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  • AshleyG

    Alicia V’s face and RiRi are just… EVERYTHING. How can you be so gorgeous!?!

  • bir

    Mira Duma …….. perfect …..just perfect

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not one to go gaga over Hermes, but Miroslava’s Kelly is STUNNING.
    Must. Have. Marjorie’s. Coat.

    • kemilia


      I am also not a fan of the Hermes bags but this one–Wow! And the coat, another Wow!!

      • JH

        Which coat? Both Duma’s and Harvey’s coats are beautiful.

  • Maya

    Miroslava Duma…Chic 101!!! I feel bad for saying that because she’s a nice lady but Marjorie Harvey has to change stylists….tacky Marjorie, tacky…expensive doesn’t necessarily equals classy…

  • Karisma

    Your pics are almost always mixed up at the end. Wrong names, wrong pics. What’s up with that? Marjorie Harvey nails it every time of course. Miranda Kerr needs a better bra. ??

    • Which ones are mixed up? I just checked it out, but don’t see it! Let me know :)

  • Smithy

    Oooh, I disagree with the post below. I don’t think Marjorie Harvey nails it at all. The pale blue coat is lovely, but not when paired with all the other blue. The Chanel with the hosiery and the chains and the hat….too much!! The other dress is ill-fitting.

    Olivia Palermo has great style, but it looks like a lot of work for her to get dressed in the morning.

    • Karisma

      The post is about her bags and I’m talking about Marjorie nailing it with her bags. Which she does. I wasn’t impressed with ANY of the celeb outfits, just the bags.

      • Karisma

        Slight retraction. I WAS impressed with Catherine Denueve’s outfit and handbag. She’s a timeless beauty who always maintains her dignity and class when photographed.

  • psny15

    that green kelly is my favorite

    the valentino, louis vuitton and dior bags look gimmicky where as the dior bags with the monogram are plain simple ugly!