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  • Sofia

    Are Birkins heavy?

    • abigail


    • ruru

      Super heavy, after 6 months of use Im retiring my Birkin for awhile, not practical for long days without rest.

  • FashionableLena

    I will happily take Alessandra’s top and skirt in that first picture after she’s done with it. Gorgeous ensemble.
    The more I look at the Birkin, the more I dislike it. It just seems heavy, clunky, and unwieldy.

    • Sofia

      ITA. Birkins don’t work with the feminine, floaty dresses that Alessandra and Padma are wearing.

  • shopper

    I love these posts not for the photos – for the comments on the photos! So funny! Very witty.

  • Irene

    Is Wendy Williams trans gender?
    Not trying to be mean, I always think that every time I see her on TV or in a photo

    • Guest

      You are trying to be mean. No, she’s not trans gender.

      • Pennydreadful

        Spot on.

      • Irene

        Somehow not convinced. You are the one implying it’s an insult to be one, not me. Get over yourself idiot

  • Rosa Lily

    Loooove Alessandra’s outfit in the first pic. I think a soft leather handbag would’ve gone better with the outfit.

  • Pennydreadful

    Alessandra looks fabulous in cobalt-blue shades — Obviously she looks great in everything (hard not to, with those genes) but picture number two is just lovely.

  • The croc controversy is history. According to my friends at Hermes Jane B. has consented to the continued use of her name following reassurances about the supply chain. Interestingly, sales of croc Birkins actually went up slightly during the crisis. Shows the effect of publicity-good or bad!

  • Stina Sias

    Did you know that the Delphie is REVERSIBLE?? My mind is blown.