Both Amanda and I are big Alexander Wang fan girls, but even the best fall down sometimes. The Emile is not my favorite shape from Wang, but I always thought it looked presentable in crisp clean leathers and fresh colors. I ran into this version however, and I just feel like it is a sad looking bag.

Instead of being young and fun, the Alexander Wang Emile In Mustard Green Suede With Matte Black looks drab and cheap. There is some sort of embossing that only appears down the center of the bag and it does nothing to help the aesthetic of the design. And the color, mustard green suede? Ugh, that just sounds ugly. Instead of saying more, I am going to leave it to you all to fill in the blank. [$925 via Alexander Wang]

Fill in the blank: The Alexander Wang Emile Suede With Matte Black is ________.

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  • Sue

    like an ugly stingray… :)

    • jenny

      i think it’s beautiful:)

  • Mirsanchez7

     That would be alligator or croc embossing down the center, not stingray. I don’t mind the color. The embossing could be of a better quality considering it is laid out in a strip. It would look better if it faded out. I don’t hate the bag, but I don’t love the bag. It’s not a completely and total failure, but it’s not a silver medal either. 

  • Sandy

    not for me!

  • Tina


  • Kevinkim2010

    damn it, if you do a suede, you should have the handles and cross body strap in regular leather, or patent, if it had,,,,, black regular croc handles, that would be an investment. 

    this is f*%kery

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    ……seriously cool. 

  • Amy


  • Seejayluvsbags

    Looks like road kill. ENOUGH wih this style. I purchased this when it first came out in suede texture but realized the bag wasn’t for me.

  • Rashida

    Boring and odd…

  • crazybaglady

    a pass for me!  Wouldn’t be caught dead with this one-

  • Thefashionableteacher

    ugly.  There’s no other word for it.
    It’s funny.  I instantly knew that this was a Wang bag before scrolling down to read the title because of the shape.  But, I also wondered why he would have such an ugly, drab color.  I am not a fan of black bags, but this one would look amazing in black.

  • Suz


  • Purseloco

    I love all of his bags, even this one!

    • Purseloco

      Have you seen the white one with rose gold?

  • jaz


  • Jack Oberle

    Cheap Looking. The suede is a good neutral, but that hardware is not right for that bag. (I’m thinking chrome or burnished brass.) The croc detailing is an epic fail. It’s kind of a nice touch, but it just being that strip is awful, and makes it look unfinished. Seriously, the whole stamp makes it look like a cheap fake.

  • Camilla

    not really well done…

  • Sol

    It´s kinda creepy… seriously, it confuses me…
     in a way I don´t like…

  • Sbarb005

    i love the emile shape but i would like a rocco for the fall leather and gold studs this bag is okay if i had something to go with it :)

  • Sandra Rowley

    ruggedly cool…

  • spanish moss

    cave man’s bowling bag!

  • Alexander Wang Emile Suede Bag is meant to look like a worn, used, quality made bag. I like it.

  • kelsa84

    I know I’m late but I like the bag’s shape! I’m not too hot on the color. I think it is fun and with the right casual look it will be a great add on …. “STINGRAY” Sue that’s pretty funny!

  • turadosapuay

    i love this bag.