The Bags of New Burberry for Fall 2023

Daniel Lee's first collection for Burberry is full of sleek silhouettes with edge


Daniel Lee’s inaugural Burberry collection debuted in February, introducing fashion to a whole new Burberry. The collection as a whole felt inherently Burberry but seen through a new lens, presented with the fresh Daniel Lee spin fashion fans have grown to know and love.

Lee approached his first collection in a similar fashion as we’ve seen from him in the past. Looking to the Burberry House archives for inspiration, Lee’s Burberry adds a bit of modernity to classic House codes and Burberry’s storied DNA.

Now, months after the world was given its first look at the new Burberry, Lee’s first bags for Burberry are here, and below, we’re taking a quick look at some of his new designs.

Burberry Chess Shoulder Bag

The most classic of the bunch, likely to appeal to Burberry fans both new and old, is the Chess bag. Crafted from textured calf leather with a beautiful grain, the Chess is defined by its curved lines and slouchy silhouette. An adjustable leather shoulder strap sits nicely over the shoulder, and its curved bottom further defines the bag’s shape.

The Chess line also sees the addition of a flap satchel, which is designed for crossbody wear. Bearing the same curved lines and rounded bottom as the shoulder bag, the satchel features details tying back to Burberry’s roots in equestrianism. Knight and rook brushed hardware charms adorn the bag’s sides, adding a nice bit of detail. There are leather versions and novelty options as well.

Burberry Chess Shoulder Bag

Burberry Rocking Horse Bag

The bag that feels the most classically Burberry of the bunch, with a modern spin, of course, is the Rocking Horse Bag, which sees the debut of the brand’s new ‘B’ logo hardware. A sleek, lowercase b replaces the very divisive TB hardware, which was introduced and designed by Lee’s predecessor.

The Rocking Horse Bag is a classic flap satchel bag that is a true testament to Lee’s design approach of melding classic style with modern elements. The new b logo feels just that – fresh and different. Launching in smooth leather as well as fun and unexpected color combinations of classic Burberry plaid, the Rocking Horse bag provides an equal dose of fashion and function. Color remains an integral part of Lee’s design aesthetic, and the pairings chosen for the plaid are a true indicator of that.

Burberry Rocking Horse Bag

Burberry Knight Bag

Another new option that ties back to the House’s core DNA is the Knight bag, of course, named after the Burberry Prorsum equestrian knight, which Lee brought back from the archives in a bold new campaign that hit prior to the collection’s debut.

The Knight Bag’s ties to the horse world include a horse-shaped clip and hoop, which define the bag’s unique silhouette. Designed to be genderless, it easily adjusts from a shoulder bag to a tote, adding to its functionality.

Burberry Knight Bag

Burberry Shield Bag

The Shield Bag adds a bit of a fashion flair to the classic Burberry aesthetic. Fun and fresh, the shield bag is defined by its sleek, on-trend, half-moon-shaped design. When it comes to the Shield bag, it’s all in the details. A large bell charm adorns the bag’s strap, which is adjustable. It can be kept as a unique design element or removed for a cleaner, more classic look. A small Burberry knight is embossed on the bag’s upper corner.

Burberry Shield Bag

Discover more of Burberry’s Fall 2023 bags via Burberry.


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  1. NAD Avatar

    Is it just me or are these prices pretty up there for Burberry?? I just don’t see people buying into this era with the new prices and meh designs (some of the RTW is exorbitant). Some of the designs are okay (the Shield bag is kinda cute I guess) but overall, a bit underwhelming.

    The whole re-brand seems very Bottega-coded, which makes sense with Daniel Lee at the head, but I’m just not convinced at the moment. I do want Burberry to succeed though, there’s so much untapped potential and brand heritage to draw from.

    Also, this blog could use some good ol’ editing/proofreading. I only skimmed the post but found some spelling errors already (classicly, sheild)!

  2. daveloeweyou Avatar

    I think all brands have agreed to raise prices. What used to be 2K is now 3K.

  3. Shirley Avatar

    They have lost their minds! Who’s paying that?

  4. Londoncalling Avatar

    That shield bag looks like it’s made from left over leather cuts.
    I agree with the other posts. Prices too high for Burberry.

    1. Fueg Avatar

      If that’s the case, is it bad? Is not using leftover materials better? Is additional waste better?

  5. Corey Avatar

    The prices are comparable with designers of the same quality. Think of it as the British Prada

    1. Aspen Avatar

      But Prada doesn’t warrant the price either.

  6. Gracie Avatar

    I wouldn’t pay $10 for any of these.

  7. kemilia Avatar

    The Chess bag looks like a butt 🙂

    (I looked at it on the B website)

    1. Jane Avatar

      Lol I didn’t understand what you meant until I clicked the link. O dear! It is a butt bag!