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  • Lori

    Hmm, I am feeling really over the whole Hermes thing. I feel like the bags are carried for reasons other than just a true love of the bag. I am glad i never bought one. There are plenty of really great bags in all the NYFW photos currently on PB that are so much more original and interesting. Sorry Hermes, but even at your prices, you over exposed yourself..IMHO.

    • I agree with you. I’ve always had a thing for the Hermes Kelly but as a brand, Hermes does not give me that exclusive vibe that they try so hard for. Hermes will always have their customers but I feel very special and sorta under the radar carrying Dior, and I don’t think I can get that from a Birkin. The Kelly may eventually sneak its way into my collection at a later date but for now meh. I have to admit though, it takes a special brand to manage to be both insanely expensive and overexposed.

      • Lori

        The new Dior bags are gorgeous. I would own five of them if I could afford it! :-)

    • Amazona

      I think Hermés has been overexposed in the trashy celeb category. The more Kardashians, Jenners and “real housewives” carry Birkins, the less appeal they have in the eyes of the masses. The bags become less covetable when they are lugged around by people that are disliked. I think Hermés should make themselves less of a trashy celeb favorite and more like a brand for a classy lady, no matter what her background is.

      • Sofia

        I don’t think Hermes can really control their customer base in such a way; if trashy celebs have money, they can buy anything they please. I do agree that reality TV stars are making the Birkin less appealing. One TPFer said that someone once referred to his Birkin as “the Kardashian bag”. Hearing that made me never want to purchase it ever LOL.

  • FashionableLena

    Khloe looks terrible. That flight must have been rough.

    None of these bags caught my eye which surprises me.

  • Smithy

    OMG to Khloe’s lips!!!!

    • Maya

      ….I was just about to say the same thing!!

      • kemilia

        Me too! The lips and those creepy claw nails, eesh.

    • Sparky

      I had same reaction.
      And the pointy nail-claws…. *shiver*

    • Amazona

      What on earth went wrong at the clinic to produce lips that crazy weird?! :o

  • Sparky

    I admit it: I’m a sucker for the celeb pics but can PurseBlog pull away from them and please give us more street style? I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Vlad’s Fashion Week street style pieces. It gave use real fashion worn by real people. These are women who (I assume) had to use their hard earned money to purchase their bags and wardrobe based on their style – not what a hired stylist told them to wear. I learned more from Vlad’s pics than the celeb pics.

    I find the celeb fashion contrived and unconvincing. Poster Lori below comments on Hermes with “I feel like the bags are carried for reasons other than just a true love of the bag.” I agree completely. Celebs have teams of stylists and managers who negotiate freebies and the conditions by which they will be worn. In a sense its fake style.

    • lulilu

      Hermes does not provide freebies — under any circumstances — to celebrities

  • lavinia

    I do not like the Kardashians but I love Kris Jenner (yes don’t be so surprised). To me she is never too much :)

  • Is Hermès in danger of becoming the new Louis Vuitton-ubiquitous and no longer exclusive?

  • Finem Lauda

    Checking in for Laverne looking beautiful as usual.

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  • Olivia J.

    Mind you Kris Jenner wore Timberland boots to accompany her exotic birkin.

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