Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder I enjoy giving gifts more than I do receiving gifts for the simple fact that putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless. I can not lie, receiving great gifts has me smiling ear to ear also, but shopping for the perfect gift for my family and friends is priceless (and ultimately frustrating at times!). For those who want to give something designer but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts, stick with an accessory. A designer accessory shows that you want them to have something luxurious, shows them you thought about them, and can stay within your price range. I love the idea of giving the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder which is a Louis Vuitton staple item. The key clasp attaches to the mini (4.5″ x 2.5″) monogram canvas pouch. The lining is grained leather and there is a zipper closure. This is perfect to go with your car keys and carry a credit card and ID when you are running errands. Buy through eLuxury for $150 and make someone smile!

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  • Michael Smith

    I must admit that i like receiving gifts a bit more than giving them :twisted:

    I am afraid that the lining is coated canvas (PVC-cotton) like the rest of the clés.
    It may have been tweaked to look like grained leather but it definitely is not.

    • Both eLux and LV say it is grained leather.

      • Fesoj

        i have a womans louis vuitton wallet trying to sell for 75$ if interested email me at arealmentor@gmail.com or call 404-980-4556. will send pictures

      • Fesoj

        Has authenticity code on box and monogram

  • coachwife6

    I have this and love it.

  • dana

    Perfect gift!!! Love it!

  • wgs

    i have the perofrated version of this in orange. i think the perforated version is more practical since it’s bigger and can hold your driver’s license and credit cards. This one is too small and only fits a few dollars and coins. i guess it depends on what people use it for. great gift though.

  • moi

    This is definately not made of grained leather. The mono Louis Vuitton, it is made of coated canvas.

  • Michael Smith

    The discussion is not concerning the exterior of the clés. The problem is that vuitton is stating that thay are using cross grained leather for the interior, when they are using “cross grained”-coated canvas made to look like leather. It is the same material as they use for the interior of their regular canvas agendas. They only use a fairly small amount of real leather beneath the bill pockets, but the rest of the “grained” interior is coated canvas. You can feel it by touch and if you look beneath/inside one of the credit card slots, you see that the material is kind of a thick coating on a brown fabric. This material is the EXACT same as they use in for the interior of the clés and it is not leather! I know it from my local SA when I was considering the clés and it is 100% coated canvas! .. inside out ..

  • Cmika

    rose: and its probably fake !

    this is cute but I wouldn’t spend 375 just for that.

  • Cmika

    correction: 150

  • Teresa

    I bought this same one in 1990 and still use it. It still looks good.

  • fiona

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the monogram canvas is made of?

  • ms.diamond

    i have that

  • Jellibeans

    I have this for more than 10 years and its still perfect ! Love it !!!

  • dragonfly

    I need help I have a Louis Vuitton Barrell Purse and it has light purple flowers on it with smile faces in the center of the flowers can someone tell me more about this purse and what it is called.Thank you

    • dragonfly

      Comment by dragonfly on 03/28/2008 at 8:21 am
      I need help I have a Louis Vuitton Barrell Purse and it has light purple flowers on it with smile faces in the center of the flowers can someone tell me more about this purse and what it is called.I looked all over the site I cant find this purse.But still looking for hely on what I can do to get this bag clean.Thank you so much for your time.Off to work will ck for any follow up tomorrow.

      • Alicia

        Is this a real purse???? I recieved one as a present and can not find it any where. I dont mind if it is fake just wanna know.

      • lisa

        hi the purse u have is exactlly what i have been looking for i’ve been on line searching all nite an i can’t find one so i was wondering where u got ur’s from an how much was it thanks so much.

      • patty

        I just got that purse and will list it on ebay if it’s real. It has a lock on the front. smiling flowers. barrell shaped purse. Real? patriciamorrill@gmail.com

  • dragonfly

    It is canvas with like a soft cream color inside like plush something not sure.

  • fsnterry

    i bought it from voguemonster.com nice gift

  • rosalindy

    The ONLY place you can buy an authentic NEW Louis Vuitton item is from LV themselves. They do not wholesale, distribute, go on sale, clearance and do not allow anyone to sell their new merchandise. Therefore, if you buy a brand new item on line or in a store and it is NOT an LV Boutique or a leased counterspace from a select high end Dept store, then it is FAKE. It’s really easy to determine. Ebay will have re sellers who sell consignment (used) bags but those sellers selling brand new LV items at way less than retail bought their items off a fake site. Guaranteed. The only way to buy LV is from their Boutiques or at select Dept stores with their personnel selling their items behind leased counterspace and at FULL price.

    The Cles will last a lifetime. The interior of the product is leather. The exterior is canvas coated with PVC vinyl.

  • Naggy

    I’d have no room in my budget for a tiny and ridiculously expensive thing as that. (ipad)

  • Gia

    Great for holding business cards or spare change.