I have ever seen.

  • chasity

    :cool: that`s so freakin cool ! it looks like they covered your body with marker!

  • freefashion

    Wim Delvoye is a contemporary artist from Belgium, he now was commissioned to make two handbags for Chanel this way: tattooing piglets, using the leather (including the hair on it!) after they were killed when fully grown, adding a rusty chain instead of a bling bling one (as that looked cooler according to both Mr Delvoye and Mr Lagerfeld) and hey presto: art to carry around with you at all times. There were only two made, so I guess they’re pretty hard to find. Still, I wanted to share this with you! First time Chanel used pigskin for any of their handbags too;-)

  • albanna

    soooo sexyy

  • jessica

    i dont think they were “happy” pigs. this is animal abuse. and Wim Delvoye is NOT an artist.

  • Naggy

    Omg, get those marks off those poor pigs! (ipad)

  • KY

    Poor piggies! (ipad)

  • www.purseblog.com

    Piglicious louis vuitton.. I like it :)