I’m a noted Balenciaga fangirl and would gladly carry either of the woven, multicolored Balenciaga Papier Cannage Imprime Totes, although the lighter of the two is my favorite. I have a feeling that this is going to be a controversial bag for some of our readers, though, which makes it all the more fun for a rousing game of Fill in the Blank. You guys know how this works by now – have at it in the comments.

Buy through Barneys for $2750 here and here.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Britty

    Overpriced, for a tote bag!

  • Stacy

    Is a Pass!! WTF…is this made out of my of my grannies quilts?

  • Edia

    agrees! overpriced!!!!

    but srsly sooooo amazing<3<3<3<3<3 wanna have! but for less money :P

  • Marion

    looks like it is made out of recycled material

  • Joyce

    Too much for paper! Where’s the smooshy leather?!

    • It’s not paper! That’s just the name that they gave to this tote shape. I believe that this particular bag is woven leather and silk.

  • Amy

    Is….not my style.

  • Sue

    …lookin’ like those woven potholders I made as a kid!

  • mab

    Style isn’t that classy and elegant for that price.

    • Winnie

      Agreed, roger that!

  • Katie

    At first glance, not too bad. I would in no way, shape, or form pay that much for a tote though.

  • Shopping Lady

    Not for me, it’s too busy, my eyes are tired just looking at it.

  • whit

    would be dope if it wasn’t for that zipper two stud thingy in front

    why are they clinging to that like a life saver? works perfectly on their moto city bags but not everything,

  • alicat

    are sold at 10,000 Villages! :P

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Overpriced and not for me!!

  • Musette

    is about $2550 too much. No, make that $2560…no, make that…

    okay, I’ll stop :-D


  • Maggie

    Way to expensive.

  • Kat

    Again, like the McQueen clutch, I’m surprised that I like this. But I agree that it’s too expensive for what it is.


  • katty

    well,it’s colorful,but too big and too expensive for me. i enjoy reading ur blog~

  • angelica

    ugly — sorry to say!

  • KaylaNiche

    GORGEOUS! I love these. I just cannot understand why designers make their bags so expensive-ridiculous.

  • KellyX

    No way. Overpriced n nowhere impressive

  • Amy A

    There is nothing that says to me, yeah sure! for the price tag ,.. esp for Leather and silk absolutely not, maintenance to keep the bag in good condition would be difficult. Basically,… no no no.

  • 19yearslater

    looking like they were made from strips of magazine, and I love that! The darker is my favorite.

  • Lulugurl

    Over priced, but I still want one!!!

  • Jacki

    cute…. but way overpriced!

  • Mochababe73

    colorful but not functional. The handles look inadequate for the bag and not spaced wide enough.
    Definitely overpriced, but I guess the silk and workmanship account for the cost.

  • Staci

    Cute! I actually love it!

  • Max

    i get the hard work they tried to woven the bag but the materials arent worth that much fo 2700 i expect to be woven leather (BV maxi hobo is even cheaper) not this silky and hardly seen leather lol but if i have $$$$ to spend i would buy it though just to look at it and say Hellll It’s so ugly but nice woven lol

  • sohoaccessories

    Looks like it is made of chewing gum wrappers..lol..not for me !

  • Vasudha

    are…not worth their price…they don’t look half as luxurious as their counterparts… and 2 grand??? seriously???

  • Cece

    it’s FAB!

  • Decor Girl

    Waaaaaayyy too much. This isn’t great design, but a great green craft project.

  • Ravienna

    not my style, though the darker one looks kinda cool. But they are WAY to xpencive!!!

  • dalex

    Unfortunate and overpriced.

  • Rebecca

    Looks like those mosaic posters. I keep waiting for them to form images.

  • babe

    …an expensive mess. Though I love Balenciaga in general :-(

  • Raphaela

    Hideous and they look awfully cheapskate…..

  • greenpokadots

    cant deal with this

  • Cathy Fitz

    interesting, but overpriced.


    friggin’ gorgeous!

    but i can’t afford that!!!!

  • JS

    A crime, considering they could feed a family in Africa for about 6 years. How ridiculous.