When the Céline Trio became one of the most sought-after bags around, it was kind of funny to me. Don’t get me wrong; I bought into the hype and purchased two Céline Trios and really love the bags, but it’s also incredibly simple–almost too simple. I guess it showed up at the right time, when many shoppers wanted an easy, simple bag that could actually fit a bunch of stuff. While I still carry my Trios (they are great for travel!), I want a little something more, style-wise.

When I got my hands on the Balenciaga Papier Triple Zip Around Bag (sometimes called the Envelope Bag or Crossbody Bag), it was love. The bag rivals the Trio, as it also offers three compartments, but there is a much more distinct style and edginess to the design.

Similarly to the Trio, the bag has a long crossbody strap, but I’d venture to say it might be a tad more spacious than the Trio. I should have done a What Fits side-by-side comparison, so next time I grab this bag, I will do that for you. The leather is a durable calfskin, and there is a triangular flap on front that is very Balenciaga. The bag’s dimensions are 11″H x 12.6″W x 4.7″D and you can buy this bag via Neiman Marcus for $1,335.

Balenciaga Papier Triple Zip Around Crossbody Bag 1

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  • Amanda

    I’m in love! I agree that the simplicity of the Celine Trio doesn’t always work with an outfit- and I ADORE the blush colour is also available. The details are edgy- but not excessive. It’s gorgeous!

  • Tinsley Proust

    I hate that flap. If they had just done the signature zipper instead of the flap, it would’ve looked so much chicer.

  • Smithy


  • Sarah

    Megs I love this, Thanks for sharing and hope to see more posts from you like this!

  • Kate

    Eh. I don’t really like the look of Balenciaga bags. They always seem dated to me.

  • Vicky

    I’d love to see the photo of the side and inside of the bag. :)

  • Sandy

    I like the bag!!

  • Suzanne

    I do like this bag a lot – I’ve seen it before and think it’s one of the better bags they have in that ‘papier’ styling.

  • Kevin

    I’m using the same Goyard St. Sulpice and I love elephants! How?! Tell me how you got that elephant on there!

    • Graciela Cors

      I painted that elephant. If you want one, please contact me. Graciela Cors, Design Studio Manager for GOYARD.
      415 274 3325 or graciela@europeandesigns.net

  • pinkloverme

    I do find the Celine trio too simple. No one would really know it’s a Celine unless you’re a fashion enthusiast.

  • Elicia Berlanga

    the trios are so boring to me lol..

  • Love this bag, it’s been on my wishlist for ages now and really want to get one.

  • Barb

    Sorry. Average looking, imo.

  • Pbagobssesed

    I love Balenciagas! I think nothing beats them as travel bags with style. I would be interested to get one of these in red instead of buying another trio. Would love reviews of its functionality.