ivanka trump chanel handbag

We should all be able to agree on three facts about THE Donald Trump. 1) He is a brilliant business man. 2) His hair is horrible. Let’s just get that out in the open. 3) His daughter is beautiful and stylish, Ivanka that is. I am fairly confident that we can all agree on the three facts above. Over the weekend, Ivanka and her friend were dressed to impress while shopping in NYC. Granted, Ivanka could use a tad extra fabric in the bust area, but her outfit overall was stylishly chic and meticulously put together. Paired with her cream colored wrap around dress, Ivanka toted a red Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler. Chanel accessories are fashion staples in their own right, designed to be simple and timeless. The Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler adds sass to an outfit without looking seasonal-trendy, which of course is what any Chanel-clad lady is attempting to steer away from. While Donald may not know when to close his mouth or how to style his hair, he did a great job on his daughter.

Edit: I inadvertently called an apple an orange! The bag Ivanka is carrying is the Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler.

More pictures after the jump!

An aside to the door man: Please be aware that your creepy stare has now been seen by the celebrity hungry world, which is a ginormous percentage of the population. Stop it!
ivanka trump chanel handbag1

ivanka trump chanel handbag2

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  • Chelly

    That’s a really Chanel luv it! Nice sandals too, but the dress looks like a house coat. I also don’t know how “The Donald” managed to have such a pretty daughter since his ugly genes seem so strong. Harsh I know :shock:

  • jen

    “3) His daughter is beautiful and stylish, Ivanka that is.”
    Eeep! Don’t get ahead of yourself. MAYBE she’s stylish. At least she has good taste in bags… but I personally think the woman looks like an alien, especially in that photo.

  • Jane

    How about giving credit to the mother too? I would think that Ivana had something to do with how Ivanka is turning out – be that good today and bad tomorrow.

    Of course some BAD parents raises GOOD children and vice versa.

  • Joan

    again, I sure do love the pics with people using the bag, and many angles.
    Good reporting Job Megs

  • Chelly

    Of course Ivana is given credit! She’s pretty and broke up the strong ugly genes :roll:

    She only looks like an alien cause of those wierd glasses. Who knows it might be hard for her. I would think that a lot of girls would be jealous of her because she’s had money handed down to her, brains etc.

    And as annoying as her father is, he’s intelligent and does know how to make the $ in business I’ll give him credit as well :mrgreen:

    Now that’s enough truth for the day, I start to feel bad! :razz:

  • indiaink

    She’s pretty if you call ‘money’ pretty… The Chanel is more beautiful.

  • cheryl

    I agree with previous poster, I don’t like the dress at all. I think it makes her look frumpy for a young gir.!

  • mave

    i think she looks a lot better than her parents


    but the dress doesn’t do much for big-boobed girls..

    but seriously, the breasts look a bit funny.. too pneumatic looking

  • Stephanie

    oooh! forget the bust-gap issue, look at that great bag! great classic!

  • Lyanna

    I like how she wears flats. Sensible woman!

  • Olivia

    Beautiful purse!!!!

  • Paulina

    The bag is the only thing that you can rescue from that hideous outfit.

  • PinkyBrewster

    Those implants! :shock:

    That’s a great bag though

  • kemilia

    The bag is wonderful but geez, the gap between the buttons–why did she wear that dress? But the bag and flats are great, plus she is a very pretty girl.

  • mave

    are those really implants?

    i thought they look a bit fake but i am not sure.. afterall, she’s not a small girl

  • PinkyBrewster

    There were several before and after pics of Ivanka posted online after she had surgery. She’s very tall and not a waif but she’s never been busty.

  • mave

    too big now

    not nice

  • mave

    she looks like she had filler put into her lips too

  • jay

    cute bag but the dress is ugly. she could do better shes pretty to.

  • Ressey

    The Gurl is cute but that dress is homely :shock: as all get out! Step it up Baby Gurl throw some hills on a scarf or something :idea: The purse is nice also

  • Maggie

    how about giving credit to plastic surgery too? :eek:

  • the girl knows how to project her self with what shes wearing, very natural.she knows what really works for her,not too much but value and class is in it, keep it up girl.

  • Darcy

    She’s all about herself! But I will say she has a great bag! lol

  • catalina

    I like what’s she’s wearing………….I’d never wear it, but I like it. But what I think she could have done to make the outfit look WAY better is, wear high heels…….That would be the cherry on the sunday!

  • Joan

    Ivana is absolutely georgous and if you want to be excellent in any area of your life, watch the Apprentice. Her bag is great.

  • audry

    She’s beautiful, classy, and definitely NOT shallow like Paris. lol ;P

  • shafi


    Hi Ivanka hope u l b fine n fit

    wod u plz plz plz marry me

  • fleshtheworld

    I love big ladies like Ivanka. Extra beauty and flesh! Big boobs are a silly thing though. I cant see any other reason why a girl would want bigger boobs but to play and adore herself which is fine. Im sure it cant be because shes insecure about her boobs or appearance. But the fact she gots bigger boobs means shes wanting some good loving.

    I wish Ivanka was a porn star :) That way Donald isnt the the only guy enjoying her beauty.

    • Gisele24