Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan

Someone tell these rich, overrated and spoiled slu*s that too much meth and coke are bad, mkay?

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  • That red dress would have looked so pretty on Linds a couple of months ago. Too bad her head is the widest part of her body now.

    • tokio

      HOLY HELL.everyone STFU and stop being so jealous…I think the only sad thing on this page is that ppl like all of you have nothing better to do with your time than critize prettier, skinnier beings than yourselves. what do you gain by saying shit about what color pumps lindsay wears? If they do suffer from eating disorders or drug problems, it’s people like you all who contribute to it.

      • GenMischief


        your a tool. YOur supposed to FLOSS with that, not screw it.

        Women are meant to have a FORM, curves, and so forth. Not an arrow stuck in a red dress.

    • 40DD woman

      THANK YOU i realy agrre you are right her head is the biggest thing on her body she has no cheast and no hips omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!: :smile:

  • Apparantly LiLo just had a recent interview where she said that she is actually bigger than most girls her age. I’m not sure who she is comparing herself to, possibly the Olsen Twins. Also there was media gossip that her huge weight loss came after a candid shot of her and her “large thighs.” Too bad she looked so much better in Mean Girls and now just looks like an underfed drug-addict.

  • Mel

    While you are at it, tell L. Lo that those blue shoes look ugly with that red dress!

  • I’m also wondering why she did not fall through the holes underneath her feet and ugly shoes. That would have been funny.

  • JAX

    This is sad……these girls look sick…….look at their arms.Skeletons with a small amt of flesh….human coat hangers.
    I am worried for these girls.Some ome help them.They have aproblem.

  • J.Rob

    Is that a liter LiLo is holding? Is gonna go smoke more crack?

  • Blue pumps with a red gown? “Are you trying to kid me?”

    For other reasons, as well, this picture makes me sick.

  • Tec

    Nicole and Lindsay where are they now, its so sad they use to be pretty girls. all the shoes that lindsay own i guess this blue one was the best.

  • kim

    Yes… Jenny Crank has turned its ugly hand and bitch slapped both of them.. To bad they use to be as Paris Hilton would say “hot”!

  • kana

    these girls are the reason why the eating disorder epidemic is so high among young women. it makes me sick to see that this is just a game of fame to hollywood. PEOPLE DIE FROM THIS DISORDER!!!


  • La La

    These girls DO NOT have eating disorders. For such a rapid weight loss, the money they make & parties they go too!! Come on its the DRUGS!!! What else?

  • where is the love, people? it only matters on the inside, not out. if they think they will get away in life like that let them belive it, but soon, they will find their true meaning of life. the only thing we can do is pray for them and worry about other people who are skinny because they don’t have access to food, i feel as if the whole world revovles around celebriteis, and it doesn’t. be happy with who you are and live life the way you think is best. everyone is special in their own way, be yourself and enjoy life while you can.

  • Lindsay i must agree looks a bit sick latley,
    But is it not true that most young adults suddenly lose their puppy fat, and if this is the case should we discriminate Lindsay?
    I mean doesn’t everyone strive to be supermodel thin? why not condem yourselves instead of celebrities.

    In simple life 1 she was chubby and didn’t look after her body, and wore clothes and make-up that made her look quite terrible.

    Her Fianc’e Had a Major Weight problem and had an operation to correct his stomach.
    from what i hear he had to be on a strict diet,… Nicole more that likley ate the same foods as him to help him, relieve a little stress form his life by not eating junk food 24-7 in front of him.

    nicole looks a lot healthier and slimmer, wears clothes that flatter her features and wears less make-up.

    The verdict?

    They can do whatever they bloody want!
    We don’t run their lives! it’s not up to us to tell them how they should live their lives.

    I rekon about 78% of the people who complain about celebrity weight loss are probobly unhappy with their appearances themselves.

  • omg people! what the heck is wrong w/ lindsay lohan? blue pumps w/ a red gown? seriously! and i hope youre hungry LiLo cuz im about to take you to lunch!

  • rubberduck

    dude, that’s not funny,billyjoe
    and i totaly agree with shay, leavem’ alone

  • Caroline

    What’s up with these celebrities losing so much weight and being 2 dimensional, and to top it off, they lose their looks in the process. Too skinny can be very bad for some people b/c they lose their looks (in the face)

  • lori d


  • billyjoe

    geez i dont really care rubber duck!

  • cybasistagirl

    Karen Carpenter……………….
    Table for TWO………………….SKELETONS!
    Someone needs to take these freaks to the taxidermist!

  • HelenaHandbasket

    Binging, purging & starving yourself to death is always more fun with your best girlfriend! Just think, they can share secrets on how to vomit silently in a public restroom and which brands of laxatives are least likely to cause intestinal bleeding.

  • courtney

    like seriously stop trying to look like your lil sister lindsay she’s what 11 or 12 and your like what 19 that’s so nasty grown up and look in the mirror guys dont find you atractive anymore serious look in the mirror.

  • courtney

    how can some of you sit their and say that they look good first off they both lost their boobs so next is a boob job for both and second their really nasty yea maybe i do want to loose weight which i really want to drop about 15 pounds and then i’llbe fine that well be 135 ok you cant seriously look at them and say they look pretty cause they dont when you start seeing bones then their’s something wrong with them and it seems like more and more clebs are starting to drop weight i me come on lindsay lohan, hilary duff, ana kovocova, angelina jolie, jessica simpson, amanda bines, geezz you jus cant look to tv from anything any more soon their gonna need to add a extra 20 pounds to make them some what good for the kids who see them i mean when i saw hilary duff on the make a wish show for kids she appread and looked like she was sick i mean i am like yea she’s been helping kids but i really think she needs to stop looking like a kid and have a adult body figure for once.

  • chelsea

    I think they both look great especially since they lost weight. I wish I looked like that so much. and they both have great style.

  • kardz

    hey i think in a way they look good, and id rather look like them than look a bit over weight, since i myself am a dancer and i know wat its like to have all dat pressure, im just concerned for lindsay n nickole. i want them to at least be healthy, but hey u cant have it both ways can u

  • michelle

    uhm… thats sad. i bet their parents call very often to make sure theyre still alive.

  • leo

    these girls are so pretty

  • lou lou

    you guys need to eat girls you guys look like you are dieying were not telling you te get fat just gain 5 or 10 pounds plesae

  • Jordonna

    This pic makes me happy I became sober…….gross……..ugh…..

  • Ray

    Well, her boobs look smaller so I think it is safe to say they aren’t fake!

  • ceciiTa Mexican girL =)

    amm… I think emm… I no speak english…Creo que Lidsay Lohan y Nicole Richie estan Locas!! como pueden adelgazar tanto… y te aseguro que ellas piensan que no lo estan, de seguro se miran al espejo y se ven gordisimas…y lo peor del caso es que varias teen actress estan siguiendo su mal ejemplo de bajar de peso hasta quedar super delgadas que hasta se ven mal ….agh !!! Ok bye bye kisses escuse me but no speak english =)

  • god made coke god made pepsi god made me so damn sexi klara

    lindsey lohan was pretty in mean girls freaky friday hearby fully loadede but now i think instead of dieting she should have a macdonalds every day to put on weight.Nicole richie looks like a brat doll her head looks way 2 big 4 her body

  • Giavanna

    I truly believe that LiLo is one of the most prettiest celebs of our times. I must admit that I feel she’s a bit more attractive now that she has lost the weight. Regardless it’s time that the public begins to realize that these people are dealing with some of the same issues that everyone else is, except that they are doing it in front of the world. We all have problems that we need to work out, but imagine not being able to do that in private. Let’s cut them some slack

  • Blonde baby

    omg … hot! want li.lo body!! :'( so jealous

  • Kelly

    How you can be so stupid?They, off course, have a problem, why dont u look for yourself and live your own lifes and let the others alone!!!!!!!!!Please, if LINDSAY LOHAN or NICOLE RICHIE see this message, please, “ring” me portuguese and a big fan of you!)

  • chantal

    i think they look pretty.

  • dyan lihawa

    i like them, but i don’t like their body.

  • ballerina alex

    i think lindsay and nicole look great now they have lost weight. i can see how some of you think they look too skinny, but i’m a ballet dancer and i’m used to it. me and my friends have to look like that if we want to keep our ballet bodies. and we can always hear people saying “oh my god they are so skinny” so i really think u shouldn’t judge people if u don’t even know them.

  • Me says

    dam they is skinny isnt they! lindsay was so pretty to… alwell and nichole is not pretty like that omg where are her boobs? where is her body?…. and who cares if she whares red and blue she is a famouse millinare she sets the trends member lolololol and i dont know what they on but yah t would be best 4 dem selves if thet stoped

  • Tyra

    It is obvious that Nicole and Lindsay have gone out on a limb
    with the heroine chic look. I can’t believe how beautiful Lindsay looks in some of her promo shots and album covers from before
    but at this time in the photo the girls are ATE UP! We hear that Lindsay is doing better. We hope for both of them to find a happy
    medium okay maybe smal but not DEAD!

  • Croatia girl

    This is terible! Lindsay was so pretty, but now… I think she need help! Anyway, only she know what is best for her. We all wish you luck!

  • Edgard Poe

    Okay. They look like skeletons and their faces look like if they had drugs. Onestly, I like Linsday, but while making Herbbie. If I had to chose between Linsday 3 months ago and Linsday now, obviously I’d rather da old-big-titties Linsday, at least that she had. And I don’t say
    nothing about Nicole (neither Paris) becuz they are the worse persons I could have ever saw on TV or porn videos (honestly, not porn, but horror)…XD

  • Nicku

    It is so sad how LL used to b so pretty and now is so skinny. But come on fame is hard and you should give them a break but plzzz LiLo go to a neutrisionalist.

  • Nicku

    ewwwww they are super fugly

  • Nicku

    they look like sluts

  • Nicku

    I dont care that thery are skiny they are still pretty.

  • lina

    of course europe style they look skiny & hott… better than fat like most american & canadians

  • Mary

    Lindsay Lohan es una esqueletica fea que le tiene envidia a Hilary Duff y le habla para insultarla a su casa Hilary es mucho mejor que Lindsay pero con tanto que ha bajado de peso se ve mal y Lindsay ya no seas envidiosa y comete un takito porfavor pk si no te vas a terminar muriendo de ambre ANOREXICA

  • Carolina

    you must me anorexic too to say such stupid things. Yes, I know there are far more important things than being preocupied if a celebrity has an eating disorder or not but we must accept that there are SO many girls who (sadly) look up to them.
    These girls are way too thin. Someone should help them, eating disorder or drug problem, whatever it is, they need help before they die.
    Creo que en lugar de estar tirándole kk a Lindsay deberías de estar haciendo algo productivo o aportando algo importante. A mi tampoco me cae bien pero no es para tanto. Y sí, mejor Hillary pero tb ya se está poniendo muy flakita.
    If you’ve been to Europe you would know that there are LOADS of fat people there too.
    Take care U all. Eat healthy and exercise but don’t make such an issue about it. Don’t get yourselves killed!

  • Billy

    she WUZ so dang hott!

  • vanina

    I think lindsay and nicole are anorexic, i dont doubt about it, I was too, and when u realize that dresses suit u like that and that ur hip bones are quite much higher and square than ur tummy when ur laying on the bed, and also when u see ur own arms like only skin round the arm bone, and oh god those skinny shoulders!!!, please, this is not a debate about wether they are or not anorexic, god, they are!!!, dont u see people!?!?!, u may leave ur opinion about this but it is not admissible to sa they are not anorexic, because they are, believe me!!!

    sorry if u dont understand me, I am argentinian and i dont speak eglish perfectly :P:P

  • lina

    who dosnt like them its the jealousy. They are skiny they look nice no coments, at least they dont look gross like fat people and no matter what they dont smell awful.

  • lina

    i am from europe. And i am sure 100% that in europe people are not fat like in canada and usa. STOP eating junk food eat healthy and look skiny & hot, dont look fat and disgusting.

  • Laura

    They look like theyve bin in a prisoner of war camp! There are people in the world who look like this because they simply cant afford food, these girls with wore money than sense are doing it and risking their lives for the sake of vanity

  • chloe

    listen its obvious nicole richie needs serious help !!!!!!! Come on Nicole no one can be thin like that naturally unless your dead face up to thingsbefore its to late iv suffered from anorexia its not nice let yourself live unlock your pain . Oh and go lindsay for putting on weight tell your friend to as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel411

    I think that you are all sad bitchi peaple(lindsay is the best!
    but she’s to thin that’s not hot*
    Nicole looks really thin to but ho cares shes blonde and hot to.$$$

  • angel411

    oh i really don’t like those shoes(sorry)

  • lauren

    these 2 girls r still pretty even if there skinny they are under a lot of pressure in the type of job they r in.. if tehy wanna b skinny then let them be.. its ther life so shurrup

  • Carrie

    you are moronic. IF you live in europe, you don’t go outside much. There are plunty of fat people EVERYWHERE in the world. It doesn’t matter WHERE you live, there are fat people, and there are skinny people. If someone can see your bones, it’s not healthy. Every doctor will tell you that is a sign of your body eating itself. Which, is not pretty, is not hot, and is in no way attractive. They just need to gain 10-15 pounds and they’d look fine. They don’t need to get fat, or gain a crap load of weight. Just enough so you can’t count the bones on their body. And you, need to go outside and look around and spend a day counting the fat people. I bet you lose count by the time you get home.

    God must love stupid people, he sure made a hell of a lot of you.

  • ballerina alex

    i am battling being an anorexic, but its because of the pressure i am under to stay thin to be a ballerina. i no its sad that lindsay and nicole are like this but u have to understand its because you get so body concious when people are watching u all the time. for me i have people watching me all the time on stage and for them its all the paparazzi constantly taking photos of them! so giv them a break coz u don’t know what its like

  • Carrie

    So, just because people are watching them and they do it, people shouldn’t want them NOT to do it? We should all just go ‘oh, well, they are under stress, so it’s okay’. What about all the other stars who are under the SAME stress, if not more, and don’t do it? It’s just an excuse to do it. And one shouldn’t look for excuses, they should look for help. They should strive to get better and be better. Not just go ‘oh well, this is why, so it’s okay, cut them some slack’. Doesn’t work that way, doll.

  • Olivia

    I think that they have fantastic bodies, they look great and who wouldnt want to be that skinny, i no i do. I have been trying to loose weight and the thought that they have lots that much weight gives me hope and inspiration. Their both gorgeous.

  • Michelle

    lindsay lohan looks like crap there so does nicole but lindsay looks worse (eww)

  • sarah

    if you want to blame someone for how awful these girls look now blame the media for calling them fat a few years ago. What girl wouldn’t want to drop some weight after hearing how “fat” you are all the time.
    But what a coincidence they’re both single(come on what guy wants to screw a girl with no chest and who’s face is all gaunt and who’s teeth are probably rotting from throwing up all time) Drugs and extreme dieting are no way to catch a guy. No wonder they have to spend all their time together.

  • Catherine

    You people disgust me, saying that being that skinny is beautiful. Saying that they are skinny is like saying someone who is 1000 pounds is a bit chubby. It’s not natural. Lindsay looked AMAZING in her movie, mean girls. These girls need help, whatever their problem may be.
    Dont make joking statements on “Stop the crack and meth”, this isn’t funny. I myself have gone through those problems and it isn’t funny, at all.

  • Jessica

    Nicole richie is one of the prettiest people on earth. Now that she’s lost so much weight she looks even BETTER! She is my inspiration! Dont make fun of her because she has accomplished something. Weather you agree with her decision or not, she has lost weight, and to alot of people out there in the world that is a very hard thing to do, you have to have STRONG willpower, and she did it! im proud of her. So dont be jealous and make fun of her, because she is a winner, and i hope she stays the way she is now.

  • Giavanna

    This topic can go on forever. I think alot of the negative comments stem from jealousy (sigh). For all of those people who said that they thought both of these ladies were prettier before keep in mind that the lens can be decieving. A lot of these so called “thick” girls (such as beyonce) are still smaller than the majority of women, last I heard beyonce was a size four. Avarage woman in america: size twelve.

  • lina

    u dont have to tell me what to do lol cuz in europe we have place to go even if u dont want to go u have to its beutifull and i think u are one of those fat people ok in europe u can count 1 2 3 how many are fat in us canada everywhere u look are fat people like u that make u throw up…

    GOD help those people to lose weight people like cara cuz she really needs help

  • lina

    u dont have to tell me what to do lol cuz in europe we have place to go even if u dont want to go u have to its beutifull and i think u are one of those fat people ok in europe u can count 1 2 3 how many are fat in us canada everywhere u look are fat people like u that make u throw up…

    GOD help those people to lose weight people like Carrie cuz she really needs help

  • kro

    Lindsay se ve horrible, se veia mucho mejor en mean girls,es obvio ke esta anorexica,ya no tiene gracia,pero nicole se ve muuuucho mejor ke antes,se ve exelente , lo ke kiera ke haya hecho le hizo muy bien , se ve hermosa.

  • andrea

    Lindsay looked better on mean girls, now she looks disgusting,horrible, but Nicole looks beautiful, way better.

  • paige

    linzy lohann is fat! omg she deff needs to loose weight! kidding eat food u whore

  • helga

    lindsay lohan muss u etwas essen! kann ich sugest ein sandwhich ach mein Gott, den Sie huren

  • raychel

    Hey Miss Europe, just because someone doesn’t dig the anorexic look doesn’t mean they’re fat. Haven’t any of you heard “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? It means in this world, some people think fat girls are hot, some people think skinny girls are hot. Personally, I think girls as skinny as these two is absolutely positively disgusting and unhealthy, and guess what?! I’m not fat. I love my body, because you can’t see bones yet I’m slim. I’m a health nut and I take care of my body, and it shows. I don’t like pin thin girls where you can count their ribs and their hip bones poke out and they have boney shoulders. It’s just gross in my opinion. Others will agree, some won’t, but who cares? It will show on your outsides how good you take care of your body and I must say it doesn’t show much for Lohan and Richie. So everybody chill out, read a book, go outside and see the sun, get a life!

  • Kayla&Becky

    Ok look at the picture in Lindsay’s hand there is a lighter now tell me she is not on crack like come on people look how skinny she is it is sick,,Nicole is not that bad she look’s awesome,,But Lindsay GO EAT A HAMBURGER!!!:)And that is all we have to say:)Good day and PS were from canada and were not fat!!!!!Eh??

  • danielle

    you guys are all crazy. personal trainers, drugs, eating disorders, it’s probably a little bit of all that shit. why do you f-ing care? i’ve had depression and bulimia and i lost a lot of weight that i didn’t even realize, that’s what happens with all the drama. i would probably be sick if i were a celebrity too, going through all that with the world watching you. it’s too stressful.

  • amber

    Ok yes.. Im pretty sure that Lyndsay Lohan already admitted she was on drugs.. not like anyone could tell…and everyone knows Christina Richi is a coke head.. its too bad, i think shes doing better now, after she got out of rehab. She also admitted she was bulimic, Im wondering if thats because of the pressure of hollywood.. since if your normal.. in hollywood your considered fat.. our society needs to change its perspectives on beauty, because that not beauty.. thats gross

  • daniela

    Oh please comon people… if they just wanted to be thinner and feel better with themself, just let them along!!!!
    they are such a 2 beautiful girls that r just tying to live their lives.
    its really hard that every body bother you… when you dont like something about your self, you just change it, and thats what they did. so i sopport them a 100por cent.

  • Mel

    lindsay lohan was so beautiful! i love her red hair and her dimpels! she looked so much better before and then she lost a little weight and she looked so good and then she went to being a twig. i hope she got help and gains some weight back! and she will be beautiful again!

  • Seren


  • daniela


  • bb

    bulimia and anorexia …
    they need those new names

  • josh cary


  • -dancer-

    Lindsay and Nicole actually look good now that they lost that extra fat. At least they care about what they look like unlike all the other overweight people. Being fat is disgusting and ugly why would anyone want to go back to that?

  • -dancer-

    Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they are anorexic. there is nothing wrong with lindsay and nicole they are just on a diet. Being skinny is better than fat and if more people would think that way then maybe that would solve the obesity problem in america. Lindsay still has fat on her arms and face but she isn’t unhealthy skinny. Both of them have amazing bodies and half the people calling them anorexic are probably just jealous that they don’t look like that.

  • kristina

    Lindsay will always be my idol. i dont care if she is too skinny… I dont give a damn!!! She is so hot… i like her, a realistic person

  • aleja

    ellas apestan..
    juran q se ven HERMOSAS ok dan asco..
    full bulimia anorexia y coca.. kien no estaria asi de flaca.. jaja nicky & lindsay.. me uno a usdtes.. kate moss tiene mejor cuerpo q ellas y tambien es anorexica.. no se queda atras hilary.. esta bien pero si no sigue comieno quedara peor q nicky

  • Kristan

    I think the reason you all are making comments like this is because you all just want to look like them. I would kill to look like them and i am 105 pounds. I think they look great just the way they are. Is there ever a time when you think you look fat? These girls have a disorder that is how they feel all the time, but i have to agree with the other people that made comments just like mine so just let them live there own lives. BEOTCHES

  • paige

    these girls look so much like skeletons its unbelievable…dont you girls want some boobs to show off?! i cant believe all the comments i saw about how these girls think they look good as skeletons & how they wish they were like that! this is a message to all of you girls ” YOU HAVE PROBLEMS!! MAJORLY!! SERIOUSLY! who wants to be skin & bones? I think nicole looked better chunky! and lindsay never needed to loose weight in the 1st place! damn! you girls need some since knocked into ya!!!!

  • Kristan

    Some girls dont want boobs to show off, they just want a good looking body and i think they have um.

  • federica

    lindsay isn’t so skinny. she is anorexic and anybodies can change what she’s.
    anorexia isn’t a funny game or a life style..but a serious problem..i hope she’ll return normal soon, however you have no idea about what is the anorexia.



  • laura

    I want to look just like them…
    estoy tan celosa.

  • lina

    yooo they look awesome if u are fat and jelous just shut up and lose some weight cuz skiny sexy girls are every guys dream

  • lynn

    okay. what is wrong with a lindsay lohan and nicole richie? they used to be an idol of mine until they became extremely thin and now they’re being horrible role models for younger children.

  • OMGxiitsME

    Mmk, well I think yall are very rude. Just because Lindsay and Nicole are thin, it does not mean they have an eating disorder. It’s very rude to stererotype them as, “Oh, just because they are skinny it means they are anorexic or bulimic.” I get it ALL the time. Although I’m not, and it hurts, so yall, just.. be nice to them! Yall are probably just jealous of their bodies, and wish YOU could look like that.

  • -dancer-

    Lindsay and Nicole look amazing. They are even better role models now that they are taking care of their bodies. Being overweight is dangerous, people can die from it. I agree that people can die from being too skinny but Lindsay and Nicole do not need to worry about that because they look healthy and beautiful. You people aren’t doctors so don’t say that they have an eating disorder when they don’t!!

  • jess

    thay weren’t over-weight to start with so clearly why would they need to lose any MORE weight…DANCER U HAVE A PRETTY SHALLOW OUTLOOK.

  • kikosaur

    seriously though, speaking sarcasm,
    i like how the whole world revolves around celebrities and how they live their lives, if they go to the extreme to look so skinny and be so perfect, are they really our role models? how can we look up to this?
    plus its uuuuhhgglllEeeeee!!!!

  • MIchelle

    This is really said lindsay used to be beautiful! i guess this tells us what the acting career does to you!

  • your mom

    look at her arms ! thatsz so sad!

  • lina

    OMGxiitsME i agree with you “Yall are probably just jealous of their bodies, and wish YOU could look like that.”

  • funnerwitharunner

    thats seriously sad.. but you gotta feel kinda baddd…if i had a disorder i wouldnt want people making a big deal out of it.. and just because you dont think that anorexic is beautiful DOESNT mean youre fat…seriously…and not all americans are fat… american…i weigh 98 pounds.which is probably all muscle cuz i run 6-7 miles a day..(competitive runner)..but im american…so i guess im obese…arrg i get mad at all these stereotypes..and ive spent a lot of time in europe and believe me i saw fat people…you cant say that any place with exceptions of like ethiopia (except for probably like war lords or somethingggg) has ALL skinny people. but sure lindsay and nicole dont look so good right now..give them a break……

  • mikas

    i’m just a fourteen years old girl and beyonde my age i dont think i’ll ever be a such stupid girl… and lindsay your shoes! they’re great.. the only problem is that no one likes to look like a christimas tree… and by the way, your body in that angle is much worse then my mother’s broom… it’s amazing how in 21 century
    still there are girls outside there who’s more worry about theyr ass’s color then what means the word brain… lindsay all of your plastic cirgery makes me sick… and i know it is in your body but you are so frivolous, futile, trivial that you can even stain.. pollute the image of national television! and seriously i feel sorry for girls like you… and when you decide to became a normal person i’ll be the first one to support you but til then i’ve got to say this: you look like a tree! search for a doctor because you need help! xoxoxoxoxoxo bye everybody! hope you like my sarcastic side

  • nuvolina

    i’m italian and wen see this photo ……mm not good!!!! insomma fanno veramente schifo non si possono far vedere cose del genere ma siamo impazziti!!! ho tentato di leggere i vostri commenti e ci sono riuscita … in parte, scusate se scrivo in italiano ma farei sicuramente figuracce se scrivessi in Eghlish ok!! e pensare c’e gente che ci soffre con i disordini alimentari per loro è un gioco si dimagrisce in pochi mesi e si ringrassano altrettanto rapidamente e noi come cagnolini ad andargli dietro, non so nemmeno perchè sto scrivendo per una cosa alla quale non mi sono mai interessata gli scoop dei grandi attori o delle grandi celebrità che redicoli perchè dovrebbero essere più importanti di qulcon’altro perche hanno un bel culo o perhe sono strafighi .. bè io mi tengo il mio di culo e continuo a fregarmene dovreste farlo anche voi… a kiss for you …all

  • Michael

    get a life, the lot of you. These celebrties are in the driving seat, thriving on the profits they make from your sad little lives, if you hate them that much the best you can do is ignore them.

  • bb

    i think l.lo looked g8t in mean girls but now she looks like a skeleton, also she needs a gd sunbathe cause she looks sick. i feel soz 4 her cause she used 2 look so g8t!!!!

  • Anne-Marie

    oh my god, why do these girls think they look good?
    they look very very ill actually, it obviously looks like they live of water and sunshine!

  • Yo


    More people die from the consequences of drastic weight loss or being underweight than being overweight.
    A BMI over 25 is healthier than an BMI lower than 19.

    It’s ridiculous to say that both Lohan and Richie were seriously overweight at any point.
    Anyway, their former condition was far more appropriate to set a standart for young girls then the picture they present know: A few pounds more won’t damage your health and you still can look cute and be successful.
    But being permanently underweight and undernourished will harm your well-being, you look ill and longterm you’ll risk your life.

    So even I have to admitt, that I like Nicoles style far better know than before her makeover. But it has more to do with her clothes, the way she does her makeup and not that she is thin like a stick.

  • OMGxiitsME

    Mmk, yall, I’m 5’4, and weigh about 90-95 lbs., and I get called anorexic every single day at school 10 times to my face, and it hurts. Sometimes from my friends. Lindsay put some of her weight back on, and she was never bulimic or anything I heard, and I heard Nicole thinks she is too skinny, and she wants help. Idk, that’s what I heard. But these girls don’t have eating disorders. I KNOW all of yall have seen pictures of Nicole eating when she is thin, because I have.

    Give Lindsay and Nicole a break, please??
    xoxo, Me.

  • OMGxiitsME

    Oh, and Lina, yeah I think people ARE jealous of them, its true. :-\

  • Angela

    ok people who cares if she has blue shoes on with a red dress she’s probably not even the one that picked the ensemble out it was probably her stylist! and even if she did, she obviously likes the way it looks and thats all that matters. and i do admit they are very thin but thats their problem not yours so u need to get a life if the only thing you do all day is criticize other girls.

  • taryn

    I looked like that a few months ago. Even when i was that small, i was still not happy and thought i looked fat. When i walked on the street i thought boys were looking at me cause they thought i looked good when really they had a look of disgust on their face. One day, during ballet class, i actually looked at myself normally and actually saw my sick body in the mirror. It was not pretty.

  • zoierose

    ugh. this is making me so angry. if they want to look like that let them ! shit they are both gorgeous and im so freaking jealous that they are that skinny.
    just leave them alone- you wouldnt go up tosomebody and yell at them that they are obese if they are a bit overweight would you? and im sure these girls hear enough about their weight-why the hell do you think they are so freaking skinny ? its because they have to deal with the stress of coming outside their house everyday and worrying about what people are going to say aabout them !
    leave them alone. if somebody was bald you wouldnt go up to them and say they have cancer would you ? NO because that is a serious disease that they might not have- so is anorexia or bulimia they are serious diseases trust me i know about this subject so just leave them alone.

  • Sammy

    Honestly, You don’t have to look like that to be beautiful.
    I’m not skinny but yet im not fat and guys still call me beautiful.
    Whatever they’re doing to get this skinny must stop.
    I’d be labled “Emo” or “Scene” if someone was to see me..
    and i must admit im a really big e-tard
    in the summer I used to do it everyday,
    but everytime id do it id loose like 10 pounds over night.
    I went to a point where i looked like them
    and guys didnt like me.
    i was too skinny.

    girls, if you seriously think you have to look like that to be beautiful
    thats not beauty.
    thats sicking.

  • Bad Company

    omg!!! theese 2 bitches should eat and not just party, party, party….they are so f***ing anorexic that they make me sick :S:S:S:S

  • ACornerOfTheEarth

    I don’t think they look sick at all. They have perfect beautiful bodies. Stop ragging out on them and look at yourself and ask could you stand to lose some weight instead.

  • StandStrong&Independent

    Celebrities are everywhere. I cannot pick up a news paper or turn on the TV without seeing these girls. I weigh 45kg, my bmi is 17. I love my body, its healthy and happy and there are no bones sticking out. But, recently i tried to starve myself simply because, and its hard for me to admit this, i wanted to look exactly like these girls. I became unhappy, irritable and reeeaaly hungry all the time. I realised that i can only be who i am…and you can only be who you are. Studies show also that guys are more inclined to go for girls who have soft facial features, curves and long healthy hair. If you believe these girls have that, then great. If you don’t, then fine. I suggest we FORGET about these two girls, and pay a little more loving attention to ourselves. Peace to all my sexy stunning sisters around the world…thats every single one of you.

  • Nicole

    Nicole Richie is so sweet

  • Molly Lynn

    Just because all you fatass foodheads think those beautiful, unique, gifted girls have a problem doesn’t mean you have the right to go insulting an entire subculture. Being able to deny food is an amazing gift and discipline. Don’t go cussing out us beautiful ones just because you don’t have the will power to lose the beer belly and cellulite. Ciao, bellas.

  • Molly Lynn

    Oh btw. I’m five foot two and 87, 88 pounds. I have the gift and will power. Deal. You wish you had it in you.

  • Lindsay

    i think they are super gorgeous
    i want to be that skinny
    and i want it now

  • Marge

    well i just think they look great…i wish i were skinny. however lindsay’s shoesssssssssssss are a nooooo con el vestido…comprende?

  • LOVE


  • Alyssa

    it’s not even that they’re that anorexic.. there are worseee.. it’s just that like they’d look SO good if they only gained like 15 pounds. whatever..celebs are weirddd plus it’s really none of our concern.

  • kellsie-reanne

    i dont think its the element of being skinny or fat. i think its being the right weight for your height, and i think these girls can be any weight they want, but that i think is just dangerous. LiLo’s blonde hair looks fried and dry, and her hair was much nicer dark. her hair i found was her most beautiful feature and i wanted hair just like hers in herbie. but her platinum hair now just makes her look pale, which probably makes her look even skinnier than she really is. im not saying that she’s not dangerously skinny, i think she could gain 50 pounds and look good. but i think her hair also contributes to her drained complexion and it makes her look even skinnier than she really is. and lindsay’s shoes clearly do not match her dress, which hangs off her bones like an elephant’s skin. her skinny frame also doesnt look good in that dress because she is so pale and it looks like she’s about ninety years old and her breasts are hanging below her ribcage. if you dont want to show your straps, at least get a strapless bra for god’s sake. she looks like a ten year old who hasnt begun puberty yet. she should eat junk food for a month and gain a few hundred pounds. better to be slightly more than your required weight than a whole lot less. all i’m saying is that they can be whatever weight they want to be, and if they die, let them. lesson learned. and if they die, maybe all of the other anorexic nasties out there can smarten up and gain some weight. so all of you shut up and stop looking at them like it’s a circius freak show.

  • tara

    FUCK YOU BiTCH nicole riche is the best i love her soooo much and im soooo glad her and paris are friends again i love both of them are sooooo amazing i love them bitches =]

  • Lillie

    oh my god, i barge into this and this is what i get!!! DISCUSTING i was looking at her pictures to feel goof about myself , but this is juste over discusting, gross!! Lindsay gosh i’m glad she took a bit a weight right now, and my the way NICOLE RICHIE YOU SUCK , i freakin wonder why Joel is all over you and yes, this is the right sentence over you :mad:

  • sonia

    lindsay lohan é tro magnifik jlaor mé on dirai kel a 26 ans o lieu 2 18 c bizar mé jlador c ma chéri :mrgreen:

  • sonia

    lindsay lohan always my idol i love you lindsay lohan :razz: you beautiful :mrgreen: :razz: :razz: :razz: i like you

  • belinda

    WoW its the comments that other girls make more than the acual girls in the pics that worry me.In todays celebrity and image obsessed culture it is impossible to escape the pressure to be thin, and these two are lousy role models.Read the comments linsay and nicole, young girls take notice and it matters for that reason and many others that u r starving yourself. THEY LOOK AS IF A GREEN APPLE OF A STICK OF CELERY WOULD KILL THEM. Send their bodies into shock. Sheesh.

  • Flor

    Lindsay is very thin, i never saw her so thin, what happened?
    sorry, i can speak very well english..
    bye bye

  • Lara

    Lindsay Lohan is very thin, is she anorexic?

    Lindsay Lohan esra re flaca!! esta anorexica?

    seria una pena que este anorexica, me cae re bien, que lastima…

  • kknk

    :cry: Its really sad that these girls are so desperate that they are starving themselves to look good. And people wonder why girls these days have eating disorders… I like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie but I think they seriously need to GAIN SOME WEIGHT!

  • kalina

    :shock: they look TERRIBLE! :shock:
    these girls r relli disturbing… yuk! they make me sick… plz put on some weight girlz! :sad: i cant look at them without being a bit upset anymore… ugh… ……

  • ~maniac~

    :mad: i dont care wat anyone sez.. i love these gals and they can do wateva they want with their body.

  • euro

    hola mira Lindsay Lohan esta flaca es feo feo lindsay lohan feo feo feo feo de verdad :mad:

  • Zabrina

    I agree thats gross. Revolting! I know people who are that skinny but look healthy. It looks like she came up fromt the grave and put some make up on and died her hair!

  • Julianna

    I can’t believe this!
    lindsay lohan was so beautiful when she did ‘mean girls’…and now she is so horrible….I can’t even look at her!!It so disgusting!!

  • selina

    What the hell. eating disorders are not diseases. you cant catch them because they are not contagious. They are conditions, ex- they ARE anorexic, not they HAVE anorexia. treatment is not as simple as eating a sandwhich.

  • karla

    que fea sa ve lindsay lohan tan delgada, en la pelicula chicas pesadas se veia bien se uviera que dado haci

  • kikaa

    ahi pobres tipas todas eskeleticas!
    se les fue todo!!


    hola soy laura y soy de colombia la verdad me parece muy mal lo q hacen ellas porq tan lindas q son y tan flacas ya se ven muy feas bye

  • davimar

    lindsay te ves orrible mas bien eres lo peor anorexicamente
    das asco

    piensa un poquito :sad: :evil: :twisted: :neutral:

  • aloha

    there’s a point, in the midle.. WE can call it: “normal”. From there, you can go up, or down… Fatter or thiner.
    Imagine your normal weight is around 55 Kgs (121 pounds?)… In your 20s, if you eat too much, and you gain 15 kilos (33 pounds), you’ll be fat, but probably won’t develop any bigger health problem. But, by loosin 15 kilos you may be in serious danger. Fat is dangerous at long term, if you can loose it and go back to normal, you can even gain 30 kilos and have no bigger problem than being big and discriminated, BUT IF YOU LOOSE 30 KILOS you die. There’s no “revancha”, you wont be able to gain them back.
    As simple as that, for me.

  • Ballerinapointe

    you guys,stop critisizing them. I bet not one of you know what it feels like to have an eating disorder. Well I am here to explain it,and you woln’t get it,but I will anyways. Do you know what it’s like to have people tell you your to thin,then look in the mirror and see an obese person standing there? :cry: It’s a mental disorder,it isn’t their fault. Sometimes it only starts as a way to lose weight,but after a while,that isn’t what you really care about. It’s so many other feelings that contribute to it. There are so many pressures on them in Hollywood. They are constantly being critisized,critiqued,and admired. They feel the need to live up to what people want them to be. Do you know what it feels like to cry when you see someone eating or to be force feed? Do you know what it feels like to be sitting in front of the toilet with tears streaming down your face,just to get rid of a few extra calories? Obviously you don’t,because if you knew these feelings,if you knew anything about eating disorders,you wouldn’t make such mean comments. Next time,do your research.

  • sarah

    that brown dress is hideous :!: :!:

  • sandra

    they r both fat

  • anne

    Ballerinapointe why are you sticking up for these losers? there a bunch of exhibitionists who think it looks chic and cool to look amaciated. They go around thinking there a pair of rockstars coz they look like their addicted to the hard stuff ..its all an image they wanna put out cuz they prob think it makes them look interesting and different, really there both a bunch of talentless, glamourless attention defficet disordely scrubbers ……. and they both look like men in drag :lol:

  • chiari

    nearly everyone has problems with their implants but that doesn’t need you have to lose tons of weight to explain where your tits went. this girl is so pathetic. she shoulda replaced old ones out and let ppl realize her chest is fake and whatever but no she has to pretend she lost her “breast tissue” to an eating disorder. lmao. pathetic girl with no natural beauty. and now she has gotten huge breast implants and a butt augmentation! holy crap. lets face it this girl is a somewhat chubby chick with large legs and no butt or chest but she has gotten fake curves and its pathetic and lame. don’t you wish you were naturally hot lindsay hehhehehehe?

  • lindsay what happen to you? i copied off of u in get a clue, hope u could find urself back. cheer up :smile:

  • jo

    sick. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I think they are a bit stereotypical. (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow.. Nicole Richie looks so much better now. (ipad)

  • ??
  • theo

    quality reporting from vintage purseblog hahaha