Burberry Drawstring Leather Tote

At first I only saw the picture on the right, the nutmeg version of this tote. To me it was great. A simple leather tote with simplicity as its focus. I liked the shape, I liked that it was slouchy, I loved the rich nutmeg color. But then I saw the picture on the right, the black version of this bag. And the bag lost its luster for me. When stretched out the length of the bag gets long and lanky, and looks like it will just hang aimlessly from your arm. So I am torn down the middle when looking at the Burberry Drawstring Leather Tote. Do I believe it will look more like the nutmeg version on the left or will it loose its composure as the black version does on the right?

My problem is that with the thin shoulder straps, it looks as if the bag could just hang from your body and dig into your shoulder. Leaving an uncomfortable feeling on your arm and a bag that begins to look more and more like a sac dangling. But I am still loving the nutmeg version. The style of this bag is very laid-back and the drawstring/snap closure would make this bag easy to get in and out of while securing tightly. Dimensions are 18½”W X 17″H X 3″D. The price is amazing for a large leather tote. I guess I am looking for you to push me one way or the other: What do you think? Buy through Saks for $550.

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  • karmenzsofia

    *shakes head* I really, really don’t like this bag…and that’s coming from someone whose a slave to drawstring bags (love them!). Thumbs down to this one.

  • meghan

    I like the nutmeg color and the idea is great but you are right about the straps! Great idea in theory but they need to work out a few more things to make it wonderful! There are other great leather totes out there.

  • me

    I think it will look like the nutmeg sitting down and like the black on your arm. I’d go for it, the nutmeg colour really is beautiful.

  • ameliamasniari

    its nice.. and the price is reasonable too… perfect for day to day bag…

  • renee

    I am never going on a road trip with Megs giving directions. lol.

  • Beth

    Bleh. It looks SO wrinkly and tired and saggy. Not awesome LV Speedy saggy. Old man arm saggy. (Sorry for the image. I have to wash my eyes out now.)

  • mette

    I got it finally. The black version of the Burburry looks so sad. I´m sure that so will the nutmeg one, eventually. Not fond of these at all.

  • gail

    to misplace is to “lose” and if something doesn’t quite fit, it is “loose”

  • Graham

    The leather looks cheap…but so is the price.

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  • Kendra

    I love the weathered look. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i would use this (fb)

  • Michelle

    it actually looks really good when it’s worn in. The burberry rep wears it everyday. it’s her go to. she loves it and i totally want it now because of her! :)

  • beanyce126

    i can always use a tote, esp for the price, (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    thanks michelle fore sharing such info, now its gonna be one of my must haves.(ipad)