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  • h

    My question is… Ashley Tisdale hasn’t been in anything for years. How does she still afford these amazing bags?

    • Brittney6


      • YKM

        High School High money (that’s what it was called right?)

      • Marni

        Lol High School Musical

    • Michelle

      I believe I read somewhere that she has a production company

    • Annie

      the amount of times iv’e thought about this! i always followed her style thread on tpf but where does her money come from! i know she has millions from previous work and she produces now but still girl needs a comeback asap!! regardless her style is amazing and if i could have any celebs bag collection it would be hers, we have such similar taste in bags! i’ve been wanting purseblog to do a many bags of ashley tisdale for a while so make it happen!! lol

    • shirley

      She has her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions. Her show Young & Hungry is currently on air on ABC Family.

    • Last I looked on IMDB, she does a TON of voiceover work, like a regular gig as one of the main characters on Phineas and Ferb, in addition to her production company. It’s not work that keeps her directly in front of the camera, but clearly it keeps it bag budget healthy!

    • Guest


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  • Aoedele

    Love Ashley’s bag.

  • Kagem

    That Antigona is going to get Peta so angry and I am so here for it. Gorgeous

  • Jennifer

    Correction: Nina Ricci, not Nina Ricca. :-)

    • Guest

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  • patty

    wtf is on mileys face? love ashleys antigona, iv’e seen it in other pica but assumed it was a fabric material lol. all in all, this has been my favorite roundup so far.

  • Abbi

    CAn we have a many bags of Ashleys Tisdale? She clearly has excellent bag choices

    • We can! I looked into doing one a year or two ago but there weren’t quite enough pictures for it. There probably are now!

  • Daria

    Chrissy Teigen looks like a hobo