balenciaga anthracite first bag

For those of you longing for a gorgeous Balenciaga First like the one purchased by our tPF member girlie, you may get lucky. Balenciaga NY sells the First for $995 firm.

balenciaga anthracite first handbag

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  • Nancy

    i ADORE this bag and so i just HAD to buy it :grin: So anyway i was waiting for my friend at a bus stop with my new FABULOUS balenciaga. people came up to me and commented on it. then my friend got of the bus with at terrible FAKE that she had recieved of a family member. i was so ASHAMED, i mean people probably though my bag was a FAKE too

  • rosey

    hahaha u not funny.joking :razz:

  • sarah

    What is the color of the bag posted here?

  • sharon

    you can get the ss07 balenciaga collection at good prices on i just bought the new gold studded city bag, i love it.

  • Mercedes

    Looks like fake, strange

  • lee

    This bag kind of disappoints me. I love the shape and style, but i very much dislike the terrible faded black-ish colour. I would much prefer it in solid black. :grin:

  • toni

    I agree the bags look fake.

    • Diane

      well most things from the UK are knock offs.but sometimes they get it right and you couldnt tell a fake from a real.

  • baglady

    Ok, just checked out and those bags are look fake – how can they be 493US?

    Anyone bought one?

  • Jusjones

    Anyone know if is selling fake bags ??

  • alimow

    I have just been on and am wondering the same thing..are they selling fake bags cause there is talk of them saying they are authentic. Any advice please on this one? ?

    • Diane

      look at the price,thats one way to tell their fake.I wrote to them once and they are fake they said they get them very close to the real thing,sometimes it is hard to tell.thanks

  • sarahgw

    Hi everyone!

    The bags on are very much fake, dont buy one!

  • Joyce Lucia

    Yesterday I purchased a used Balenciaga “First” bag (pictured above) however two of the rivets were missing in the front. Where can I get these?????

  • grace

    Hello.. is this bag the same as the one nicole richie has in the picture above.. because the strap and bag looks smaller if its not whats her one called.. some one right bk please love grace xx :lol:

  • tt

    so easy to tell if the bag is fake or not.just see the price.if it’s cheaper ,lot cheaper,or even just a little bit cheaper,it’s FAKE!wanna a good bag,you gonna pay for it!

  • jamiemb1214

    i purchased bag at yard seel,can anyone tell me how to determine
    if it’s the real deal??? serial # on plate is n0754c 115748 on plate
    on flip side is 128523 3666,any info would be greatly welcomed

  • Anna

    The serial number on the front has to be the same on the back eg. urs says 115748 so it should say that followed by the serial number of what type of bag it is so sorry but i think its a fake

  • Kendra

    What an amazing color. I bet I can’t find this anymore. (fb)

  • Naggy

    The color looks a little military green; I’m not familiar with it being anthracite. (ipad)

  • Karla

    Ladies I traded my gst for a balenciaga with a very trusted seller but I’m trying to find the name of my balenciaga will anyone be able to tell me that name?