Over the span of Purse Blog’s existence, my email has been filled with people asking questions about what handbag to buy. Even when I am out in public now, if anyone knows what I do, I have them asking me if I approve of their purchase or what should be their next. I spend hours everyday studying bags. My email is inundated with messages from designers asking me to review lines. Learning each inch and every piece of information on handbags went from being my hobby to my job. So with this many hours put into it, I know a thing or two about handbags. I am opening up the Ask Megs category where I can answer readers questions weekly on Purse Blog. If you have a question, please contact me via our contact page HERE. I will get to each email as timely as possible! For our start this week, the question comes from Amy. Amy writes:

Hi Megs,
I just have a question for you about your opinion on something, because I’m trying to decide which one to purchase.
Do you think the classic Chloé Paddington or the Marc Jacobs Stam is trendier, more versatile, and more “in” this year?
Thank you! (=


paddington stam

Amy, you do have quite the decision to make. The Chloe Paddington hit big the summer of 2005. So big, in fact, that I was laughed at when I called the Paris Chloe store to inquire if there was a chance that the seas would part and I could grab one. But Vlad and I tracked one down in Munich and got there just in time. The Paddington will always be seen as one of the igniter of “it” bag fever. The shape of the bag is perfect for everyday use, the problem is the weight. My Paddington literally hurts my shoulders, badly! I ended up taking the super heavy lock off, but it seems so pointless, as that is what makes this bag what it is: the LOCK. Even after I took the lock off, the bag remained heavy. You see, Chloe leather is very thick and weighs much more than many bags. As much as we do not want to think our handbag can take such a toll on our bodies, they do. Chloe has wisened up, and switched the locks to lighter, smaller versions which does take a bit of the weight off. Another major downside is the amount of fakes that have followed this bag. Unfortunately when something becomes so popular in the handbag world, the counterfeit market jumps in for the kill. You may not find this to be a turn off, but many do. The aspect of the Paddington that still has my heart is the functional shape, ample space, and funky appeal.

It is no wonder you like the Marc Jacobs Stam! The Stam would appeal to someone who likes the Paddington because it too has the funky appeal, the chunky hardware, and the stand out look. Many of the downsides of the Paddington are the same for the Stam though. The bag is heavier than most believe, and if you pack it heavily, the chain link strap will dig into your shoulder. On top of that, it is also counterfeited often. The Stam has also been part of the “it” bag brigade and has had an array of celebrity followers. The shape of this bag makes it stand apart, and while it hit its high point a couple years ago it is still going strong.

It comes down to what you want out of your bag. While some are sick of both of these bags, both took on the fashion world by storm. The Paddington had such a massive craze that many are sick of hearing about it. But Chloe continues to reinvent this bag to appeal to its customers. But when it comes down to it, I would steer you in the direction of the Marc Jacobs Stam. As much as I love my Paddington, there is something a little edgier about the Stam. If I went straight from work to go meet my friends for the night, the Stam transitions better. It is an older style, but still alluring and sought after. After years of carefully studying both of these bags and owning both, the Stam vibes better. If you would have asked me this two years ago, my answer may very well have been different. But now, I say go with the Stam! Good luck and enjoy your bag Amy!!

Marc Jacobs Stam via Net A Porter for $1550 and Chloe Paddington via Saks for $1,995. Also, if you are looking to add a little more spunk, opt for the Stam with Ostrich trim via Saks for $1550.

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  • Marissa


  • my new bag

    I really like your new ASK MEGS, the detail are so personal everyone can get a feel
    for how it would be to have either of these bags, just what many sites don’t provide.
    Also, I love when there are pictures of people holding, wearing the bags, so one
    can see how they relate to a body, the size too.

  • LucianaW

    So….I like Chloe, but this is very personal…. maybe to buy both?

  • fufu

    i really like the stam!! i like them both but idk y i kinda lean toward the marc jacobs…
    i really like the ASK MEGS. i think they are a great idea and very useful :)

  • louise

    ASK MEGS is such an awesome idea! But I have soooo many things that need to be asked- Megs you’re about be driven crazy (and by more people than just me).

  • Patti

    I think it depends on what you’re looking for. Chloe is inherently more “downtown cool” while MJ is “modern uptown.” The Paddington does weigh a ton but it actually sits on the shoulder very nicely and it is a very classic shape. More casual but I like the updated plexi lock or the patent versions I’ve seen. The Stam is more versatile but a little more ladylike since it is a framed bag. You can wear it with jeans but it still looks appropriate with a suit to work. You could take the big chain off but I like the look of it even when I don’t use it.

  • mh21

    Megs, that is so wonderful and generous of you to spend more of your time answering handbag questions. Even if you didn’t say it I also prefer the Stam since the bag seems so much more versatile, but I am bias towards MJ anyway!

  • suz

    Ditto to all the comments about the Ask Megs column. So sweet and generous! The format is really personable and intimate. :smile:

  • Shawna

    I was at Nordstrom the other day and I saw some AMAZING new MJ bags in really fresh colors. The Paddington is SO PLAYED and I coveted the Stam for months before finally getting one. I now wear it without the big unweildy chain but it is still heavy and the kiss lock doesn’t work that well, it often comes open. If you are going to invest in a bag, get something that is 1) this season 2) still a luxury brand that makes you feel like a chic fashionista 3) not so recognizably trendy that it will seem dated almost as soon as you can afford it.

  • Deanna

    The Stam! It’s so much more trendy, I mean the Paddington is gorgeous but it’s too common. I would definitely go for the Stam!

  • Jeannine

    Stam, definitely!!

  • Hot bitch

    Funny someone would say Chloe is inherently more “downtown cool” while MJ is “modern uptown.”… I see it the exact reverse. Chloe is wayyy more uptown and Marc has always been downtown- even marc’s store is downtown. I agree the ask megs idea is great! If I were the persone who wrote the question- I’d say neither, they are both “it” bags and have seen their day I’m afraid.

  • shushopn

    Ooohhh!!! I love “Ask Megs”!! I’m going to have to think of all sorts of torrid questions to ask :twisted:

  • Chloe

    love the paddington! i think its leather is a lot better.

  • Farra

    definitely Stam! :cool:

  • bella levin

    i don’t know if i’m asking this question in the right place, but i’m interested in knowing what everyone thinks about the new yellow balenciaga, not in crocodile, but in the regular soft leather. i’m thinking if its too neony yellow or is it just plain fabulous for spring? someone help me i can’t decide between the blue or this yellow. bella

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, I have been looking at the Stam bags by Marc Jacobs and I noticed that the stam has two types of interior linings. One is the red suede lining and the other is the grey linen type of lining. I’m curious to know what is the difference? Are they both authentic i mean is one fake and the other is not? Why does it have two different linings for the same type of bag and does the price vary?

    Thank you and I love your blog!

  • confused

    Hi megs, i am dyin to buy a hermes bag. which one do you think is a better buy, a birkin or a kelly? and also what size is better, 30 or 35? i think i should start with a basic color like black or brown. what do you think? Thanks!

  • Kristine

    I would go with the stam

  • aylaa

    i got a chanel handbag for my birthday recently, just wondering whether it is original or not. i’ve only have the certificate no.

  • lipvixen

    Paddington is still my personal winner. It’s so classy! The Stam looks a bit cluttered.

  • Melodie

    I lost the lock to my chloe handbag. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one?