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Bottega Veneta never disappoints. I realize that’s something of a strong statement, but I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve looked through the handbag images from a Bottega show and thought, “Eh, these are ok.” The bags are always utterly luxurious and usually quite functional on top of it. Tomas Maier knows where his brand’s strengths lie, and as a result, the bag lovers in his customer base always get something utterly lustworthy for their patronage.

Despite a design or two that doesn’t quite pass muster (riveting just make ostrich skin look strangely mottled on a few of these bags), Bottega Veneta Spring 2012 stands out as a very strong handbag collection in a season that’s seen a few stinkers from brands that are usually reliable. Ladies, Bottega is still the Bottega you all know and love.

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  • marinaharbour

    Love number 27!!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Stunning bag,just perfect!I can guess the price…As a matter of fact , except for ” the raven ” , BV bags are overall beautiful…

  • Bebang

    I love no. 6 and no. 8.

    The two bags are astonishing, they’re very expensive to look at. What really attracts me is the material use in those bags, it just like a crocodile or alligator skin, or something…

    Above all, I think when I get rich, I will buy those bags!!!

  • Chele

    Drool…………BV makes such gorgeous exotics! I adore their croc bags (#6, #7 and #35).

  • edoardo

    This is one of the best MAyer’s collection. SOme brands use to celebrate the 100 years anyversary, BV just showed an amazing collection that is the best way to celebrate it!

  • Musette

    omg! I would bite everybody in this town for Bag #8, Heck, I would bite them TWICE!

    Just too gorgeous. The whole collection is glam, but that Number 8!



  • louch

    Wow, would love any of the croc bags!!

  • Desma

    I see seven bags I must have! OMG!!!!!!

  • annika

    oh Lawhrd! i’m lovin’ 28, 29 and 33!!! i’m going to be poor again….. LOL

  • Stephanie

    I love them all! Especially 7 & 8! Such creativity and beautiful style! It puts a smile on my face!

  • Lorie

    I <3 this collection. *starry eyes*

  • Kate

    6 and 8 for me!!

  • Mousse

    BV number 24, the matching zip wallet, and lanyard are now brightening my SS2012. Violet is BV’s best purple ever. I had the large cabat on hold at my boutique, but when I saw the lambskin satchel, I could not resist.