Just Can’t Get Enough: La La Anthony and Her Givenchy Antigona Bags

An Antigona for every Knicks game!

She’s married to Carmelo Anthony (for now—the couple has been mum lately about the status of their split), but did you also know that La La Anthony is also totally married to her Givenchy Antigona bags? The Antigona has been La La’s go-to style since time immemorial (or at least the last five years), and her collection is frequently refreshed with the latest Antigonas that Givenchy has to offer. On any given game day, you can see her carrying a Givenchy Antigona. Let’s explore, shall we?

Her go-to seems to be the medium Antigona, and you can pick one up in several different colors via Nordstrom for $2,450.

Here’s La La leaving celeb gal pal Kim Kardashian‘s apartment in New York City with a classic, completely untarnished black version of the bag.

She very recently posed for pics courtside with this peacock blue version at a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden.

This tricolor Antigona is most unusual, and I’m a fan. It evokes camouflage without using a camo pattern. La La carried this one while out with a friend in NYC.

Here she is once again with her black Antigona. This is obviously her preferred Antigona, as evidenced below…

She carried it to dinner at Cipriani with her husband Carmelo and friend Gabrielle Union. You’ll notice that La La is wearing those diamond-cluster earrings in several shots here.

Here she is back at Madison Square Garden, ready to watch another riveting Knicks game. Apparently Carmelo was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder this fall, which I was previously unaware was an NBA team. I’m a huge basketball fan, obviously.

Once more, with feeling: on this game day occasion, La La paired her Antigona with an oversized hoodie and thigh-high suede boots.

And at last, we’ve come full circle: Here’s a final parting shot of La La leaving Kim K’s apartment once again. What will they do with all of this glamour in Oklahoma City?


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