It’s nearly impossible to buy a $700+ Fendi Bag Bug and has been for months, so it was only a matter of time before other designers looking to get a piece of the irreverent-bag-charm pie. Up first is Brit Sophie Hulme, whose attainably priced, cleanly designed leather bags we already adore. Now we have the Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Pink Bag Charms, which are somewhat more restrained (and considerably less expensive) than their super-popular Fendi counterparts.

The most obvious difference between these bag monsters and the originals, of course, is that these are much, much smaller. Fendi’s fuzzy charms are so large that it’d be difficult to use one as a keychain; they’re very much meant to live on the outside of a bag at all times. These little buggies, on the other hand, are proportional to what you’d expect for a keychain, and they feature a chain long enough that your new friend will dangle below your house keys, in full view. If you like Fendi’s idea but want to spend a lot less money or would prefer a keychain, these are the way to go.

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm Pink

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm Blue

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  • S


    • cbl

      Epic fail!

  • Don’t like them. The chain is too big compared to the bug.

  • kindled

    I agree–the chain and tail are too big relative to the sootball (Spirited Away, anyone?). These also seem very DIY-able: pompom + googly eyes could make a passable looking one.

  • Does anyone remember this as a vending machine goodie? These existed and I loved them, cost a quarter!

    • Amy

      Yes! And in grade school (back in the 70’s – early 80’s – good grief!) the really cool teachers would give them out as prizes – I love them!

  • pixiegirlie

    OMG these remind me of those little puffs with googly eyes and sticky feet and antennas that were around when I was a kid they also had long tags on them. Gosh I wish I knew what they were called but I loved them as a kid this charm totally reminds me of them.

  • ivy

    I used to get these from the library during summer reading! I love the reference, makes me like these even more than the bag bug.