When it comes to Balenciaga, I have been more of an obsesser than a buyer. I watch each collection hit stores and I spend hours stressing over which color will be the perfect choice for me. In fact, I worry and over-analyze this so much that I end up never buying a Balenciaga bag (that is until recently, when I bought 2).

Known for their array of eye-catching leather colors, it is no wonder Balenciaga has garnered a cult following over the past 10 years. The Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2010 Colors have hit the PurseForum and now I can share them with you. While color swatches of leather never give you the full effect of the end product, they are a helpful start.

As I continue to stare at the color chart I am having a hard time deciding which color I like most. And there continues my cycle of loving Balenciaga too much and having too many options to make a choice. It is similar to me standing in the cereal aisle in the grocery store; there are about 100 options for corn flakes and I end up buying three possibilities along with another handful of cereals that say corn just in case I made a bad decision. Major difference is a box of cereal is $3.50 and a Balenciaga bag is mid-thousand dollar range.

Anyhow, back to the colors. From the swatches I am immediately drawn to Murier (purple), Pivoine (pink), and Bois de Rose (taupe with hints of blush). Seeing these colors on an actual bag will hopefully help me to make up my mind. Right now I just feel like I am looking at paint swatches for my house, and boy oh boy am I confused!

What color(s) do you find yourself drawn to most from the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2010 swatches?

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  • Sign me up for Anthracite with giant silver hardware. I’d like the purple, but I already have a purple Balenciaga.

    • Ashley Page

      Oh my, I’ve been dying for a grey bag and a navy one so my immediate LOVES are the Nacre and the Blue Roi, but the Pivione and the Sahara are DELICIOUS too!

    • Merve

      Im with Amanda….anthracite with giant silver hardware… yum

  • lightblue84

    pivoine or nacre for me

  • Helena

    Ohhh murier is lovely!!

  • Kelly

    blue roi… drool…

  • Melissa

    Love the Pivoine!

  • Dara

    Love all of them but anthracite is my first love…if I couldn’t get it, then Bois de Rose
    Scrumptious colors!!

  • Theresa W

    I’ve been lusting after an RH Velo in Anthracite for a while now, but this season’s Antra is heavy in the green undertones… Which I’m not thrilled about… So if I had to default to another colour, I’d probably go with Nacre… :)

  • Cate

    Blue Roi, for sure. It is absolutely the most perfect deep peacock-blue out there, and simply lovely!

  • michelle

    Wow, I can’t make up my mind. But Castagna or Noir would probably be it for me.

  • lwmaam3

    I need the Blue Roi, I need a Vegas trip to the Bal store in my near future!!!!

  • karolynka

    juicy and delicious..i’d take a cypres and a blue roi for my senses :)

  • Celeste

    The Bois de Rose in the NM Exclusive bag looks pinikier. It is currently siting in my cart there as I really want a super light pink bag. But NOW, you’ve confused me a bit as this does look more taupe than pink. Oh no…now what do I do as those (NM) are all pre-order :(

    • That Bois de Rose is a different finish, so the appearance of he color may in fact be different. Give it a try, you can always return it!

  • Valentina

    Bois de Rose, Pivoine, Anthracite, Noir… swoon. But I’d probably choose bois de rose, I could spend several hours imagine the perfect bag in that perfect color, or two perfect bags, in boise de rose and noir…and I could just go on and on dreaming about it.

  • haydee

    the murier or the blue roi..i want to get a giand hardware next. my only bal right now is the anthracite day

  • courtney

    Anthracite and Castagna are my two favorites!

  • Beth S.

    Murier looks so loverly!

  • PinkTulip

    Castagna, Anthracite, Cypres, Vert d’eau are my favorites. I LOVE Fall colored bags!! To be honest, I love all the colors.

  • SuzyZ

    I have a city moutarde and I’m hooked. My name is on the iist for the limited edition in the closest thing to black -but I will see these bags in person before I buy and that Murier looks awfully good to me!

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love the Pivoine, Blue Roi and I wouldn’t mind trying the Cypres (what a stunning shade of green)

  • Terrie

    The colors are yummy as usual! Right now, the colors that I am loving in Blue Roi & Murier.

  • Pamela

    I want anthracite with giant silver hardware and nacre with gold hardware but I’m not sure if they will offer this option since they just do black and white now with gold hardware :(

  • Annie

    does anyone know if the bois de rose will have RGGH?? so far ive only seen the RGGH on black >< bois de rose + RGGH would be my perfect first city bal!!

  • Nazneen

    pivoine, murier and anthracite


  • hannah

    i ordered the bois the rose, anniversary limited edition.. :) and i do like murier too (fb)

  • joy

    torture!!!!…please don’t make me choose. i love them all ;)

  • maver

    no new red for this season? my <3 still belongs to anthracite. leaning towards the boise de rose too!!!

  • angela

    Blue Roi. Beautiful.

  • Kellyx


  • Anna Cooperberg

    Murier is my fave :)

  • farija

    castagna and noir…………

  • Liza

    torn between blu roi and murier

    • baghag

      get blu roi..m confused over getting giant work rosegold cyclade or part time regular hardware canard..

  • Kathleen

    WOW I picked exactly the same 3 colors you picked before I read this post!!!


    I am drawn to Cypress-A deep rich green would be perfect for fall!


    ooh balenciaga<3
    mmm i love vert d'eau and anthracite!!!!!

  • Mochababe73

    A true handbag fashionista should never have to choose just one. To be honest, the only color that I would want is the Pivoine. Gotta love that pink.

  • Lisa B

    Pivione, because it is the pefect shade of pink. Anthrocite because I luv jewel tones. Get the Pivione!!

  • Lisa B

    Oops, I meant Pivoine!!

  • Sacha

    I have the same cereal issue! I think I like the vert d’eau the best – I love green bags! Then the bois de rose and the anthracite, oh and I like the pivoine too. Tough question!

  • Irene

    Amanda & Others,

    OK…I’m sold. I’ve just decided I need to purchase a Balenciaga!!!! Please, please give me advice as to the ‘best’ color choice for my FIRST ONE. All of these colors are just BEAUTIFUL…how do I decide???? Also, where is the BEST place to purchase? NM, Barney’s???? Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

  • Claire

    Blue Roi is sooooooo pretty. Reminds me of the water in the Caribbean.

  • Mika

    castangna or noir.. better yet all of them..

  • I Tso

    I am feeling the Blue Roi, it’s TSO beautiful. I love the other colors as well, but the blue really catches my attention.

  • annabelle

    pivoine, cypres, bois de rose, murier, and vert d’eau are beautiful!!! (fb)

  • Tawnee

    Pivoine all the way!!! Love it!!!

  • Sofia Nolan

    the anthracite!!!

  • Baglady

    Murier – a hit of color, fun but not overwhelming

  • Jane

    I look at one color and then the next each time I fall more and more in love with each passing I can understand your not buying one until recently because they are so incredible it would be difficult to just buy one and not want all of them. I hope you post pictures of your Balenciaga bags.

  • Annie

    does anybody know if they will have the bois de rose with rose gold? so far i’ve only seen the rose gold w/ black.. thanks!

    • Anna

      I just got pictures of the real bag in bois de rose and blue roi! i instantly picked the bois de rose. The rose only comes with silver hardware, and does not come in a covered. I got the giant city in the rose. I waitlisted the blue giant city covered, and it looked too overwhelming and messy. maybe it’ll look better with a more simple design. let me know if anyone wna see pics!

      • sara

        Anna can you show me the pics of your bag in bois de rose?
        I can decide the colour

  • Christine

    Bois de Rose or seigle with gold hardware!!! So glad they are coming out with more neutral tones since Galet and Noix from last fall were sold out! bummer :( Do you know when these colors will hit the stores?

  • Thumbelina Fashionista

    Cypres, Bois de Rose, and Murier. So so gorgeous. If I didn’t just buy a Balenciaga I would be having a serious dilemma right about now!!

    P.S. I got the black one with rose gold, so pretty. Did you see it?

  • simplegirl

    is castagna red or brown?

  • Sammi

    bois de rose, murier…. love Balenciaga so oooo much!!!!
    already buy pink colour part time with rose gold… love it

  • Diana

    Anthracite!! If it ends up being somewhat accurate I haven’t seen a color that deep of a blue green. I also love the nacre …but I do have what appears to be a more warmer color of that blue gray already in a banana republic bag.

  • Katie

    I am looking for nice balenciaga one, havent gotten yet, I should try to use once, it loooks awesome, I love bois de rose too…..anyone encourage me to get one balenciaga bag…..

  • MelodyinWonderland

    Murier for me :)

  • helenNZ

    o m g! Blue Roi hands down… bbags have been an obsession! I don’t have many bbags anymore but UGH every season – i’ll float in and out of the Forum just have have a quick drool session! xo

  • babe

    bois de rose? seigle? rggh? does the castagna turn out rather brown or red? actually wanted a neutral or red. already have the rggh black city: GREAT!!!!!!!! what comes next? :-)

    • Cindy

      Purple i like the most! I have a question. Are these bags in 2010 colour in the store now? If I go to the shop,can I get it straight away?Thank you!

  • chardelle

    Blue roi, subtle kind of dark blue, very pretty ,just got one fr. balenciaga store@caesar’s palace las vegas:)

  • annonymous

    can you help me decide which one to get?-a part time canard with a regular hardware or a work cyclade with a giant rosegold hardware?…these colors are great..if you are in denim jeans it’ll just look great right? but which of the 2?…

  • Rania

    i have blue from a previous season, love Sahara, Plz Plz PlZ add the butter cream, i saw it in the summer b ut it s sold out, cant find it anywhere :(

  • Adiva

    Blue Roi and Seigle for me! I love them all but navy blue and beige/tan seem to draw on me the most. I soon need a Bal bag!! They are stunners

  • Lisa

    Seigle for sure as I bought one already, but I cannot believe how far off the swatches are! Like Bois de rose, seigle, vert d’eau and sahara are SO much paler irl. Blue roi is very different too irl. I don’t think I’ve seen Pivoine irl (yet) but I’d like to. I want Anthracite but when I saw it, I saw a bit too much green-teal undertone in it…I still like it a lot but I didn’t fall in love with it.

  • Jazingle

    The bright one-toned colours that the motorcycle bag is renknowed for is what I prefer and love.
    Check out my thoughts on hotcelebritylooks.blogspot.com

  • Emeralda

    Does anyone know whether blue roi, cypres, castagna, murier, or nacre will come in “WORK SIZE” with GIANT GOLD HARDWARE?

  • Ruthaudrey

    All of the jewel tones for me. The Blue Roi, Cypres, Pivone and Murier. The Anthracite is also gorgeous but a little more subtle.

  • pien

    does anyone can give me idea..i like to wear jean denin..which colour balen with rosegold are more nice?can anyone help me to choice?

  • Emma G

    Love Bleu Roi and Murier (ipad)

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