Tods Smooth Leather Cindy Ballerina ShoesI love rocking chairs. Always fun to rock back and forth and back and forth. But what about a rocking chair for your feet? Tod’s figured it would be a good idea. Whether or not these shoes actually end up being comfortable in the long run, I find them hideous. Not to mention, I am pretty sure my toes are cringing and playing turtle- by hiding back in their shell- when they look at these uncomfortable shaped shoes. Let me introduce your feet to the Tod’s Smooth Leather Cindy Ballerina Shoes. No thanks for me. These shoes are leather slip-ons with crisscross detail on the sides and golden accents. The toe is squared, which would add even more throbbing pain to my feet. Lucky or unlucky for you, the sides are elasticized. These elasticized shoes scare me thinking that the already add form and shape would only loose the little bit of support they have with the elastic, and I will surely get hurt. I am almost positive that I would topple over and tumble down the hill to a big bump on the head if I wore these shoes. If you are looking for rocking chair shoes that are pretty sure to cause an accident and look hideous to outsiders, buy these suckers through eLuxury for $345.

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