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  • Gigi

    Lily-Rose Depp looks like a pain in the booty, but her red Chanel is tdf!

    • Jennifer McGee

      I so agree!

    • Irene

      I was just thinking the same thing. Life just sucks so much and I’m too burdened to carry my own Chanel bag. That photo says it all. YUCK

      • Fawcett Proust

        Maybe she’s just having a bad day? Nobody smiles 24/7.

      • Irene

        Yes I know that. Know what else no one does?, have their servant carry their purse either

      • Fawcett Proust

        He’s either her bodyguard or her driver, not her servant. You might want to get out of the house and get some fresh air if you’re getting this angry about it.

    • Sara

      It’s a safe assumption. Rich kid being handed a dream job on a silver platter. Cliche

    • Jerri R

      Her expressions I have seen on photos are usually icy.

  • Fawcett Proust

    I need Vanessa’s sweater. So gorgeous.

    • kemilia

      I love her sweater also (and her whole look) but what are the temps in LA? Is it that cold that she had to bundle up that much?

      • Fawcett Proust

        Once you live in a really warm climate like LA for a few years, your resistance to cold goes down so once it gets under 60, everyone there loses their mind.

  • Sophie Proust

    I LOVE Melissa McCarthy and love that you included her here!

    • Jerri R

      She seems have a sensible solid collection of great bags too!

  • Jerri R

    I could never pull it off, but I’m really digging Gwen Stefani’s outfit. BTW it doesn’t seem it would be too comfortable to carry a wallet covered in spikes in your hand.