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  • anon

    So small!


    Its cute. But this is something I’d get for my little niece. Its way too tiny for me.

    • Abbi

      Can i be your niece?!

  • Renee

    I don’t like mini versions of what would be an otherwise amazing bag if it were the normal size..

    • RhianFloreyeke

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  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Out of topic, but I wish she would have kept her real name, James King. It was such a unique name for a beauitful woman. Now she’s just another pretty face in Hollywood and the name just reminds people of that another Jaime whose movies consist of sex and comedy.

  • Doodles78

    This outfit is all kinds of wrong. Sorry. I agree, the bag is odd looking because it’s so small. Pair it with an oversized baseball cap and….no.

  • Marnie

    She wants to be super cool with the cap and purse(which is way too small, a cross-body would have been better in that size) not working for me. Its screams trying too hard.

  • The purse she carries is smart and the jeand she wear is good but the other two like the cap and the black tshirt is not going with it. But i love the bag.