Have you noticed the lack of posts on PurseBlog in the past week or two? I am almost embarrassed to say it is because Vlad and I have become so enthralled following World Cup Soccer that our work productivity has been compromised. As much as I love sports, soccer has never been my favorite sport. But there is something about a World Event that sucks me in. I even jumped off the couch this morning during the USA win over Algeria. It is that bad.

I saw this the other day and I could not pass up sharing with you all. As I said, my mind is on soccer right now, but I was waiting to see which designer would create a soccer themed item. While not a handbag, Santiago Gonzalez of Nancy Gonzalez created a Crocodile Skin Soccer Ball designed for Harrods. The item is no longer is stock on the website (sold out?!).

While the price tag of $5,200 is steep, I have to admit that I love the dark brown hexagons paired with black pentagons. This ball was put on a stand, but I kind of wish it wasn’t. I want to imagine myself putting on my designer heels and kicking the ball around the house. Because while seemingly ridiculous, it is kind of an awesome idea.

I know many people will find this design absurd, but it is meant to be a luxury item for a soccer lover. This is just an art piece, but a very cool exotic one at that. Price was $5,200 via Harrods.

[found via Fashion Foie Gras]

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  • You can go ahead and add Amanda to that list of people that are enthralled in World Cup, but I’ve still been writing everything I’m supposed to :-)

    • mochababe73

      Have you seen the $2.5 million dollar diamond encrusted soccer ball. It is by jewelry designer Yair Shimansky. I saw it on the Kickette website, second page. It is stunning.

  • Jane

    Wow, that soccer ball is truly a work of art. The leather looks incredible you can really see the different patterns on each hexagon and pentagon. Truly beautiful.

    • Jane

      I love your idea by the way of running around the house in heels kicking this luxury ball around for fun. Those crazy ideas is what makes fashion so fun and engaging.

      • Too bad it is sold out! There would be a slight slight slight chance that Vlad would almost buy this because he is truly obsessed with soccer! And that would be kind of fun to photograph!

      • Maison

        ….and vulgar.

  • louch

    Do you think someone would actually kick that thing??!!

  • Chris

    This soccer ball is a work of art.
    Megs, this is a such a fun idea: but on some designer heels and kick the ball around in the house – of course not outside, the leather is too precious. :-)

  • Valentina

    Gorgeous, but seriously, poor crocodile, will be exhibited as a ball for the eternity. I always say that I prefer embossed leather instead of the real thing… but I would have use the skin of this creature to make a wearable work of art, or at least a ball-shaped bag?

  • Zura

    Congratulations to USA team! You deserve to be the group leader of group C (well ahead of England). The croc football is fabulous! We call it football not soccer, with gazillion football fans out there, no wonder it’s sold out.

    • Do you spell it football like American football or futbol? I guess I didn’t realize you called it football and spelled it like that! :)

      • Futbol is the Spanish word. Basically every country in the word either calls it football or a word that translates to football in that country’s language. For example, it’s fussball in Germany. In England and other non-American English-speaking countries, it’s football.

        That’s my fun fact for the day.

    • I guess I knew that I just didn’t think that. Football just makes me think of college football in the USA!

  • merve

    Im sure many wags (wives and girlfriends of footballers) have bought this football from Harrods for their players.

  • mochababe73

    This ball is not meant to be kicked. It is a complete work of art that should be displayed. I love it, and I am not a football fan.
    With that being said, I am patriotic. USA! USA! USA!

  • I Tso

    I LOVE CROCODILE prints, and this soccer ball is really awesome. I love it. The print are really great.

  • amy

    holy crap!!! what a waste of money!

  • JiChi

    I always wondered why soccer/football/voetbal (=Dutch) isn’t more popular in the USA. It’s the number 1 sport in whole of Europe, I believe. I suppose what type of sport you like has to do with the specific culture in your country. Personally, I’ve seen an American football match once, and I would have found it so boring if it wasn’t for the big show around it.

  • JJ

    I can assure anyone on this blog that they are still in stock at Harrods. If anyone is interested contact the store and they are kept in Men’s Accessories.

  • Naggy

    I don’t know a single sports and fashion fanatic that would spend that amount to mount soccerball! (ipad)

  • sneezz

    Why? Lol. (iPad)

  • nini

    would it bounce? (ipad)