Balenciaga City Bags, $1445 and $1795 via Barneys

The fashion industry has been talking about brights for the better part of the past year, but when I think of bright bags, I only think of one brand: Balenciaga. The French house has been cranking out vividly hued motorcycle bags for far longer than such a thing has been widely mimicked in fashion, and it will surely continue doing so long after the trend-following horde is on to the next thing. Fads shift, Balenciaga brights are forever. I should know; I’ve been enjoying my purple Balenciaga Day Bag since 2007, which might as well be forever in fashion years.

So if you’re looking for a bag that will make you look like a veteran of the brights bandwagon and won’t look dated once the trend is over, you’d be hard-pressed to make a better choice than a Balenciaga City Bag. And naturally, all of Balenciaga’s bags are just about as lightweight as any you’ll find on the market and very easy to carry. But you guys already know that I’m an inveterate Balenciaga fangirl.

There’s a bit of a price difference between Balenciaga’s regular hardware, as seen on the blue and yellow bags, and the giant hardware featured on the red version, but my personal preference is so strong for the giant hardware that I think it’s worth it. The stark light silver color provides and excellent contrast to the brand’s bright leathers, and I think that the contrast is missing with the regular dark brass grommets. I know that many people prefer the smaller accents, though, and luckily Balenciaga offers all of its bags with both options. Shop these Balenciaga styles ($1445 for regular hardware, $1795 for giant) via Barneys!

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  • Stacy

    I do love the colors shown here. I thought that I would never be a Bal fan but these colors might make me change my mind. I need to see one up close and personal to make my final determination. Hmm…never say never right?

    • Lulugurl

      You really do have to see them in person! I am a convert and they are to die for!

      • Stacy

        Lulu- When did you convert? What bag do you have?

      • annika

        yup!!!! you’ve got to purchase it in person as much as smell it and touch it! Balenciaga is one of my go-to brands. The other is Bottega Veneta simply because it’s not screaming logo.

  • gpc

    Love the City Bag style and there is no doubt Balenciaga uses the best leathers and their colors speak for themselves. Yet, I will stick to my City Bag in taupe suede with the original gunmetal hardware. Talk about a year round, go with everything bag…

  • rose60610

    I like color, but not blinding bubblegum colors. These colors are aimed at a demographic much younger than I am…oh those were the days.

    • kansashalo

      lol I’m in my mid 30s (yikes) but I do think the either one of these bags would work great in my wardrobe without coming across as “she’s too old for that” look (granted I wear a lot of neutrals). The key is just one pop of color.

      I think you could rock it :)

  • Mirna

    I actually own 2 out of 3 of these. The red and yellow and they are my favorite out of all my other bags. They are certainly classics!!!

  • qudz

    i need the red one like, yesterday. Its gorgeous!

  • nappy

    i want a Mimosa City with rose gold hardware!!!! or a bright pink or a purple… what do you think guys?

  • Rina Red

    The colors are so stunning! <3

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  • yup

    I have just seen this bag in person.super soft leather and so chic!

  • G

    I recently got a Balenciaga giant city bag in Atlantique (one of the Fall 2011 colors) and I fell in love with this! (Here are the photos in case you are wondering what color this is.. It’s light blue-ish)…This is my first Balenciaga and now I understand why celebs are crazy about these bags!!!

  • G

    oops, I forgot to include the link…Here are the photos in case you are wondering what color this is.. It’s light blue-is This is my first Balenciaga and now I understand why celebs are crazy about these bags!!!