Clive Owen in Armani in the movie "Duplicity"Based on the activity on the Forum, it seems like our readers are very, very interested in trying to identify what celebrities are wearing, both in real life and in movies. In general, there’s more interest in female celebs, but when we got these great pictures of Clive Owen in the new movie Duplicity, I thought that this was something you ladies would like to see. Or at least something I wanted to spend some time looking at and thinking about. Ahem.

Working with multiple-Oscar-nominated costume designer Albert Wolsky, it was actually Owen’s own idea to contact his friend Giorgio Armani to dress him for his role as a spy-turned-corporate operative. Starring opposite famed Armani fan Julia Roberts, the couple find themselves on opposite sides of a huge corporate war and see their trust in each other and in their relationship challenged. And they both look fabulous doing it, naturally. Owen has said that as soon as he got the role, his thoughts went directly to wearing Armani for it. In his mind, the clothes needed a certain movement, and he thought he knew where to find it, with the help of Wolsky.

What was most surprising to me is the extent to which Armani dressed Owen for the film – I was expecting little more than a few Made-to-Measure suits, for which Armani is most famous in men’s clothing. But the brand also provided shoes, Armani Prive watches, jeans, and even bamboo-fabricated t-shirts, just to name a few things. As a female, I’m somewhat ignorant of the designer offerings available to men, I’ll freely admit. But if how hot Mr. Clive Owen looks is any indication, maybe I will become more interested in the near future.

Side note – how perfect is his stubble? I, personally, think he has the world’s most perfect 5 o’clock shadow. But hey, that’s just me.

Clive Owen in Armani in the movie "Duplicity"  Clive Owen in Armani in the movie "Duplicity"

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  • coach4me

    They say clothes make the man…. However, I think Clive makes these suits… of course, he could be wearing a flour sack and still look hot…

  • Ji

    WOW… hotness!

  • Camille

    Clive Owen is yummy eye candy! Plus, I am a huge Julia Roberts fan! and now- great fashion! another reason to check this movie out!

  • MizzJ

    Clive Owen looks just perfect in Armani. The man is such a brooding pot of manly sexiness!! He’s not a pretty boy, but he sure makes you melt.

  • me

    Perfect for a spy. Nice choice for this movie.

  • Jenny

    Clive Owen is absolutely hot!!! He is oozing with sex appeal! I will definitely see this movie.

  • Maura

    He would look good in anything!!

  • aileen

    Oh boy, oh boy.. He definitely looks divine in those suits!

  • A-T-G

    Twelve shades of SEXY! I’m going to agree with his decision to work with Armani for this film. He just looks delish in everything!

  • stella

    He looks hot in those suits.. Armani suits ARE SEXY!! They can look delicious on the right man. And Clive Owen is no exception.

    *drools and stares in awe at the Clive pic with his sunglasses on* XDD

  • Julia

    Oooh Wee Clive Owen! That’s good Clive took the initiative to contact Giorgio Armani, looking good. Don’t worry Amanda, I hear ya… I’m ignorant of designer offerings for men too! :( Can’t wait to watch Duplicity

  • dierregi

    He looks great in anything :-)

  • Megan

    that suit fits him like a glove! hubba hubba!

  • Janne

    Now THAT’s what I call a man – hot-hot-hot! Oh, and the clothes are nice, too…

  • Nessa

    Nothing like a man in a nice fitted suit ;)

  • hazel

    Ohh nice suits! Oh and the man is ok too. =P

  • Ashley

    I cannot wait to see this movie

  • tw

    haha hot guy dressed to impress. i’ll thank armani, or anyone else who provides that.

  • Shannon

    clive owen is soo dreamy

  • bindc

    He’s yummy.

  • Courtney

    Armani suits and accessories is a great way to complete the look for his role as a spy. Plus, Clive Owen looks great wearing it.

  • Marta

    Julia Roberts handbag in Duplicity is the Marc Jacobs Classic Susan Satchel in Black.


    bloomingdales has it in white, not available in black.

  • Katie

    so hot…he is so classic, looks sexy in that suit

  • Emma

    what brand are the sunglasses he wears throughout the film? they are perfect.