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    Oooh! I love her shoes! Can anyone tell me which designer these are?

    • c.Miller

      “Beyonce is also wearing a pair of new-for-fall Prada Ankle Strap Sandals, which we recently saw on French actress Audrey Tatou.”

  • Bipasha

    The bangs, the outfit! What a hot mess! The ONLY thing worth recognition here IS her bag!

    • danielhutchins

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    • Patricia

      OMG im SO glad you said that. just because its Beyonce it doesn’t automatically mean its “perfection” and “beauty”

  • Marnie

    The extremely bad weave distracts from the cute bag and cute outfit. Too bad.

    • JHH

      So true.

    • Hierophilic

      It’s always annoying that someone has to comment on the state of Black womens hair, whether it’s Beyonce or Blue. Her hair is fine. It’s a part of her body. Leave it alone.

      • the hypocrisy of it…

        so what? commenting on every other ethnicity is ok but just not famous black Americans? double standards much…

      • Lynnie

        Where did she ever say or write something about other famous celebs? When did she ever said it was okay to comment “on every other ethnicity…but just not famous black Americans?”

        Secondly, her comment is still valid. Every time there is a picture of a POC on sites like these someone will always say, “Her weave is this,” “Her hair is that,” etc and it’s annoying.

        Smh… This comment was trash from beginning to end.

      • Hierophilic

        Thank yoooou :) so sick of seeing comments about how “cheap” or “ghetto” or “trashy” or “rachet” or some other word that specifically target black women on this site…

      • Hierophilic

        Call me when white womens hair is deemed “unkempt” while being in it’s natural state and white women get fired and called unclean for it. Then you can whine about how oppressed white women are. As well as white women’s hair being held to the same standard as black women’s across the board. Hell, any other race but black women get less flack for their hair. Black women are held to a ridiculous standard and consistently told their hair is “bad” whether it’s in one state or another. If it’s laid, she’s vain and spends too much money on it, if it’s natural, she’s lazy and dirty and unprofessional. But you tried it, booboo, and showed you simply do not know shit about the issues at hand.

      • pleatherone

        Anyone is fair game with that bird’s nest on their head, whether they be ebony, ivory or alien. lol

      • Hierophilic

        I’m gonna be frank with you: Bullshit. Black womens bodies are policed, hypersexualized, and picked to pieces. Bye.

      • pleatherone

        I agree, however your single-mindedness prevents you from seeing that this is not necessarily the case in every single instance. And that’s a matter of opinion, no need for hostility and rudeness. Peace, and purses. ^_^ V

      • Hierophilic

        Single mindedness… okay. It’s a fact that Black womens bodies are policed more than any other race, and erasing that fact, calling it an opinion, lends to the violence done against black women. But stay entitled and ignorant ^_^V

      • pleatherone

        But it’s not a part of her body – it’s extremely unflattering, trashed looking fake hair, and it looks like it’s sliding off her head to boot.

      • Hierophilic

        It’s on her head, she bought it, it’s HER BODY. Holy shit, this is NOT a hard concept to grasp. The only thing unflattering right now is you trying to justify your backwards, awful body policing shit.

      • pleatherone

        You need not assume that others don’t understand the politics of aesthetics, particularly as applied to race and gender, however you picked a particularly bad example to jump down people’s throats about. In this case, even all the typing in caps and SJW bullying you can muster won’t change the fact that a celebrity is wearing a laughably ill-fitting wig and yes, sometimes people will comment. If she likes it, then that’s all that really matters in the end.

      • Hierophilic

        using SJW actually is tantamount to saying, “I am actually a shitty person who has a very hard time being understanding and empathetic, so here’s this “Real Justice” spiel for you! Gotcha!”

      • sanatty

        her hair is not fine. the end. she may like it – but she’s a public figure and she’ll have to deal with it when her taste is not correct. get thee back to the beygency.

      • Hierophilic

        Understanding that some things aren’t yours to comment on is so hard :C :C :C

    • Guest

      pretty sure it’s a wig. She’s worn it already in one of her videos.

  • Katrina

    Agreed! Even THE Chanel boy bag cannot salvage the freak show Beyoncé has put out. She needs a makeover-real soon!

  • Yoshi1296

    OMG I can’t believe I have the same bag as Queen Beyonce.

  • Shi Xiaoyu

    Wow, I like her dress very much. http://www.exportsell.com

  • Lola

    She just have good taste in shoes! Too bad her outfits are always messy.
    Good bag Queen B

    PS: I need “the many shoes of Beyonce” :)

  • Liza

    I can’t take her seriously with that haircut. >.<

  • Stephanie

    she looks like Lloyd Christmas’ twin with those bangs

  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

    Beyonce trying to do “high fashion” is just not working.
    SMH at that skirt paired w/ that top and gold bag -___- … With more $$$ than she probably knows what to do with, it’s too bad her taste/style is frequently and seriously questionable.

  • Lynnie

    Methinks, if people saw this “hot mess” of an outfit on certain fashion people it would all of a sudden be “high fashion!”

  • The bag and shoes are gorgeous… everything else is a mess… =/

  • WhosThatBag

    Everything she is wearing absolutely WORKS and drips in elegance while shopping for art. It’s fresh, unexpected, and attention grabbing… which is why she put it on for the paparazzi. This same look can be put together with a good scavenger hunt at Macy’s and Bloomies (for a fraction of the price) and you’ll look abfab! Do you think Beyonce cares what you think of her bangs? ab.so.lutely not. Because she’ll have a new bag and a new wig tomorrow. Kudos, Bey.

  • sanatty

    The weave is making her look a wee bit butch, is it not?