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  • I don’t know how Kim transitioned from sugar baby to a wife in what seems like a stable marriage but I’m impressed.

  • Kevin Pham

    You are getting savage with your post, I feel so proud :’) really enjoyable today! Thanks for the morning giggles commuting to work

  • Rosa Lily

    The Chanel overload just screams, “look at me, look at me!”
    Love the contrast of Viola’s turquoise scarf and burgundy bag.

    • KloeF

      I agree! Another thing I wonder – it is so common to have items stolen from checked bags (even gate checking). Doesn’t having a Chanel rolly scream “I have expensive stuff in here”? Just my two cents ;-)

  • Yazi

    Dita always looks glamorous and elegant. I admire the way she dresses for her figure.

  • GreenApple18r

    #6 is what my future is going to be like.

  • psny15

    Kim Zolciak – hot mess
    Kim Zolciak’s bag – divine

  • Patt

    please do a many bags of ashley tisdale!! she has the most weel rounded bag collection in my opinion!! would be a great post :)

  • Maya

    I’m sorry Kim (Zolciak) to target you once again but you’re asking for it:)) I was just thinking how a Chanel bag on Diane Kruger looks classy, the same bag on Kim Zolciak looks trashy…wonder why…mmmmm…. (I need to chill, feeling a little bitchy this morning!!)

  • Susan
  • cremecaramelpurin

    Katy Perry with her Chanel Gunt Bag.

  • Lily

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