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Bottega Veneta Invests in Fostering the Next Generation of Artisanal Talent

With the launch of its new school Accademia Labor et Ingenium...

If there’s one element that rings true no matter what direction the Bottega Veneta brand is headed, it remains committed to its incredible history in leather craft and innovation. This concept of true timelessness remains incredibly relevant as the handbag world is trending towards high-quality pieces with quiet elegance.

That elegance has always remained at the forefront of Bottega Veneta. And now, the brand is fostering that unique brand savoir-faire through the opening of a new school, the Accademia Labor et Ingenium, which further deepens the brand’s commitment to artisanal craft. The academy, which launches this October, will train and hire 50 students a year with guaranteed employment at Bottega Veneta upon completing the school’s courses.

“Accademia Labor et Ingenium is a key strategic pillar to preserve Bottega Veneta’s unique savoir-faire. Exceptional craft and creativity are essential to our brand and to the heritage of our home region in Veneto” – Bottega Veneta CEO Leo Rongone

Built on Tradition

Building on Bottega Veneta’s innate connection to the tradition of an Italian workshop or “bottega,” the school is built on the idea of a collective of artisans working together to hone their skills and share knowledge. This shared passion for craft transcends generations, and it’s this principle that drives Bottega Veneta’s investment in the next generation of artisans. The name of the school is derived from the House’s founding values, dating back to the company’s original crest: Labor et Ingenium, “Craft and Creativity.”

The school’s main focus, located between the Bottega Veneta atelier and a new space at its manufacturing site, is to cultivate and foster the skills of a new generation of artisans. However, the academy will also be utilized to teach skills to new hires and train existing employees, all under the direction of master artisans. Discover more in the gallery below.

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