outfit.jpgSeparately, these four items may look killer (the Juicy shirt is a bit over the top and a bit look-at-me-look-at-me-spoiled-teenager-ish, but hey – it is kinda cute). All together, would I look like Britney Spears on her way to 7-11 for some Cheetos if I paired these four items together? I can’t quite decide, but green is undeniably a huge color for Spring 2007, gold is still as fashionable as ever, skinny jeans are sticking around and sticking tight, and a quirky shirt could be pulled off here and there. In my eyes, I am the chic Williamsburg gal that could rock all four items walking about the ‘Burg Saturday and sipping on a latte. But I am merely a girl from South Florida who loves fashion and lives in the Midwest. Sure, I love coffee shops, but not those ornate individual one-in-a-million ones, I love me a Grande Soy No Water Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks.

This outfit just seems so summer sultry, young, and fun to me. I’d first throw on this in-your-face Juicy Couture Ribbed Slogan Tank that reads “Buy me stuff”. Ok that is SO far from a hipster, but it made Vlad and I laugh. Shirt via Net-A-Porter for $58.

Next, I’d throw on a pair of skinny jeans like the True Religion Julie Skinny Stretch Jeans. When I say throw on, I mean lay on the ground and painfully pull parts of the jean/my skin up my leg until the damned things fit, then proceed to lunge around my room to the hallway into the kitchen, do a few squats, and hope to hell they don’t split. Yep, I am that girl. These jeans are a very classic TR style with their dark navy denim, stitched pockets, and the signature pocket pattern. If I am lucky, these jeans would stretch in all the right places, hold in and hide in all the right places, and not give me the hideous and fashion don’t muffin top. Via NAP for $195.

The accessories are the fun part. Vlad says no to these shoes, but I think the Christian Louboutin Iowa Patent Mary Janes have the ability to make passerby’s green with envy. Yellow, orange, and green are all the rage for spring (heck, bold colors are the new black) and these patent leather peep-toe Mary Janes are sassy, sexy, and so hard to pull off, but if you can, you are sure to at least make one person near drool. I just question if I could pull them off without looking as though I am wearing the Jolly Green Giant girlfriend’s shoes. $595 through Net-A-Porter.

Finishing it all off is a clutch of course, because who would I be if I did not include a handbag of some sort?! Bottega Veneta has the ability to either implement their already proven hit of woven leather but also can play around with designs from time to time and feature pure genius. Meticulously gold chain is coiled together to form the Bottega Veneta Metallic Box Clutch. The knotted rope fastening adds another dimensions along with lilac suede on the inside. Scrumptious. This is a perfect accessory to an outfit, which can be dressed up or dressed down via Net-A-Porter for $2250.

So there you have my outfit that I dreamed up while over-worked, stressed, tired, and really sore from my spinning class earlier. My old roommate who lives in Williamsburg, Tiffany, could TOTALLY rock this – actually, I spoke with her earlier today which must be what got me thinking and dreaming of her hipster appeal (she totally rocks it well!). Me, I may just need to stick with what I know works. Which of you dress similarly or could pull this off? Is this outfit Terrific or Trashy?

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