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  • Averil

    Amanda, forgive me if this is something you already have/do, but have you considered a diffuser? I use the large aroma diffuser from Muji and it really helps keep my skin more hydrated. Plus, the room smells lovely when I have an essential oil in it.

    • Danattaylor

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    • I have a humidifier near my bed that helps a lot, but winters here are just so dry and awful that i think nothing will solve the problem entirely. There’s a new Muji near our office, though, and this sounds like a great reason to go shopping…

      • Averil

        Oh wow you already have a humidifier and your skin still gets so dry? Then yeah, a dinky little diffuser may not help at all. I was in CT for two months this past winter and I was so grateful it was a mild one because I got to experience how dehydrating heating systems are and it made me grateful that i usually live in a hot, humid climate.

        I tried the MB herbal serum you recommended a while back and my dry cheeks absolutely loved it. Next, may give Embryollise a go. Heard very very good things about their moisturising concentrate, plus it’s easy to get from Sephora.

        All the best!

  • Millerette

    The Kat Von D eyeliner is my all time favorite for all of time forever. I have a huge problem with my eyeliner transferring to my orbital bone/crease and this is the only liquid one that stays put. I can’t recommend it enough.

  • Vicky

    So far, I already like many of stuff you recommend here. I think I’ll try what’s on your list.