Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Launches Pre-Spring 2024

If you were wondering when that massive pink Andiamo was coming, wonder no more...

A precursor to Spring 2024, Bottega Veneta launches its stunning resort collection, and it is full of new bags (and more!). The pieces in this collection are as beautiful and eye-catching as ever, high fashion but with a hint of realism.

That realism comes from an exploration of what makes style so personal. Each piece in a person’s wardrobe tells a story, and the way in which they come together tells one as well. This exploration was sparked by Creative Director Matthieu Blazy’s trip to his parent’s home and a walk down memory lane, looking through his childhood wardrobe through an adult lens.

“We talked a lot about what makes individuals special, the pieces they wear and the pieces that tell a story—the pieces, sometimes, that are a bit off, something that feels very personal, what makes you different from others.” -Matthieu Blazy to Vogue Runway

Fashion Staples Reimagined

A crab-printed dress that had belonged to Blazy’s sister sparked inspiration and is reimagined for resort as a sweater and handknit skirt. Basics are reimagined to be anything but, continuing Blazy’s exploration of using unexpected materials on fashion staples like sweatpants and denim, which are actually crafted of leather.

Bottega’s Brand New Bags

As for the bags, favorites are reimagined in exciting new hues and materials, like a cozy knit Mini Jodie Bag, an all-silver metallic Sardine, and a Mini Sardine in bold orange. Blazy continues to play with proportions this season, offering maxi versions of the Andiamo as well as oversized Intrecciato, which appears in beige and burgundy on a Cabat.

This collection showcases not only Blazy’s attention to detail but also the iconic heritage and craft that are at the core of Bottega Veneta. Get a look at the collection below, and shop the latest arrivals from Pre-Spring 2024 via Bottega Veneta.


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  1. CeCe Avatar

    All I want to be is Bottega rich. Is that too much to ask for?!

  2. joyeux Avatar

    The red check Sardine and deep blue Hop are gorgeous.

  3. Just A Girl Avatar
    Just A Girl

    I hope the quality improves. Some of their bags are still well done but others feel like they have cut a lot of corners. I looked buying the Sardine bag but was very disappointed. No lining, no pockets. Bottega used to be all about the elegant details. I miss that.

    1. James Avatar

      The reason some of the bags are not lined is to show the craftsmanship.
      Bags that are done with “intrecciato” technique also have the backside of the leather “fetuccia” in leather, this is actually more expensive than putting in a lining as the hole backside is also in leather, no mistakes can be made inside whereas when a lining is put a lot is hidden and less beautifully finished.
      That it’s less functional, instead of have a lining with pockets, that I agree with.

  4. Kim Avatar

    What are the bags called that two men are holding one is white and one is pink?

  5. Keenos Avatar

    I’m in love with that sweater mini Jodie — so stinking adorable!!

  6. Sandy Avatar

    Oh, the bags are ok, some of the clothes are wonderful! I will be looking out for the gray blazer and the navy coat!

  7. Seden Avatar

    That argyle sweater is the the most genius thing I’ve seen this year.

  8. psny15 Avatar

    The clothing is stunning 🩷🩷🩷🩷