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  • JL

    Agree with the Mansur Gavriel bag! Love Ilyssa’s choices – they’re classics but not “critical mass” classics.

    My first premier designer bag was a Balenciaga Classic City in black, and I love it!

    • Same here my very first big purchase handbag would be my Bal Classic City & even up to now i still love it.

      About the topic… If I to pick from the 3 bags I’ll choose the Givenchy Nightigale. My nightigale is one of my most used bag in my collection

    • A lot of people start with a BBag City and I don’t disagree with that – one of the best collection starter bags out there!

  • KloeF.

    These are all very good points. I have the Jackie Soft shoulder bag and it’s true that as far as space goes, it could be limited depending on how much stuff you like to carry. For me, it has become my most used everyday bag but I don’t tend to carry anything other than wallet, phone, and keys. Good luck :) Whichever you pick will be great!

  • Kenzie

    How about a bag by Everlane?

  • KatleyS

    I was kind of in this person’s shoes. I chose as my first premier designer bag a PS1 Proenza Schouler and I love it. It has lots of pockets for organization and is roomy enough for my ipad. I bought the large. I’m a very business casual type of person and I love how versatile my PS1 is. I’m sure all three above would be nice as well. I haven’t really looked but I credit Purseblog for the research and inspiration!

    • Love the large PS1! I love how spacious it is but it’s still not overly large to start being hard to find things, truly a great bag!

  • ID

    I’m the lucky person who owns both option 1 and 3, use them both quite frequently. My biggest gripe about the MG Lady Bag is that when I carry a lot of things, the flap does not close properly. The bag looks like its perpetually open and I have to actually hold the strings (when they’re looped into their closures) to keep it together. No complaints on the Nightingale. I second someone’s recommendation of the PS1. PS1 is my perfect bag as I’m always able to carry everything while still being able to find everything.

    • Sounds like a good reason not to own the MG bag!

    • Ah yes, I haven’t carried my Lady Bag enough to notice that. The PS1 is a favorite of mine too and holds so much, looks cool, and goes from work to weekends easily!

  • Sparky


  • Addictedtobags

    Valentino rockstud shopper , fendi selleria tote, Giorgio Armani charniere or Giorgio Armani le SAC 11, balenciaga papier, Gucci GG marmont shoulder bag …look also at Trussardi , Victoria Beckham and Ferragamo’s pieces

  • lavinia

    tory burch york.

  • MG is a contemporary brand. Of the two premier designer options, the Givenchy is the better one, just from a durability standpoint. I’ll also suggest the Balenciaga city, an LV alma in epileather, YSL chain tote or the Celine tie bag. You can enjoy them now and also use them as you get older.

  • Lily

    Was recently in Ilyssa’s shoes, when I splurged on my first premiere handbag…. a grey Fendi Petit 2Jours. Of Ilyssa’s three options, I would suggest the Givenchy Nightingale. It is spacious, durable, and classic. That Gucci shoulder bag is beautiful, too. I agree with the sentiment that Mansur Gavriel is a contemporary brand, and an overrated one at that.

  • victoria shin

    This is great! You should do more of these help pieces. My personal fave is the Nightingale. Though my first work designer bag was the PS1. Loved it!

    • For sure! If people have questions I’d love to help out :)

      • RD

        Hi Megs. Love this site. I was wondering what about ferragamo? Is that brand not great for bags? It doesn’t seem to be one of the essential brands but I love their bags. They’re functional and smart and not too loudly designer. Do ferragamos count as premier designer bags?

  • ElainePG

    This is a great piece… would love to see more of them on the Blog. You gave her great advice. For what it’s worth, my first designer bag, after I joined tPF and got hooked, was a preloved (NWOT) Balenciaga Town. I’ve never looked back!

  • Livia1

    I have and love the Gucci Jackie Soft Bag. If I had to pick just one bag from my collection
    (I’d die, lol) but I might just pick this one. It is the easiest bag to carry, so comfortable and practical plus the leather is simply dinvine!
    I really can’t recommend this bag enough.

  • Irene

    Every time I carry my lady bag I get a compliment. Every time. That being said, I find myself avoiding carrying it lately because closing it is such a pain. If you don’t thread the two leather strips through the leather tab each time you open it, it hangs open..
    That may be something to consider when making a decision

  • Loupdeloo

    I looooooove the Givenchy. It’s the one that made me go “oooh!” when I looked at all 3 of these pictures. Very cool. Very distinctive. Looks like the kind of bag I’d carry absolutely forever. Good luck with your decision!

  • Dwightinha

    The new version of the Nightingale is much more practical than the old version, yet it seems to keep the soft slouchiness. Been on the fence for a while, but it has grown on me. Definitely a classic.