Whenever I see an intense cobalt blue bag, I am in love. If someone asked my favorite color, I would explain to them that a very vibrant and bold electric blue always gets me. That is why tracking down the perfect Celine Mini Luggage Tote was one of my biggest accomplishments in the handbag world to date.

When I opened up Net-A-Porter.com today, I got that same feeling of joy upon seeing another pretty blue bag. But this is not a Celine bag, it is an Alexander McQueen bag. To further my love, the Alexander McQueen Cites Chanter Hobo Bag is designed with supple matte python skin which is my favorite way to see the skin used. DROOL.

Unlike many Alexander McQueen bags, this hobo is rather subdued in its design, offering a very classic over the shoulder shape. The inside looks spacious enough for everyday use and the shoulder strap has a 9″ drop. Honestly, if the price were lower, I would have to keep my fingers from magically typing in my delivery information. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $4,645.

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  • Janey G

    Wow, this color POPS! This is definitely a different look for McQueen and a good choice for those of us wanting a not-too-slouchy hobo. Maybe it will come in a leather version? Keep us posted Megs!

  • pursemonkey

    I could not love this bag more if it cooked and did dishes. That color is perfection and I adore the matte python. Gorgeous!!

  • Calypso Bay

    Great post. I love the bag.

  • ellenbakes

    It’s definitely a gorgeous bag. Not exactly my go to color; but nicely turned out nonetheless. $5,000??? Oh no…it would have to do a LOT more for me than look pretty over my shoulder for that price!

  • Chele

    The cobalt blue is just gorgeous and the matte python is yummy looking too!

    Just wish the price was more reasonable.

  • 318Platinum

    I am so for this bag, it’s RIDICULOUS!! I LOOOOVE EXOTICS, Blue, McQueen AND Hobos, so this is a QUADRUPLE WIN!!! $4,700, No Ma’am!! I might as well get the Boy Chanel Tote that I originally wanted if that is the case!!! I will definitely look for this bag again around the sale season!! Thanks for crushing my dreams again, Sarah B.!!! :.-(

  • Jackie

    WHOA BABY. The only thing that would keep me from buying this (if I could afford it) is the style. Not a fan of the hobo shape right now. BUT OMG THE MATTE BLUE PYTHON IS TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS. Blue is my favorite color and this is my favorite color at it’s richest. Wow wow wow! If this bag comes in a different style it may just replace the Balenciaga Voyage 24H Rose Flou as my phone and laptop background.