I’ve been aware of the existence of handbag organizers basically as long as I’ve been aware of handbags. These in-bag accessories are often the province of upstart businesses looking to tap into an existing need with a product that doesn’t need to be branded and marketed in the same lush (read: expensive) ways that handbags themselves are. Until I saw the LeSportsac Purse Organizer Pouch, I don’t think I had ever seen one from a widely known brand.

If you’re not familiar with purse organizers, the concept is pretty straightforward: they’re lightweight inserts, often made from nylon or canvas, that have pockets and dividers to provide some sanity in a bag that would otherwise be a black hole into which everything you own disappears except that one lipstick you never want to wear. Some of the organizers are also rigid, which can help give some structure to soft bags that might otherwise sag or lose their shape.

The only time I ever bought a purse organizer was for that reason; I had a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy in college, and it sagged into a shapeless sack. The organizer helped return it to its original shape, but I rarely used the pockets it offered–I simply didn’t, and still don’t, store enough minutiae in my purse to make top-flight organization necessary. For moms and women who carry a lot of stuff for work, they might be more useful.

We get pitched purse-organizing products (and their sister accessory, bag hooks) all the time, but they’ve never struck me as a product that most bag lovers seek out. Now that one is easily available from a brand that knows a lot about lightweight organization (I’m a bit of a LeSportsac fangirl when it comes to travel), I’d like to hear from all of you: is this the kind of product you’d be interested in, or do you only buy bags that meet your organization needs in the first place?

You can pick up one of the above organizers for $38 via Nordstrom.

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  • circafashion

    i use small pouches to organize (makeup, credit cards, electronics), i use a lesportsac pouch for makeup

  • ElainePG

    Never bought one, never felt the need for one, won’t buy this one. I use two little pouches to keep the itty-bitty things organized (makeup in one, meds in another). Everything else is easy to find… but then again, I’m a minimalist when it comes to my handbag. I know some women carry their entire lives with them, but I carry as little as possible. I try to keep the weight of my fully-loaded bag below 4.5 pounds. This keeps my neck, my shoulders, AND my physical therapist happy!

  • Jacquie S

    You forgot to mention the Hermes Fourbi. I bought my first one with my first Bolide. It travels between my Hermes bags.

  • Helene Gardner Kaufman

    Love the bucket bags and the hobos but always hated how everything floats around. Always used two or three make up cases, same as the ladies below, to keep makeup in one, accessories, meds, etc in the others and never had the need for an organizer. I think they’re cheesy! Reminds me of something in the backseat of a mini van!

  • TexasST

    I purchased one that I use in my Hermes Garden Party & Birkin bags. I makes it so easy to change bags quickly. It does really help keep the bags upright rather than slouching over too much. I don’t use it in all my bags though.

  • FashionableLena

    I’ve had a couple. Made for easy bag switches. I don’t use them anymore because I have bern mostly carrying crossbodies and small handbags lately. At the time, I found them very useful in keeping things corralled.

  • Yazi

    I use them for my big shapeless bags like a large Coach tote, Longchamp le pliage nylon bags, large bags made from soft leather, etc. It’s handy to use an organizer simply to make sure everything doesn’t roll around. Trying to find the car keys can be bothersome when everything has disappeared into a metaphorical blackhole.

    My organizers are from Japanese store Muji which look nicer and more discrete than the one in that picture above.

  • I use a large Prada cosmetics pouch for all my “stuff” – this way, it’s easy to switch from one bag to another without forgetting things. Lip balm, mints, hand sanitizer, meds, etc. all go in the pouch. It doesn’t do anything to shape a bag, but it keeps me from walking out the door without something I might need. Yes, a zip lock bag would serve the same purpose but wouldn’t be as chic, right?

  • Aline B.

    Since I have my purse organizers I feel it easier to often change my handbag. It’s fast, you are sure not to forget anything at the bottom of your big bag and when you are searching for something you can find it in a minute (and I like well organized handbags). I’m using models from a French brand : Tintamare. They got a lot of very useful pouches for different things. As a user of big handbags purse organizers really changed my life !!

  • Smithy

    Way too ‘QVC’ for me.

  • Jerri R

    Nopers. These organizers remind me of the ladies who wear dickies, for some reason.

  • i use the several zippered pouches method. I think the organizers are too bulky or formal (and I tend to not carry structured bags)

  • Jennifer

    Believe it or not I use one in my jumbo flap. No it’s not big & certainly not a black hole, but the bag has a very distinctive shape & to make a lot of things fit, it really needs to be organized. When I found my purse organizer (purse perfector), my jumbo became a clown car (in a good way!). You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I can get in there now. I could never quite make the jumbo work for a daily bag before bc of my sunglasses, all my makeup, spare keys, chargers, cords (Coco didn’t carry a mini computer & all of the associated stuff in her jumbo), but with a pocket for everything, minus my long wallet, I have the same stuff as I had in my GST!

  • kemilia

    I use Balenciaga coin bags for organization, makes it easy to change bags quickly and I know I have all my stuff. These little Bal pouches fit into all my bags, a regular organizer, like the one shown, would not..

  • AB

    I use the Hermes fourbi bag organizer. I love that it protects the inside of my bags and that it makes it easy to change bags on a daily basis. I still have trouble going from my totes to my jumbo flap bags and the Hermes organizer is a bit heavy. I am going to try the purse perfector that someone mentions here. It looks interesting that you can separate it into two sections. I might be able to use one section in my flap bags. It also looks lighter than my Hermes (and of course the price is much better.) I am a bit concerned about the zipper scratching the bags so if it doesn’t look safe I’ll send it back. This sportsac one you show looks a bit big and sloppy so I don’t see the point of it. It doesn’t look like it can go from bag to bag and look presentable.

  • Amazona

    I can’t seem to keep my organizer organized, LOL! Whenever I use one in my handbag, it’s always topsy turvy within three hours.

    I have 3 organizers but always go back to using pouches. The one time I always go for an organizer is when I use a weekend bag and only carry a tiny crossbody with space for wallet, keys and phone. I carry a lot of stuff with me, and usually have a Longchamp Neo clutch for my odds and ends (as in, nail file, medication etc, hair ties, Travalo, hairbrush etc etc), and a (small Kipling) makeup bag.

  • I like my bags organized, and bag organizers help with that. I use them in several of my bags. I like “compartments” for my things, and many bags don’t come with “compartments” in a manner I would like them to. I don’t want all of my SLGs rubbing on each other, and I like to be able to see each item or if need be feel each item easily. I am especially fond of zippered sections, in the way that the Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote was set up, where each of the three main sections was zippered. Since most bags don’t come that way, these organizers help with that.

  • AB

    I wanted to thank whoever recommended the purse protector. This thing is life altering. I received mine over the weekend. I bought the medium. I probably could have gone up a size but I’m glad I didn’t. I have hermes bags in the 35 and 32 cm sizes. Also maxi, jumbo and medium chanel flaps, a fend peekaboo, etc. The organizer holds everything I need. I put essentials in one side and nonessentials in the other. It obviously fits my bigger bags, but the essentials side alone fits even my smallest flap bags. As someone said here it actually makes the flaps more useful because you can fit more in without overstuffing it. The middle pocket is a bit too small for my kelly longue wallet so I am just leaving one side unzipped. I could go up a size but then I’m afraid it won’t fit all of my bags. The zipper is plastic so I think there is less chance of it scratching the bags but to be honest I’m putting it inside the soft hermes organizer to protect my birkins. I highly recommend this organizer and I have tried quite a few.

  • Immodest Goddess

    I bought one years ago on a British Airways flight so I have no idea what the brand is but I’ve never regretted it. The only thing I don’t put in it is my umbrella. It makes it super easy to change bags on the rare occasion I do but more importantly, it guarantees that I don’t forget anything important. It has made my life much easier.

  • Crystal

    I love my coach cross body bag because it has lots of pockets and slots for all my stuff so I purchased an organizer from pimp my speedy for my LV neverfull. I find the speedy 30 size in the GM NF works great, keeps all the small things collected but still gives me room to put my sweater/light jacket/travel pillow in there without weighing the bag down.