In general, it’s hard to make a second sister as successful as the first. Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian will never be quite as ubiquitous as Kim is (and they seem fine with that), and Hayley Duff didn’t quite reach the heights of sister Hilary. When it comes to the Hadids, though, it looks like Bella Hadid has every bit of what it takes to shine right alongside older sister Gigi.

The sisters’ dual success is likely aided by their different aesthetics. Gigi looks every bit the sporty, blonde Californian, while Bella’s look is darker and more traditionally fashion-angled. They’re both completely gorgeous, which also likely helps the cause. Bella also carries lovely designer bags, just like her sister and most supermodels, and it seemed like time for an investigation of that, as well. Check out our findings below.

Adidas Clutch

First things first: I had no idea Adidas made actual handbags?


Anya Hindmarch Eyes Backpack
$1,450 via Anya Hindmarch

In a certain sense, celebs wearing the eyes backpacks are being kind of poetic.


Bulgari Serpenti Clutch

Bella doesn’t usually bother to carry a clutch on the red carpet, but we’re always glad when she does.


Céline Luggage Tote
$2,085 via Vestiaire Collective

The Céline Luggage Tote feels a little bit too preppy for Bella’s stylistic wheelhouse, but we only caught her carrying it this one time.


Chanel Backpack
$1,562 via Vestiaire Collective

Bella, like nearly every starlet in Hollywood, has quite an affection for Chanel.


Chanel Shoulder Bag
Shop Chanel via

Our pet theory is that Bella borrowed this mid-2000s Chanel bag from mom.


Chanel Suede Flap Bag
Shop Chanel via

This recent model, on the other hand, is surely all hers.


Chanel Top Handle Flap Bag
Shop Chanel via

As is this one.


Christian Louboutin Triloubi Bag
$1,450 via Saks

It’s hard to see the bag at this angle, but we’re sure of the ID.


Dior Be Dior Bag

Bella’s a new face of Dior cosmetics, which has some perks.


Dior Diorama Bags

The best kind of perks, as far as we’re concerned.


Fendi DotCom Bag
$2,900 via

Having Karl Lagerfeld as a fan also has some perks. (See also: the previous Chanel bags.)


Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
$1,712 via Vestiaire Collective

In addition to Karl, Riccardo Tisci is a fan. (And so is everyone else, basically.)


Miu Miu Dahlia Bag
$1,850 via Saks

Sister Gigi also received one of these brand new bags to tote around during Paris Fashion Week.


Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour Bag
$1,990 via Saks

Every supermodel is granted one of these bags upon reaching supermodel status, as far as I can tell.


Bella mostly chooses super recognizable pieces, but there are two bags in her collection we’re unsure of. This is one of them.


This is the other. They might be from the same brand, but maybe not. If you recognize either of them, let us know in the comments.

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Sishi Unterberg Choi
Sishi Unterberg Choi
6 years ago

It’s Chrome Hearts?

6 years ago

Do you think Karl will give me the same DotCom bag…? Sadly no..I didn’t think so.
That Nano SDJ is very cute!

6 years ago

Photo #17 (and maybe #16, too?) could be Patricia Nash handbags?

6 years ago

Most likely both chrome hearts

Jordan Brodkin
Jordan Brodkin
6 years ago

10000000% both Chrome Hearts

6 years ago

It’s Chrome Hearts. She modeled for them and she is a family’s friend.

6 years ago
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Christen Yee
Christen Yee
6 years ago

Yes, last two are both Chrome Hearts

Jerri R
Jerri R
6 years ago

She is the most successful case of plastic surgery I have ever seen, in addition to Kylie Jenner.

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