For months, I have labored under the impression that The Nice Guy was a late night hang-out for celebs, and while that’s not entirely untrue (they have a special “late night” menu, an impressive drinks menu, and a exceptional whiskey menu), it may shock you to find that The Nice Guy is actually a restaurant first. As in, you and I can just walk in and dine there any time after 6pm, maybe even without a reservation. (But probably not.)

The Nice Guy is an Italian eatery decorated in exceptional, classic Hollywood style, and celebs are flocking there en masse this week; in fact, it’s at a pace that makes me wonder if everyone is suddenly completely over Craig’s. Say it isn’t so, West Hollywood! Fortunately for us, the sudden surge of celebrities frequenting The Nice Guy have even nicer handbags.

Anne Hathaway
Valentino My Rockstud Bag
$2,995 via Net-a-Porter
MZ Wallace Metro Tote
$225 via Nordstrom

Here’s mom-to-be Anne Hathaway, double-bagging it as she leaves a shop in LA with a black leather Valentino My Rockstud Bag and a slightly more conspicuous MZ Wallace Metro Tote. Her MZ Wallace tote actually looks like a deflated version of the Chanel Coco Cocoon Tote we saw Julianne Moore carrying last week.


Bella Thorne
Versace Medusa Shoulder Bag
$1,150 via Net-a-Porter

Good news or bad news, depending on your take: heavily embellished, heavily distressed 90’s-style denim is back, as of this week. It’s an extremely odd look for Bella Thorne, who generally goes with something more feminine. Here’s Bella flaunting said denim as she leaves a party at The Nice Guy with a flashy Versace Medusa Shoulder Bag.


Demi Lovato
Hermès Birkin

And here’s a barely recognizable Demi Lovato in full luxe-goth mode outside of LAX. She’s carrying a black, pebbled leather Hermès Birkin, which isn’t the most interesting bag in her collection by several degrees. We penned The Many Bags of Demi Lovato way back in 2013, but it is in dire need of a follow-up post, because both Demi’s personal style and taste in handbags have changed quite a bit in two years time.


Hilary Duff
Givenchy Nightingale Bag
$2,190 via Barneys

Hilary Duff‘s style, on the other hand, has evolved in smaller, more subtle increments. She’s playing with pink hair streaks, for example, and she’s swapped out her usual Chanel bags for Givenchy. Here she is leaving the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in West Hollywood with a sumptuous leather Givenchy Nightingale.


Kate Hudson
Michael Kors Flap Shoulder Bag
Shop Michael Kors via Neiman Marcus

Kate Hudson was recently spotted heading into her NYC hotel with a small, tri-color Michal Kors Flap Shoulder Bag while on the Kung Fu Panda 3 promo tour.


Kelly Rowland
Edie Parker Flavia Clutch
$1,495 via Net-a-Porter

Kelly Rowland has a new bag! (She is fiercely loyal to every bag in her collection. For example, she’s been carrying the same two Chanel bags since 2013.) Kelly was recently spotted leaving The Nice Guy with a new Edie Parker Flavia Clutch customized with the name of her son, Titan.


Kendall Jenner
Givenchy Nightingale Bag
$2,190 via Nordstrom

The Nightingale is a popular choice this week; here’s Kendall Jenner carrying one of hers in Paris during Couture Week. She’s carrying the far more commonly seen black leather version of this Givenchy bag.


Shay Mitchell
Céline Luggage Tote

Finally, here’s Shay Mitchell, also leaving The Nice Guy with a tri-color Céline Luggage Tote. I just want to point out that every day bag we featured here this week was black or brown, or black and brown and white. Every. Single. Bag.

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7 years ago

Hilary Duff is a gorgeous girl, but it seems she makes shopping her full-time gig. The girl is too much of a trend follower for my taste.

I’m guessing Kate Hudson’s Michael Kors bag was gifted along with the coat. Doesn’t seem to fit her usual taste.

6 years ago
Reply to  Smithy

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7 years ago

Oh. Bella.

GG Pastel