Non-conformist, hardcore rocker Avril Lavigne spotted toting a Chanel bag… what’s this world come to? It does look good on her though.

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  • Tuesday

    How very un-punk of her. Damn I hate that girl. Why is she famous?

    • sf

      Because she’s talented. She’s famous because she is talented. I can’t believe you’d ask that. Paris Hilton shouldn’t be close to fame. Avril Lavigne should. End of story.

      • ashley

        yah your right i think paris hilton should never be close to fame Avril Lavigne rocks my socks off shes so awsome and really cool i would love to be her :cool:

  • starr

    i love avril!! she is awesome..she can wear whatever purse she wants

  • mel

    Does anyone know the price on this bag?

  • Angel

    Avril looks great with the bag. She has her own unique little style and knows how to pull it off.

  • kiah

    wowza !! she is amazing.. she goes from punk to princess !! i love her preppy look !! you cant go wrong with chanel !

  • Sulee

    She looks like a kid who was just playing in her mom’s closet.

    • ashley

      watever say many bad things as u want Avril Lavigne is awsome

  • Rhiannon

    Chanel is hardcore!

  • Jean

    I think this is such a nice purse. i need a purse like that. it fits her perfectly because she’s into punk and black is also one her colors..

    • ashley

      ur right

  • niki

    i love the purse….but i dont love her!!

  • ginny

    “i love avril!! she is awesome..she can wear whatever purse she wants”

    First of all, Avril CANT sing, they alter her voice in the studio….she sounds like CRAP in concert. Second of all, YOU DONT WEAR PURSES!!!

    the bag IS really cute though…..

    • sf

      You don’t now her personally, so you can’t say what they do with her voice and songs in a studio.

  • Lexi

    i lov avril!!! she roks the whole style!!! i lov the purse…
    the whole punk princess look is so her!!!

    • ashley

      its my look to punk princess i love black and pink

  • rubber duck

    ginny, have you heard green day in concert? they sound a little different too, but it doesn’t mean billie joe can’t sing and the same goes to avril. people say they “WEAR” purses all the time. i guess you don’t.
    p.s. her bag is okay, it just wouldn’t be my first choice.

  • Jazmisara

    I have heard her live in a small studio… almost burst my ear drums… that has nothing to do with the bag… but yes.. she cannot sing live she needs studio altering. Pretentious “child” she seems, and im only going off personal experience… Looks like she has realised that conforming to look human is a bit easier than trying to uphold her too cool image..

  • billyjoe

    o how un-punk of her

  • kojiko

    I saw another pic of Avril with a LV Papillon 26. So this ain’t far-fetch. LOVE the bag! :)

  • Dez

    Great taste in handbags! The Chanel Ligne Cambon Reporter is the ultimate! Rock it out, girl!!!!!!!!!

  • Eliza

    Don`t really care how she sounds live.. As long as her record sound fine, don`t matter to me.. And I good Dam cool bag

  • Eliza

    Don`t really care how she sounds live.. As long as her records sounds fine, don`t matter to me.. Shes worked hard and gone far, and I think she deservs it. Damn cool bag!

  • Ellen

    Even her punk look was just a “style” she created. It’s good to see her looking more feminie without sacrificing traces of her inner rock star.

  • mikay

    I LUV AVRIL :smile:

  • Kadee

    OKay first on my hit list is… to “Tuesday”: -Fist of all no one gives a hoot if u like avril or not, second of all she is famous cause she is a singer… thats obvious. AND punk isnt all style. its music, personality, and last but not least judgement. and u seem to have the judgement of a 12 year old. :mad:
    Next is “starr”:- like the comment. :grin:
    Next is Mel:- Does anyone know the price of this purse!?!?! :shock: how about go find it ur selfu lazy shit :cool:
    These people are cool: Angel, Jean, Lexi, Rubber Duck, Eliza, Ellen, Mikay. As for those who i did not mention… you all suck… hard core might i add, and i would rather see you try and sing live without making a mistake or two everyone does it so shove that in ur juice box and suck it… and if you dont like avril then why the heck are you in here waisting ur time by bashing her you fools.

    p.s Avril Lavigne is kick ass Rocking and I love her she is my Idol!

    • elise

      hehe! I like u! :lol:

  • rach

    not being funny but who cares what she wares its up to her.
    maybe if we ourselves and the media worried a little less about what clothes stars are waring these days we could actually get on with our own lives.
    and everyone is intitled to their opion cos i really dont think shes too bothered about whether a few individuals dont like her! lol
    and yeah maybe she cant sing well live but its a damn site better than some artists and with 30million album sales under her stylish belt i think good on her!

  • dark angel

    hello! i just wan’t to say that is a personal liberty she can wear a dress a suit wherever she’s free in choosing her clothes just like us even she is a star but she wear something meabe look for her confortable or pretty but she still free in her cloths!!

  • Avirlisawesome

    avirl is friggin awesome.
    no matter what you haters say. :mad:
    the bag is awesome. :grin:

  • valeria

    yo amo a avril me encanta tus cancions :grin:

  • shayma

    hi how are you im love avril very much im love you too very much
    bye bye


  • Keshi

    Avril can chew but cant sing. Alot of screaming with no meaning. Sorry! :)


  • cheyennne

    avril lavigne rocks.she can wear whatever she wants cuz she is just like she can wear whatever purse she wants.idc if its ugly whatever avril wares she makes it popular.

  • cheyennne

    avril lavigne rocks.whatever she wares she makes it popular.

  • megan collins

    i love her she is my fav…im like your biggest fan your my idol :grin: i love u your the best :smile:

  • dollparts.


  • amber

    omg avril is so amazing i love her stille :cool:
    and songs if i ever her eni 1 back talk
    bout :mad: her ill go crazy :wink:

  • amber

    luv frm amber howels xxx :razz:

  • lil amba


  • lil pink angel

    not being funny or nothing but who ever dont lick avril ar complet ass olls :mad: soory bout the speling im dislexic :lol: enywhoo kadee is right :wink: and your all awsume :smile: exsept for you twats who ar so stupid to right proper your licke a 2 yr old if u cant say nothing nice then dont say nothing or else :twisted: plus avril is a much beta singer than eny of you so get home to yr bin bag and the only reson ur on this site is case ur 2 scerd to actually chops 2 someone if you wana say sumin then say it to meh right :mad: your all stuners who eva rote sumin good :razz: and the purse is stuning u go girle memba ill alwaes be your biggest fan

    love lil pink angel xxx :smile:

  • kandice

    i love avril and she can do what ever she want so kiss her asss :razz: :!: :mrgreen: :smile: :cool:

  • robert

    I have seen a lot of Live-Videos by her. She can sing.

  • Naggy

    I kinda would like to see her with a “tomboy” purse. (ipad)

  • KY

    I love the Chanel! (ipad)