Bottega Veneta Metal Lace Karung Knot Clutch, $3980 via Bottega Veneta

One of my favorite parts of fashion is the gift of imitation. I remember being blown away by the pleats printed on the flat skirt of a Prada dress when I was younger, and the ability to trick the eye and make something expected out of something totally unexpected is one of the best visual treats you’ll find. It’s the kind of creativity that reminds us all why we pay these prices.

That’s exactly the kind of reaction that I had to the Bottega Veneta Metal Lace Karung Knot Clutch when I first saw it. On initial visual inspection, it just looks like regular black lace overlaid on a cream-colored fabric; a nice clutch, but not a particularly fascinating one. The reality, though, is much more interesting.

You’ve probably already caught on that the “lace” is actually finely honed metal, shaped in a way that’s just as intricate and detailed as anything I have hanging in my closet. The underlying material is cream satin, and the combination of metal over satin with karung lizard trim is making me absolutely salivate. It would have been easy for Bottega to cut a corner here and there – use a throwaway trim for the metal lace, or use regular lace and market this bag as a very straightforward evening option. Instead, Bottega gives you double-barreled luxury. (Not to mention, the most interesting clutch at the party.) Buy through Bottega Veneta for $3980.

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  • 19yearslater

    Wow. This is very impressive. The price would be all for the buyer, though, since everyone else will probably assume it’s regular lace.

    • Silversun

      My thoguhts exactly. I love, love the concept, but don’t think I would be able to justify to myself a price that’s about 4 times the regular BV knot for something that probably only I would notice… but clearly, I’m not the market they’re appealing to here, haha.

    • Qlpouy

      As a gift to my best friend which I have got before,it is really attractive and so beautiful.

  • dnfl

    please review the dior homme backpack from fall/winter 2011 for your man bag mondays! it’s amazing!!

  • Zara

    Impressive! kinda classy and modern. I love the design. =)

  • rose60610

    I like the bag, the concept is very clever. I question, though, if the metal could become dented if inadvertently bashed against something. And then what? Take it to an autobody shop?

    I love the clasp and the fishnet background. Artsy.

  • Chele

    Beautiful! I love how BV keeps their classics fresh…..

  • Kris

    This is one of my favorite clutches that I’ve seen in a long time! Fabulous! Now… where is that extra 4k I have laying around…?

  • Chiyong

    Seriously want. The quality, materials, and craftsmanship are absolutely mind blowing. Too bad it’s out of my price range…

  • FashionClout

    Anything by Bottega is an instant classic..would be amazing with a form fitting black mini..

  • AW

    Very pretty with a nice hard edge to what could have been very girly girly.