I’ve been aware of the existence of handbag organizers basically as long as I’ve been aware of handbags. These in-bag accessories are often the province of upstart businesses looking to tap into an existing need with a product that doesn’t need to be branded and marketed in the same lush (read: expensive) ways that handbags themselves are. Until I saw the LeSportsac Purse Organizer Pouch, I don’t think I had ever seen one from a widely known brand.

If you’re not familiar with purse organizers, the concept is pretty straightforward: they’re lightweight inserts, often made from nylon or canvas, that have pockets and dividers to provide some sanity in a bag that would otherwise be a black hole into which everything you own disappears except that one lipstick you never want to wear. Some of the organizers are also rigid, which can help give some structure to soft bags that might otherwise sag or lose their shape.

The only time I ever bought a purse organizer was for that reason; I had a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy in college, and it sagged into a shapeless sack. The organizer helped return it to its original shape, but I rarely used the pockets it offered–I simply didn’t, and still don’t, store enough minutiae in my purse to make top-flight organization necessary. For moms and women who carry a lot of stuff for work, they might be more useful.

We get pitched purse-organizing products (and their sister accessory, bag hooks) all the time, but they’ve never struck me as a product that most bag lovers seek out. Now that one is easily available from a brand that knows a lot about lightweight organization (I’m a bit of a LeSportsac fangirl when it comes to travel), I’d like to hear from all of you: is this the kind of product you’d be interested in, or do you only buy bags that meet your organization needs in the first place?

You can pick up one of the above organizers for $38 via Nordstrom.

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